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New York Lifts Mask-or-Vaccine Mandate

As the construct of state issued authoritative medical mandated regime begins to crumble across the nation, society is becoming increasingly aware that existing outdated mandates are still being unnecessarily abused, and at this point used to control. The American people are flat out sick and tired of being told what to do. Dissent is inherent in our nation, yet in American’s modern major cities, resisting the state medical dictatorship narrative is discouraged to such a point that entire propaganda campaigns were launched against it.

Throughout New York City, during the beginning of the pandemic it was seen by the majority as a crime against humanity to go about daily life without covering your face. As time dragged on, bureaucratic medical institutions and corporate organizations began digging up further reasons to continue to implement this totalitarian tactic against the individuals of the state. People began to become so fearful of the coronavirus, despite what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated, many believed [and still continue to believe] that coronavirus exists in the air outside. The majority collectivists that exist in the city mask-up outside at all times, potentially never taking their mask off even when alone or at home.

Many New Yorkers have begun waking up to the fact that the pandemic is over, and as seen with omicron, herd immunity has been reached. For those who haven’t, it seems we have all begun to learn how to coexist. Whether you wear a mask or not, it appears society has returned to petty conversations, for the first time not breaking eye contact to think about potential dangers of the coronavirus. In the streets of Manhattan life outside no longer feels as if a matter of life or death. The subways no longer feel like the source of the next variant. The momentum of the city has returned to an increasing state of hope.

However, the tyrannical state has still imposed coronaviruses restrictions against the citizens of the state, resulting in the loss of the ability to work, livelihoods, many fleeing the state in order to survive. Despite the state’s continued demand of power, the citizens have already begun waking up to the government’s power grab. To regain our individual liberties we must continue to resist conforming to global, federal, or state establishments which dictate our decisions and our fate. The global elite has convinced our species to rely on smarter, richer, or stronger individuals to control our decisions and the limitations of our own thoughts, for our security and protection. In the end, personal focus and individual thought reduces the devotion to state government, which weakens humanity’s need for control. How necessary is an over-reaching government, which knowingly divides the population to create opportunities to implement a further need for restrictions against the people?

Kathy Hochul

Kathy Hochul’s hijacking of the state has ruined people’s livelihoods, forcing closures and unnecessary economic devastation throughout one of the greatest cities in the world, New York City. Kathy Hochul’s salary remains intact, regardless of how many family businesses are displaced, careers are shattered, and lives are lost. It’s easier for Hochul to follow the totalitarian trend, than it is to confront the science and data head on—and finding the resilience to survive.

Instead Kathy Hochul has shifted New York’s focus to COVID-19 propaganda, and viewing the people as nothing more than a statistic. “How many have been vaccinated?” “What is the ‘Death Count’”? “How many have gotten boosters?” Instead of building political repertoire for re-election, Kathy Hochul should focus on re-opening the city, and re-enacting the people’s civil rights, and independent freedoms. Mandates are implemented to garner control, without resistance. By agreeing to give up freedoms temporarily, we lost the permanent control to say “enough is enough.” Under authoritative control, culture weakens, creativity disintegrates, and society suffers. Her suggestion, more masks to ensure more vaccines, as a result boosting New York’s national vaccination statistics under her reign.

The Final Days of the Pandemic

During the final days of the pandemic, New York went through a spectrum of change, resulting in the seeming return to reality at last. After two years, this city has been forever changed, with residual pandemic propaganda still existing on every street corner. Leaving behind an era that many would rather forget, the past two years to some have felt almost a lifetime. In the end, New Yorkers prevailed, despite the back and forth of our health officials, it seems the pandemic of control has finally come to an end.

1.24.22 – New York Rescinds Mask Mandate

On January 24th, 2022 Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Thomas Rademaker ruled socialist Kathy Hochul’s mask mandates for public places and schools as Unconstitutional, stating it was “null, void, and unenforceable.”

New Yorkers across the state breathed a sigh of relief, as it seemed that life would finally begin the return to the normal city—and economy—which existed before the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost before New Yorkers were able to enjoy life again beyond the mask, Hochul’s hammer came smashing down again on resident’s individual freedoms.

Kathy Hochul warned1 “My responsibility as Governor is to protect New Yorkers throughout this public health crisis, and these measures help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. We strongly disagree with this ruling, and we are pursuing every option to reverse this immediately.”

1.25.22 – New York Reinstates Mask Mandate

Exactly one day later on January 25th, 2022 New York’s freedom were revoked, again, as indoor mask mandates were reinstated, sending the state and its residents back through a time-loop into the front lines of the pandemic. What almost feels like theatre at this point, has become the official request for the public composure of the people.

