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Ilhan Omar Compares America to Taliban

As a United States Representative, it’s important to have the best interests of our nation at heart. This is also important when making public statements, as the words are viewed by many, 1.2 million followers in fact.

When Illhan Omar, a United States Representative, posted publicly negative views of our country, using the same adjectives to describe both America, and the Taliban. This does not represent the people of America, nor does it represent a positive direction of our nations focus and concern.

The human race is just coming out of a Pandemic. The American economy has been effected, people’s lives have changed, and our nation has become more divided on identity issues and political outlook more than ever. This isn’t a good time to insist our country is comparable to internationally malicious forces, such as the Taliban.

Comments like this worsen our nation’s divide. A vast majority of Americans have lost faith in the people currently running put country, and disagree with the way we have been painted by the media as a nation of racism, a nation of hate. America is a nation of people who are proud. To maintain that, we need to collectively adhere to the respect for our country. Rather, our country’s own Representative slowly degrades the respect for our nation both internationally and domestically, and compares us to incomparable countries, and groups.

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