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H.R. 6833: Affordable Insulin Now Act

by Jordan Muhsin

What began as a bill to limit cost-sharing on insulin for patients by reducing out-of-pocket expenses, transformed within just six months to provide over eight billion dollars in federal financial aid to foreign governments. H.R.6833 shows that congress has learned how to craft convincing legislation which seemingly appeals to the people but in practice deliberately disables our free will and simultaneously sabotages the working class and our free market economy.

As an entrance to the legislative investigation, we are about to undergo, to avoid falling victim to the black-pilled nihilist conclusion of hopelessness, let us first present a proposed solution: The best course of action is to defund congress and the politicians who wield the people’s tax dollars. By eliminating most of the federal government’s budget, our U.S. legislators would have to produce evident work in favor of the people in order to earn their meager salaries, as opposed to exploiting the working class in favor of the global initiative: sustainable profit from the people and open government collusion, pouring our national budget into the prosperous global oligopoly, alongside communist regimes like the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

It is H.R. 6833 that reveals those who make decisions and hold power in the United States federal government have completely lost interest in the well-being of the American people, abandoning both us and our economy, in exchange for a seat at the World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization (WHO), and other nefarious global enterprises which yield revenue off nation’s citizens to fund the 2030 climate agenda, reeling America closer into the new world order. However, the treasonous crimes presented are so incriminating it is not something one believe without observing a total breakdown in the political process which deceive the American citizen. The following is an insight into the depraved nature of the legislation concocted by the crime syndicate posing as our federal government, and the economic manipulation in which we are conditioned to conform to. It is through truth and public access to information that the modern revolution for personal independence can be achieved. This report seeks not to promote a public sense of despair but to galvanize the individual mind to realign with truth and God’s intended natural order. What you are about to read is evidence that there are criminals who hold power within the federal government, and have weaponized our national legislation and its presentation to the people. This naturally forms unknowing individuals to act as extensions of the state, fighting to pass bad policy under the veils of utopia. By exposing the truth behind their maleficent actions we can empower future generations of voters to think twice before committing to a long-term economic sacrifice in order to produce invisible progress, which masquerades as global sustainability and eternal prosperity, to which will remain domestically unseen.

H.R. 6833 – Affordable Insulin Now Act

In a day when the cost of health care has risen beyond the cost of affordability, one piece of legislation stands in defense of the public, and the people’s access to affordable treatment. Originally drafted by United States Democratic Senator Pastor Raphael Warnock of Georgia,[1] the Affordable Insulin Now Act, is an instance of public policy which attempts to do just that. Although the bill was first[2] proposed as S.3700, it was Democratic speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi who first set the stage for the transformation to occur, by both naming and defining what would be included in the bill[3]. On March 31st, 2022 during a speech on the Senate Floor Nancy Pelosi would refer to the bill as “H.R. 6833” the “Affordable Insulin Now Act,” and a transcript would later be produced and posted online, visually confirming this comparison.

H.R. 6833

The bill was renamed to “H.R.6833 – Making continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2023, and for other purposes.” The legislation features a public-facing summary which reads[4]“This bill limits cost-sharing for insulin under private health insurance and the Medicare prescription drug benefit.” Despite the name being changed, it still appears that H.R. 6833 retains its original position, standing up for those in need of affordable insulin.

Limiting the cost of out-pocket-expenses for those who require taking the hormone is certainly something that the American people can stand behind. Now, no longer do those in need have to worry about the rising cost of inflation when paying for their insulin. This occurs due to major pharmaceutical enterprises whose goal is reaping profit off the elderly and the sick, by driving up costs to products which are sold to those who require it. It is legislation like H.R. 6833 that seemingly makes America a better place for those who need medicine.

