Immigration Supreme Court

Supreme Court Unanimous Ruling on Illegal Immigration

It’s true immigrants make America. After all, the first settlers who founded our nation were technically immigrants themselves. However, today’s modern US immigration policy seems to often overlook wether or not they are an “illegal” immigrant, or one willing to go through the legal process.

Having legal immigrants in both my family, and personal life, it is evident first hand of the struggle they went through in order to become citizens of this Country. It wasn’t as easy as just arriving here and hoping to slip through the system and expect to attain American citizenship before many honest people who are waiting, using our legal process. Today, we see thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants literally “cut the line” in front of legal immigrants, many of who are still currently going through our rigorous legal immigration process, after many years.

Today, the Supreme Court unanimously set the tone that should resonate with future illegal immigrants seeking to become citizens. Denying an immigrants citizenship who entered America in 1997 illegally and obtained a Temporary Protected Status. When that Status ran out he filed for citizenship and was denied. Today it was ruled unanimously by the Supreme Court, that due to him entering the country illegally in 1997 he could not obtain American citizenship.

There is a reason we have a legal process and must abide by it. One reason being to ensure safe non violent members enter our country with no ties or connections to terrorist organizations or malicious intentions. Another reason is by allowing illegal immigration we offer another source of income to criminal organizations that gain financial income from what is essentially human trafficking.

Read the Supreme Courts documented unanimous decision below:

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