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America’s ‘Task Force on Racism’ Declares US Constitution “Racist”

Last year, in response to the nationwide protests, U.S. archivist David S. Ferriero created a task force of National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) employees to “identify issues of racial inequality” in both “customer-facing operations and internally within our workplaces, in pursuit of an equitable and inclusive environment for all employees and customers.”

Read the full document here

“The 35 members of the Archivist’s Task Force on Racism formed three groups:”

  • “The main Task Force on Racism addressed the employee experience (issues such as recruitment, advancement, retention, assignment of work, and access to opportunities); diversity and inclusion (how we interact with each other and our customers); and race-based harassment and discrimination.
  • “The Subgroup on Archival Description examined matters relating to anachronistic or offensive terminology that have been used to describe our historical records;
  • “The Subgroup on Museums examined how we ensure a diversity of representation, viewpoints, access, and outreach in our exhibits, education, and public programs.”

Now, the “Task Force on Racism” has stated in a new report, that the agency’s own rotunda, housing the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights is an example of “structural racism.”

American Language has become so triggering for some in fact, that the Task Force has put together a list of “Racial Slurs” to be removed including: Elderly, Handicapped, Crippled, Deaf, Disabled, Eskimo, Idiot, Illegal Alien, Slave, Slaves, and Transsexual. No average American—in their right mind—would think of words like elderly, or idiot—as racial slurs. Soon all offensive words will be deemed “racial slurs”.

The progressive alt left is over-reaching. Editing history isn’t going to stop the divide in our country—if anything it can be seen as racist it would be not showing acknowledgement of America’s past mistakes by covering up any unjust practices that occurred. To distance America’s future citizens from the horrors of our past, only makes our country feel a little less honest. I say preserve the past—it gives measure to the great length our country has gone to over come racism, and segregation. By editing history we devalue the monumental revolution that occurred so we could exist as humans, regardless of race, or gender, and thrive in this free country.

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