Affordable Insulin Now Act

H.R. 6833 was first introduced into Congress on February 25th, 2022 under the name S.3700 the “Affordable Insulin Now Act[5],[6].” As it was passed through the House and the Senate, it began to change form, while keeping the public focus on the original intention in which it first proposed[7],[8],[9]. To the progressives, this was their chance at passing welfare legislation, regardless of what other requests for funding were added. To the neoconservatives, this was a chance at funding international governments and the globalist infiltration of our domestic economy. After 60 actions H.R. 6833 had placed more of the public’s financing into corrupt political operations which would enable a perpetual international proxy war, that insulin was no longer considered in the budget. In fact, not even a single mention of the word “insulin” is used anywhere within the bill, yet the government’s official website still refers to it as a bill that “limits cost-sharing for insulin[10].” H.R. 6833 is an example of the political deception used by our government to fund foreign governments while conditioning the American people to support a horrendous U.S. foreign policy. Upon reading the context of the legislation, the name has also been changed within the actual legislation itself. After sixty formal actions, including passing the House and Congress, the H.R. 6833 bill was renamed[11] from the “Affordable Insulin Now Act,”to “Continuing Appropriations and Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2023.” The drastic change is just an example of how the federal government uses misinformation to confuse the public to support its tyrannical legislation. The public facing website still refers to it as its original intention, providing low-cost insulin. It is only upon reviewing the legislation itself that reveals the total change which has occurred. As a result, it oftentimes is the lies that the public is told that advances their own economic persecution. Should the public be forced to read every piece of legislation before believing its official position? How are we expected to trust the government, when economic deception and corruption is publicly evident on their official website? Do the politicians who pass these bills read their context, and if so are they deliberately trying to deceive us, the people? The “Affordable Insulin Now Act” has become nothing more than a total psychological operation against the people. 

On the presupposition that the bill appeals to diabetics and those who require insulin, this act is not in the economic favor of the majority of Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control of Prevention (CDC), diabetics make up only 13% of our national population[12]. That means that 87% of our national population does not require insulin. If only using data from people over age 65, the total amount of Americans requiring insulin is 26.8%. This means 73.2% of all Americans over 65 years old do not require insulin. The conclusion that the beneficial economic impacts from H.R. 6833 appeal to at most, only ¼ of the national population. The American population will pay for the reduced cost of insulin through inflation and taxation for the minority who require it. This includes those who require insulin, who will also be expected to conform to the redefined command market, paying more for essential items. Helping those in need is something that most citizens, including those who do not require insulin, would have no dispute contributing to. This makes legislation like H.R. 6833 easy to get the majority onboard, especially those who will never read the legislation and unknowingly rely on compromised interpretations through the mainstream narrative. However, a closer look into the details[13] of the H.R. 6833 bill reveals the deceit entwined within the nefarious globalist legislation. Layered within the legislation, resides Division B.

H.R. 6833: Division B

Division B – Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2023

Division B, titled the “Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act” of 2023 disseminates the totalitarian tactics employed by congress to weaponize the people’s economy against Russia. In a war between Russia and Ukraine, the United States has chosen to arm the Ukrainian military and government against Putin’s military operation. As Russia seeks to liberate the people of Donbas from neo-Nazi authoritative rule and domestic terrorism, the United States federal government would like us to believe this “unprovoked attack” demands our public funding. By touting low-cost insulin, the federal government can donate American tax-dollars to a terroristic government funding war. By the time the people wake up to the atrocities which are occurring at the taxpayer’s expense, the damage will be done. To ensure the government formally complies with federal regulations, laundering of billions of dollars can ensue. 

Title I – 

Title I of H.R. 6833 appropriates a total of $7,807,997,000.00 (7.8 Billion USD) to respond to the situation in Ukraine. What it fails to publicly acknowledge is that the legislation has deceptively gained the consent of the people for this taxpayer-funded donation to the Ukrainian government, under the guise of limiting-cost sharing for insulin under private health insurance and Medicare. Although the public believes they will be paying a higher cost of living in order to achieve reduced out-of-pocket costs for patients in need of insulin, in reality they will be sacrificing their quality of life in order to bail out the Ukrainian government. While the focus of the public remains on the benefit in which a only quarter (¼) of the 65+ population would see manifest, it does not disclose to the public the 7.8 Billion dollars that will be withdrawn from our domestic infrastructure, education systems, public health, and other vital areas of American society, and used to fight against Russia through Ukraine’s military. The American people have been robbed of their financial independence and now exist in a free market façade, superimposed atop a command economy. We, the people, continue to be forced to act as an accomplice in the international laundering to foreign governments, and treasonous global collusion against our nation.

