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Theodore Roosevelt Monument to Be Removed

The Theodore Roosevelt monument will be removed from the entrance of The American Museum of Natural History, after criticism that it symbolizes “colonial subjugation and racial discrimination.”

The New York City Public Design Commission voted unanimously Monday to relocate the statue. Mayor Bill de Blasio supported removal of the “problematic statue.” The statue has been desecrated in the past by extremists, shown below:

Now the state is being removed from The American Museum of Natural History.

Who was Teddy Roosevelt?

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt (T.R.) was the 26th President of the United States of America with two back-to-back terms from 1901-1909. He was the youngest President in American history. He considered himself a “steward of the people” and strived to increase “public good”. Roosevelt fought as a Lieutenant General of the “Rough Rider Regiment” in the Spanish-American war. During his Presidency he influenced foreign policy. Theodore Roosevelt constructed the Panama Canal to build a shortcut between the Pacific and the Atlantic. He also won the Nobel Peace Prize for mediating the Russo-Japanese War from 1904-1905. On October 12, 1912 an attempt to assassinate Teddy Roosevelt occurred, resulting in T.R. being shot in the chest in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He survived, living until 1919. His favorite quote was “Speak softly and carry a big stick. . . . ” He was truly an influential President and American Patriot.

According to a Rasmussen Report from 2007, seen below, Theodore Roosevelt was the 4th most popular—and favorable—President in American History.

Teddy Roosevelt is one of the faces of Mount Rushmore

In a Rasmussen Report taken June 24th, 2021, 38% agree that the U.S. is “heading in the right direction”.

Is this the direction we want to take our country? If someone finds something offensive it is permanently removed. The argument becomes even less valid when the achievements of the individual are disregarded. Teddy Roosevelt was not an evil nor racist man, but an American Hero. He brought monumental changes to our country, and for this Americans have decided remove his monument. Should we also shutdown and remove the Panama Canal, because it resonates with T.R.?

It seems like the progressive goal is to strike at the heart of our nation, and edit history to vilify America’s Heroes. 62% of our country believes we are “heading in the wrong direction”, yet we continue to dispose of our past, and change the fate of our Heroes—at will. How much can we censor history, before we lose the concept of truth?

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