Police Political Weaponization

Man Charged with Firing Into NYC MTA Bus

A 43-year-old man was charged Friday with shooting into an MTA bus in Queens. This is the latest in a series of violent attacks in New York.

Image Source: NYPost.com

Melvin Adams, Bronx, lost control after a stare down with a stranger on 148th street, around 9am Thursday. Adams became enraged, firing three shots at the stranger.

One bullet shattered the windshield of an MTA bus, while the other two shot hit two innocent bystanders.

One man, 66, was shot in the shoulder, and another man, 20, was hit in the hand.

Image Source: APNews.com

“We can’t live in a world where a petty dispute on the street between strangers end up with innocent people getting shot at on a City bus,” Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said in a statement

“The alleged, brazen conduct of the defendant is another example of why my office has made such a high priority of getting guns off the street.”

This is just another example of the Biden Administration using the “Defund the Police” movement to push “Gun Control”. It isn’t about human rights, it’s about regulation and control of power.

New York City, a place where weapons are already heavily restricted within city limits, continues to see more rampant violence, as criminals continue to access weapons on the black market. Legislative gun control doesn’t reduce crime, it only ends up weakening law abiding Americans, putting more lives at risk.

Could this be a result of reduction of last summer’s, New York City Police Department’s disbanding of its 600-person plainclothes anti-crime unit? Below, the 10-year NYPD funding strategy, created in 2019, shows the decline in funding planned over the next decade.

This is yet another instance, in a long list of recent attacks happening within the city of New York. Last month, a woman was stabbed, and a veteran was shot, both occurring in Times Square.

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