Below is a total breakdown of the money withdrawn from the U.S. economy by the behind-the-scenes bureaucrats and our tyrannical U.S. federal government of America. The government no longer cares if you can afford essential items, now they seek to purge the population of it resources. The message from our government is clear, ‘If it comes from inside the earth, it is bad for the climate and the economy.’ Joe Biden’s objective is to convince the public that fossil fuels are as unreliable as wind, solar, hydroelectricity, and biomass energy. From the U.S. government colluding in the blowing up of the Nordstream 2 Pipeline, to the Bidenn-orchestrated sanctions from OPEC driving up the price of gasoline, the economic domestic terrorists who control the legislation within our federal government have forced our population into a state of fiscal submission. The goal is to break the public, driving us to believe the only means to a prosperous America is allowing the government to control all of our resources, including fuel, transforming our free market into a welfare state. Through the artificial reconditioning of the public’s reliance and attitude toward, fossil-fuel-based energy, the new world order can begin to yield greater profit from its citizens, while subjecting them to environmental hazards through experimental green energy contraptions, and promoting reduced energy consumption. The government has even begun remotely controlling citizens thermostats to regulate energy usage[14],[15],[16],[17],[18]. This element of control may soon be politisized and weaponized against bicameral participants who resist the progressive narrative.

  • $6,227,865,000.00 – “[T]o Respond to the Situation in Ukraine,” DoD
  • $1,443,821,000.00 – Total Procurement to Ukraine
  • $136,311,000.00 – Total Research Development, Test, and Evaluation to Ukraine

Title II – Department of Energy, Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation

Title II under Division B of H.R. 6833 provides $35 Million Dollars to Ukraine for its denuclearization, allowing a distraction that would enable the further creation of deadly Ukrainian bioweapons*. (A complete breakdown of this process exists in the epilogue.)

Title III – Bilateral Economic Assistance

While many Americans cannot afford to put food on their tables, pay their rent, or afford the rising price of energy costs, the U.S. federal government has created an “Economic Support Fund” for the government of Ukraine. Title III allocates an additional $4.5 Billion Dollars for “assistance for Ukraine.” While many Americans would like to believe that at the least, this thievery of the public’s budget will be given to desperate Ukrainian families in need, the truth is it will be withheld by the corrupt government and exchanged into commodities and sold to other countries.

“For an additional amount for “Economic Support Fund”, $4,500,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2024, for assistance for Ukraine”

Section 1301. Within Division B, Section 1301 substitutes another $100 Million Dollars with $3.7 Billion Dollars in federal financial aid to the government of Ukraine. That is 37 times (3600%) more than the original amount. Instead of fighting Russia through a proxy war, imagine if the American public could “substitute” this existing funding to domestic infrastructure, education, and public health with thirty-seven times higher budgets. Would America be 3600% economically stronger? Instead, the United States government chooses to print money at our expense to launder to Ukraine in order to perpetuate the unnecessary funding of war.

“Sec. 1301. During fiscal year 2023, section 506(a)(1) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (22 U.S.C. 2318(a)(1)) shall be applied by substituting ‘$3,700,000,000’ for ‘$100,000,000.’”

The Current Economic State of America

“Building Back Better” reads the White House’s official website[19], as the federal government continues to make poor economic decisions at the expense of the people. In order to achieve this, the Biden Administration continues to attempt in convincing the American people that the Federal Reserve printing more money will provide a means to an end of our domestic state of inflation. To assist with this, specific industries are targeted to generate support, however once the legislation is passed changes are often imparted which result in the legislation, once placed in effect, as being unrecognizable to the public’s original expectation of the law which they previously sought relief. Author Henry Hazlitt describes this as “Saving the X Industry[20],” in his 1946 book Economics in One Lesson. In his example specific industries are used to invoke “prompt action of Congress.” The concept to resist government tyranny might sound simple, however in practice, we all fall victim to the taxation, inflation, and devaluation of our domestic currency which is applied to our economy as a result of increasing the government budget for unnecessary donations to foreign nations. The economic state can then be blamed on the state of other countries’ governments, the ambiguous global supply chain, or as a last resort hold the American people themselves liable for their own forced sacrifice.

