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Climate Change

It’s difficult for everyone to feel personally responsible for actively contributing to climate change, especially when that person is living in a congested city like New York. Most people who live in lower Manhattan, for instance don’t even own a car. By that definition, one could argue that New Yorkers might be the most environmentally friendly. However, still the narrative is pushed from media, making you feel personally responsible for something that is naturally occurring. Data will show that climate change is real. The climate is definitely always changing. However, whether or not humans are the primary contributors to that, and how change can occur, leaves much to be discussed.

The problem with climate change is, no matter the severity of the climate change occurring, it is evidently politicized as a weapon to further an agenda hand picked to propagate something that has nothing to do with climate change. This makes people who were originally skeptical of Climate Change, now completely hate anything that has to do with those two words.

It’s true the climate is always changing. Even if we make massive changes in America, revolutionize the economy with Green Energy, and have a thriving zero carbon system nation wide, it can’t be globally enforced. It’s impossible to force every country to follow the same green energy protocols as America. Not only that, but you can’t expect everyone to convert pre-existing engines and homes just because it’s damaging the environment. It may be true that every person contributes in order to create a massive change, but that should not be forcibly applied on a federal level. People should be allowed their freedom of choice, and their public character should not be judged upon it.

For instance, if the level of carbon emissions was regulated (force a partial green energy change in commercial factories, zero change in personal vehicles) I think that would be something that could be considered a compromise. That includes the way we treat each other based upon our views of Climate Change. What isn’t going to change the Climate is arguing about it, or hating everyone who disagrees with you. Instead, choosing to accept your own beliefs, and not infringe on anybody else’s beliefs, similar to religion, seems like the rational mentality one would assume we should all adhere to. Nobody should despise someone else because of different religious beliefs, that’s obvious in today’s modern age. Why doesn’t the same ideology apply to all beliefs?

Climate Change is real. Whether or not it is going to annihilate the human race, is up for debate. People say they want to leave the world a better place for the future population, example their children. Subjectively a divided country is no better than one that contributes to global warming. The media will use this to propagate their agenda, contributing to the divide in public opinion. We on a personal level are not contributing to Climate Change, unless you are actively throwing straws, plastics, and garbage into ocean, in which case you should be arrested.

Don’t blame yourself for Climate Change. If you prefer plastic straws, don’t throw them into the ocean. The Mainstream Media gains power from our reactions to it’s propaganda. If you are interested in clean energy (it’s interesting) go for it. But we shouldn’t feel dehumanized for our beliefs, even if one doesn’t believe that humans are the main contributors to Climate Change. The argument is valid on a personal level.

For those who are triggered by Climate Change, your negative energy should be directed at the heads of major corporations for not converting their manufacturing plants to Green Energy, and definitely all other Countries who contribute to it just as much as Americans, if not more. It isn’t your neighbors fault, even if they work for a major corporation contributing to Climate Change that may be upsetting to you. It’s Mainstream Media’s goal to segregate us.

The Earth has the ability to repair itself. It has been for millions of years. Has the human race become so egotistical to think they are going to be the main contributing factor to the end of the world? It would take a lot to permanently devastate the earth, and expect it not to adapt to us. Subjectively, the earth is more adaptable than the entire human race combined. The Climate may be changing, ait is not solvable by eliminating all other forms of energy. Addtionally to think everyone should follow the same belief system is not only a utopia and physically impossible but un-American. Freedom means allowing other people to have opposing thoughts without an emotional conflict.

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