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“Controlled” Toxic Chemical Release in East Palestine

On February 3rd, 2023, in East Palestine, Ohio, Norfolk Southern Freight conducted a controlled chemical release that resulted in an out-of-control fire with deadly toxic vinyl chloride fumes. The accidental chemical meltdown, which occurred because of this negligence, is now leaking into the residential environmental infrastructure, and contaminating the town’s air. Norfolk Southern Freight, the company responsible for the environmental disaster, announced that despite their strategic planning, 11 of the 20 freight cars containing hazardous materials had derailed and were currently leaking chemicals.

Although only eleven of the cars had been involved in the derailment, this leakage has already begun to infect the residents’ water supply, a fact initially neglected by the mainstream narrative, and even the town’s mayor himself. While many residents living paycheck-to-paycheck remain unable to leave their homes, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) refused to investigate the derailment, rejecting the request until the contamination levels were reduced.

Why Were These Chemicals Purposely Released?

In a February 8th Press Release the Norfolk Southern Railroad noted that the reason that they chose to conduct a controlled release of the deadly toxic chemicals in order to “avert a possible explosion.” That, however, is not what happened. Instead, the Press Release notes, the controlled release of the chemicals “discharged toxic and potentially deadly fumes into the air on Monday afternoon.” Nefarious activities like these are inevitably brought to the public light, revealing the lack of consideration that institutions, federal agencies, and special interest groups have outside the office, beyond the scope of their own political appointment. Whether unintentional or deliberate, these entities engage in local and regional depopulative activities. This disregard contributes to DNA mutations, long-term biological damage, and internal physical harm.


February 6th
On February 6th, the Ohio National Guard and U.S. Department of Defense, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro ordered an immediate evacuation of the surrounding areas within a one-by-two-mile area[1]. This evacuation was ordered due to the potential for “deadly disbursement of shrapnel and toxic fumes,” due to the burning railcars emissions from the chemical burn-off.

Ohio Governor’s Office announced the total evacuation through an official statement that read, “[t]he vinyl chloride contents of five rail cars are currently unstable and could potentially explode, causing deadly disbursement of shrapnel and toxic fumes. To alleviate the risk of uncontrollable shrapnel from an explosion, Norfolk Southern Railroad is planning a controlled release of the vinyl chloride at approximately 3:30 p.m. today.”

The report added that “[a]ccording to Norfolk Southern Railroad, the controlled release process involves the burning of the rail cars’ chemicals, which will release fumes into the air that can be deadly if inhaled. Based on current weather patterns and the expected flow of the smoke and fumes, anyone who remains in the red affected area is facing grave danger of death. Anyone who remains in the yellow impacted area is at a high risk of severe injury, including skin burns and serious lung damage.”

In response to the environmental catastrophe Scott Deutsch, Hazardous Material Manager at Norfolk Southern Freight proclaimed “I’m very pleased,” adding “Dennis and all of our partners are very pleased on what took place.” Deutsch went on to boast that “[t]he detonation went perfect. And we’re already to the point where the cars are being ­­– became safe. They were not safe prior to this.”

February 8th
Just two days later, on February 8th, 2023, Ohio and Philadelphia Governors announced that it was safe for residents to return home. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, East Palestine Fire Chief and Incident Commander Keith Drabick, and local, state, and federal officials representing both states announced[2]: “it is now safe for community members to return to their residences.” Providing assurance, local officials claimed deadly toxins were “below safety screening levels for contaminants of concern.” This means, that immediate dead should not occur, despite any long-term damages which may incur throughout East Palestine or its surrounding area. Despite the severity of the situation, and potential for long term damage to the residents, local leaders evidently held greater fear of the total abandonment of the town and surrounding area’s population.

February 10th
One week later, on February 10th, 2023, East Palestine City Manager Sheryl M.M. Long wrote in an Email to colleagues that[3] Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) was “actively monitoring the situation, and working with the Ohio EPA, the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO), and others to “collect samples and perform additional analyses to assess any potential threat to our drinking water.” The Email revealed that “butyl acrylate [had] been detected in samples of the Ohio River downstream of the incident.”