Is the U.S. Economy Really That Bad?

According to our U.S. Bureau of Labor’s statistics, America’s 12-month percentage Consumer Price Index (CPI) as of August 2022 showed a 68% increase in the price of fuel oil, and a 25.6% increase in the cost of gasoline[21]. Natural gas has increased 33%, and the cost of electricity has gone up 15.8%. Fruits and vegetables are 9.4% more expensive, while dairy prouducts are up 16.2%. Meats, poultry, and fish have also become more expensive, seeing a 10.6% increase in overall cost. This means the cost of living has greatly increased on all fronts for the consumer. Beyond our historic state of national inflation, we continue to print money through the Federal Reserve to aid foreign governments, and fund war against other nations. This internationally laundering often occurs without the consent of the American people, bringing the people further away from the government, and the government closer globalist governments, and many concerning foreign regimes.

Why is America Funding Other Governments?

While America currently resides in over $31 Trillion dollars of national debt[22], our Federal Reserve continues to print money, distributing it to foreign governments. Despite our current state of economic disaster, the federal government continues to deceive the people in exchange for yielding more taxdollars. As they continue to spend the people’s money through third-party purchases, new innovative methods of obtaining revenue have materialized. Beyond the printing of money through the Federal Reserve, creating inflation, there are two further reasons that Americans are duped into funding the salaries of foreign governments. The first, is that American oligarchs and bureaucrats can utilize American tax dollars as clout for the global regime, seeking to redetermine our world order. The second, is to conform the American citizen to comply with the totalitarian narrative of the state, weakening the personal influence and authority of God.

Why is this bad? 

Ukraine has always been a divided nation. During World War II, the nation became even more divided as many residents sided with Hitler, in an effort to break away from Stalin, gaining their independence. For some, this meant working with and becoming nazis themselves. After Hitler and his army was destroyed the remaining Nazis were put on trial for their warcrimes. At the Nuremberg Trials, the Ukraianian Nazis were pardoned for their crimes, an act which would be replicated decades later with the holocaust in Japan’s Unit 731, where they engaged in horrifying human experimentations, in violation of the established Nuremberg Code[23],[24]. The United States has a history of pardoning Nazis for their crimes. Today, these regimes remain in modern Ukraine, and have become involved with the Ukrainian government. Some neo-nazi groups, like Azov Battalion, Ukraine’s National Guard were even been trained by our American military on U.S. military bases[25],[26]. Although unnamed in their public records, in October 2018 FBI Special Agent Scott Bierwirth filed an affidavit[27], admitting under oath that such neo-Nazi battalions exist in Ukraine. Bierwirth warned that Azov Battalion is believed to have participated in both the training and radicalizing of United States-based white supremacy organizations.

“Based on my training and experience, I know that the Azov Battalion is a paramilitary unit of the Ukrainian Nation Guard which is known for its association with neo-Nazi ideology and use of Nazi symbolism, and which is believed to have participated in training and radicalizing United States-based white supremacy organizations”


            H.R. 6833 remains distorted as the Affordable Insulin Now Act on official websites such as the American Diabetes Association[28], where it states “ADA Applauds the U.S. House of Representatives Passage of the Affordable Insulin Now Act.” Endocrine Society, an organization comprised of 18,000 researchers “devoted to advancing hormone research,” also propogate this misleading legislation, stating “This bill is about our patients and making insulin affordable for them. The Endocrine Society urges the Senate to pass this bill quickly. People with diabetes who rely on insulin cannot wait any longer.” It would appear that these legislators are heroes, standing up for those in need. However, by dumping billions of dollars into Ukraine’s government, patients in need will likely pay more for the cost of living, as a result of pursuing false legislation which promises a reduction in out-of-pocket expenses for insulin. Congress will help diabetic patients in need, under the presupposition that our taxes will be raised, the value of our American currency will plummet, in order to siphon our economic prosperity into the compromised government of Ukraine.