The perpetual flip-flopping of conflicting medical information has led to an ambiguous understanding for the average citizen. Conflicts occurred due to collectivist idealists.

“I commend the Attorney General for her defense of the health and safety of New Yorkers, and applaud the Appellate Division, Second Department for siding with common sense and granting an interim stay to keep the state’s important masking regulations in place,” Hochul said in a statement after the ruling. “We will not stop fighting to protect New Yorkers, and we are confident we will continue to prevail.”

1.25.22 – NY Small Businesses

At the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, New York, Governor Kathy Hochul encouraged public allegiance to her system.2 Instead of removing mandates from small businesses, Kathy Hochul wants to “make it easier” for small businesses to readjust, offering a tax credit for COVID related expenses. This measure will provide necessary relief to small business owners, however force them to continue to follow elaborate constructions to accommodate their once thriving “full capacity”. In an effort to keep the lights on, all business must bend and forcibly adhere to uncomfortable positions which rely fully on the indecision of the state. From family-owned small businesses, to historically famous local businesses, many were forced to shut their doors, their livelihoods transforming into a statistic overnight.

Despite the destruction of New York, Kathy Hochul still had time to remind us that she relies on their compliance of her supporters in order to continue her tyrannical reign and garnish control.

“I want to thank all of you for being such incredible supporters.”

“We saw what happened a year ago, but it doesn’t have to be our destiny. Now there’s no reason not to be vaccinated. No reason not to be boosted. No reason not to understand that the masks are making a difference. And that’s why we’re focused on all these tools. So the winter surge is not over, but we are in a far better position to deal with it. This rollercoaster is not over.”

Small businesses slammed by this pandemic. And a lot of them had to spend extra money to expand their space, to have that room for social distancing or restaurants that even in a place like Syracuse, they want to have outdoor dining which I think is incredible. And you have to pay for those expensive heaters and more expansion, maybe it’s in a parking lot or on the sidewalk out front. This all costs money, no fault of their own. Let’s make it easier. Let’s let them have a tax credit for any COVID related expenses.

“So, Central New York, you’re doing the right thing. We’re heading in the right direction.”

On Test Kits: “We keep them safe by making sure that they have test kits that go home with them if necessary. And I want to announce that as we’re approaching the winter break, schools have different times, but between February and March, I want to make sure that we have enough kits to have every child be able to have a test kit sent home with them before the break”

On Vaccinating Children: “It’s all about keeping kids in school and stopping the spread. And getting more kids vaccinated. We can do better on this. I’m still surprised, disappointed, that we don’t have more children vaccinated above the age of five, it’s available so we’re popping up some more sites in all of our regions, seven right here in Central New York, and we’re doing those next Tuesday to Thursday.”

“Hundreds of thousands of kids have been now vaccinated. It is safe to do that. And this is what gives us the confidence to know when they’re in school, if they’re exposed, they’re going to be okay. And that’s so reassuring for all the parents who stepped up and made sure their kids are vaccinated. Want to thank all of them for doing that.”

2.1.22 – Kathy Hochul Acknowledges Long-COVID

On February 1st, 2022 Kathy Hochul addressed Long-COVID, a condition recognized by the World Health Organization3 (WHO), which causes uses the coronavirus symptoms persist even after infection. Long-COVID is also officially recognized by the National Institutes of Health4 (NIH), Harvard5, and the World Economic Forum6.

“As New York continues its battle against COVID-19, we are taking action to address the impacts of Long COVID, which include a wide range of symptoms that continue to adversely affect the health and wellbeing of New Yorkers,” Governor Hochul said. “New York State is convening a panel of the foremost experts in public health – the first event of its kind for the State – to gather information, pinpoint challenges and create solutions to provide New Yorkers with the treatment, support and resources they need to recover. I applaud our partners at the Department of Health and NYC Health + Hospitals for their continued efforts to help ensure we are leading the nation in our fight against Long COVID.”

Symptoms of Long-COVID are also synonymous with the effects of 5G exposure. First released in October 31st, 2019, 5G telecommunication technology has increased our exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic field radiation, resulting in COVID-19-like symptoms. Could immunodeficiencies from DNA damage and other biological modifications caused from 5G be the underlying factor of those misdiagnosed with Long-COVID?

2.6.22 – NYC Mayor Eric Adams Stops Wearing Masks

February 6th, 2022 just days before the restrictions would be lifted Eric Adams was seen maskless indoors, breaking his own rules, and defying the restrictions of the state7. Photos posted by Bronx Little Italy showed Eric Adams meeting indoors and outdoors in nine different photos highlighting his meetings with restaurant owners to discuss outdoor dining programs and issues the industry is facing. That meeting very well may have been the icing on the cake for most New Yorkers compliance with the request to cover airways when indoors. This was evidence to the public that the masks were now in fact pure theatre, executed through state-funded propaganda to enforce medical compliance.