February 13th
On February 13th, 2023, Ohio Senator J.D. Vance visited East Palestine, and issued an official statement which read,[4],[5] “Like every Ohioan, I’m horrified by the Norfolk Southern train crash in East Palestine and the images we’ve seen coming from Northeast Ohio…One week ago, local and state officials determined that to avoid a catastrophic explosion a controlled release of vinyl chloride would take place. This release is the source of the frightening plumes of black smoke that have made their way around social media. While those plumes of smoke are now gone, many questions remain.” During Senator Vance’s visit, he posted videos showing the toxicity of the city’s water supply, which residents remain expected to supply water for drinking and bathing[6].

February 14th
Eleven days later,on February 14th, 2023, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) gave an official response following the derailment, stating[7], “NTSB investigators have identified and examined the rail car that initiated the derailment. Surveillance video from a residence showed what appears to be a wheel bearing in the final stage of overheat failure moments before the derailment.” However, the NTSB warned that “[t]he tank cars are currently being decontaminated. Once the process is complete, NTSB investigators will return to Ohio to complete a thorough examination of the tank cars.” The report went on to adjust the public record, revealing in an editor’s note that “[a]n earlier version of this release indicated 10 hazardous material railcars were part of the derailment. The actual number is 11.”

The NTSB also provided a list of the hazardous chemicals that were being transported for controlled release.

February 17th
The White House announced on February 17th that the Biden-Harris had mobilized a[8] “robust, multi-agency effort to support the people of East Palestine,” and was “committed to supporting the people of East Palestine every step of the way.” Similar to Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s decision to abstain from visiting U.S.-Mexican Border, until it became nearly too late, they too have neglected to visit East Palestine, instead delegating responsibility to bureaucratic federal agencies. Instead, one day earlier on February 16th Kamala Harris left the country, heading to Munich Germany to attend the 2023 Munich Security Conference[9]. In response, on February 20th President Biden also left his domestic duties to travel into Poland for a discussion on[10] “bilateral cooperation” and “collective efforts to support Ukraine.” During his trip, he made a surprise visit to Ukraine to meet with President Zelenskyy. In a transcript, Biden declared he would[11], “stand shoulder-to-shoulder with President Zelenskyy and remind the world…[that] the United States will not be deterred from standing with Ukraine…in a united front against Putin.” Should geopolitics take precedence over the need for direct public leadership and domestic regulatory policy? While agencies can be tasked with facilitating regulatory duties delegated by the President, when it comes to national devastation and environmental tragedy, residents look to their local and national elected officials for direction, leadership, and personal support. Noting the lack of action taken by the Biden-Harris Administration, on February 22nd, former President Donald Trump took matters into his own hands, visiting the disaster at East Palestine[12].

Following the controlled burn of toxic chemicals in East Palestine, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created a webpage titled “East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment Emergency Response.” The East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment Emergency Response webpage provides daily information regarding the toxicity in East Palestine’s soil, air, and water including monitoring and sampling data.


East Palestine is just one example of the persistent negligence and total lack of regulation surrounding public health and safety. Institutions today display an apparent lack of fundamental consideration for those they perceive as irrelevant from profit. From Federally funded Bureaucracies to our Elected Officials, East Palestine is a modern litmus test to show citizens who really hold the concerns of our nation, beyond the political paycheck. The Biden-Harris Administration has shown the people that as East Palestine offered no financial incentive, visiting was not worth the time of those running our country. There likely have been many other instances that have occurred regarding unknown ecotoxicity because of negligence and corporate incompetence. It’s catastrophes like these which highlight the importance of civil sustainability apart from government intervention. When disaster strikes, globalist demagogues are unlikely to leave the safety and comfort of their confines to experience the horrors directly alongside the people.













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