It is the portrayal of actions by the federal government that convince the average hard-working American that they are responsible for the current economic state. This can be anything from the suggestion that the reason we face financial hardship is bicameral engagement or resistance to the political agenda. The truth is often misrepresented, leading the citizen to support the passing of erroneous legislation. Once these bills are implemented, it is extremely difficult for the public to determine the source of the national debt. As a result, the majority accept their economic fate, endlessly working until their own demise, passing the government’s burden onto future generations. New generations are born into these strenuous economies, perceiving this as baseline fiscal normalcy, and the cycle continues. This eternal “pursuit of happiness” has left

many Americans distracted from individual progress, bringing us into the world in which we exist today.

Fun Fact. Did you know? Similar in numbers to H.R. 6833, H.R. 6388 is titled “Combating Terrorist and Other Illicit Financing Act[29].” Is this just a coincidence? Or, are coincidences fallacious? Did God ensure that these two pieces of legislation could be easily confused by the people, revealing the depraved nature of our federal government financing our money to fight wars through foreign criminal governments and other concerning entities?

Epilogue – 

*Concerns on H.R. 6833’s Title II. While Title II of H.R. 6833 states its function is to invest $35 Million Dollars to Ukraine for its denuclearization, Ukraine is not a nation that seeks to denuclearize, nor demilitarize itself. Instead, Ukraine’s history of preparation for warfare would suggest that the Ukrainian government is concerned in the inverse. This means U.S. funds will likely be used to create non-nuclear weapons which could be used in proxy warfare by the United States. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the U.S. funded biological agricultural weapon experimentation through U.S. company Metabiota, creating powerful strains of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Kiev[30]. Metabiota’s official website states that the company works with “partners around the world to push scientific boundaries and develop new knowledge,” adding “[w]e have deep and sustained partnerships with governments, health agencies, academic institutions and private enterprise.” One of Metabiota’s research facilities located in Kiev, Ukraine, functions as the nation’s primary biological research facilities. The synthetic manipulation of African Swine Fever was of particular interest to the Ukrainian Government, requiring our U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to pour tax-dollars into its genomic research through the Biological Threat Reduction Program (BTRP) in Ukraine (UP-9.) Upon the project’s completion, the finalized the African Swine Fever (ASF) genome sequence was deposited in GenBank[31] under accession no. MN194591. In 2014, U.S. pharmaceutical company Metabiota invested $307,091 into “Ukraine Research Projects[32].” In 2017, after obtaining further funding from Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca, Metabiota gathered a collection of novel SARS-Coronavirus bat samples, which were then distributed to biological laboratories around the world, including Ukraine and the Wuhan Viral Institute of Technology in China[33]. One of the researchers involved in the gathering of SARS-like Coronavirus bat samples was Peter Daszak, the President of EcoHealth Alliance, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation[34].  

In 2018, just two years before the pandemic would spread across the world, Peter Daszak and Metabiota’s Nathan D. Wolfe invested $6.3492 Billion USD to sample “over 80,000 wildlife and domestic animals, conducting over 400,000 viral discovery tests. The report indicates another $1.1052 Billion to sample water bird species for influenza, and to conduct limited domestic animal sampling, bringing the total package cost to $7.454 Billion dollars, or about $745 million per year.[35] On April 19th, 2020 Peter Daszak wrote an email to Anthony Fauci and David Morens attempting to establish a narrative which were to be followed by the scientific community. Daszak’s email states “thankyou on behalf of our staff and collaborators, for publicly standing up and stating that the scientific evidence supports a natural origin for COVID-19 from a bat to-human spillover, not a lab release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” adding “your trusted voice, will help dispel the myths being spun around the virus’ origins.” So began the incessant lies of Anthony Fauci. The bottom line, Ukraine is working with the United States and China to cover up the events which led to the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to researching, as a result creating, deadly bioweapons under the guise of nuclear non-proliferation. By faith in the Lord, America can be saved through ensuring our government is positioned to produce individual economic sovereignty, allowing us to contribute our efforts to the Kingdom of God, unlike the fallacious H.R. 6833, drafted by a tyrannical regime, against the people.

Supporting Documents –




















[20] Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt – 1946, Page 98
















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