2.9.22 – New York State Lifts Mask-or-Vaccine Mandate for State Residents Only, Excluding Schools

A victory for New York State, on February 9th, 2022 Kathy Hochul announced she would be allowing the mask-or-vaccine mandate for small businesses in New York State to expire, starting on Thursday, February 10th, 2022. Schools throughout New York State will still be required to mask up until at least March suggested Hochul.

“At this time, we say it’s the right decision to lift this mandate for indoor businesses and let counties, cities, and businesses to make their own decisions on what they want to do with respect to masks or the vaccination requirement.” announced Hochul.

“We want to make sure that every business knows this is your prerogative, and individuals who want to continue wearing masks can continue wearing masks,” Hochul said.

“I suspect when I walk the streets of New York City … I’m still going to see a lot of people wearing masks because they will feel safer.”

Mayor Eric Adams’s spokesperson, Fabien Levy, made a public statement on his behalf stating “We are continuing to follow the science and the guidance of public health professionals to keep New Yorkers safe.”

“We encourage all New Yorkers to continue to wear high-quality masks when indoors or in crowded spaces and to get vaccinated and boosted to stop the spread.”

New Yorkers have still been expected to act as if the pandemic is still a severe threat to daily life. Many individuals throughout New York City have become so conditioned, they choose still to mask up as soon as they leave their homes, keeping them on at all times, even outside. What began as a two-week lockdown, now has permanently shifted the momentum of the city to feel like a separate entity to the United States. The removal of mask mandates is one step closer to freedom, despite the existing anti-American mandates calling for regular SARS-CoV-2 injections.

After two years of daily pandemic propaganda, there are time I still have to remind myself not all cities throughout America hold these sorts of public demands. This realization temporarily provides a small, but horrifying glimpse into how residents of authoritarian countries like North Korea, and China, are trained by the government to believe one form of thinking. This demonic system of control binds the souls of each individual to an unforgiving collective agenda, which does not offer individuals an honest choice, but instead threatens against dissent and free expression, encouraging self-censorship, coercing humanity to herd in one direction. Similar to an electrified cattle prod, these totalitarian tactics result in the success of a single party, enlisting each individual regardless of their beliefs, as nothing more than an organic battery which fuel the state’s oppression. Those who resist, are ostracized from society, branded with demeaning and discredited political terminology. Now, two years later, many New Yorkers are finally waking up, and standing up for their individual rights to make their own informed public health decisions. The unification of the populous weakens the state who relies on disorder and violence in order to display evidence to why we as the people need their control. In the end, individualism, the self determination of right and wrong, and just being a decent human being, stands stronger than any state issued mandate, no matter the strength of the propaganda, and no matter the wrath of the regime.

2.10.22 – New York State Mandates Lifted

The state mask-or-vaccine mandates for small businesses that do not enforce vaccine passport requirements, have officially expired, as New Yorkers can now freely make their mask decisions for themselves. To those who survived the past two years of civil rights abuse, today marks the beginning of New York returning to America. While many New Yorkers finally throw their bacteria-filled masks away, some still choose to muzzle up outdoors as a personal safety precaution, thankfully New York is again a place where you are free to do both. Will the unelected Hochul revive her tyrannical mandates once she secures the throne for New York’s next official governor?

In contrast, children must still wait to breathe proclaiming “We have a little more work to do with the younger kids,” Hochul added “I think we can do better.”

In addition, vaccines mandates still remain in effect for the majority of businesses and employers throughout New York. The removal of these mandates will be an even greater unifying victory for the civil rights, individual liberties, and the freedom of all Americans and future generations. While many fight against oppression of one position, authoritarianism and totalitarian tactics of any kind have no place in America, especially when it comes to the personal decisions of the people to function as individuals.


Watching the faded yellow, footprint-stained, filth-covered “Please Stand Six Feet Apart” stickers posted by the state inside the floors of subway stations [and sidewalks], provides a disturbing reminder to the past two years of this treacherous pandemic. Thankfully, it is also a reminder than MTA workers will not be replacing these authoritative stickers, as they dissolve into the concrete grime of the subway station.

An increasing number of New Yorkers have become less concerned of becoming sick from the coronavirus, and have focused their concerns on being told how to live. Rather than stand six feet apart many would rather distance themselves entirely from the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the state. Yet the state continues to treat coronavirus as if it is a serious threat, so severe that it overrules our freedom, to no longer operate as a self-functioning entity. Are the residual mandates still a matter of public health, or has New York City reached a point where the lack of freedom has become more dangerous than the virus itself?

Communism is a prehistoric and outdated practice, that has no place in modern American culture, and it is about time our country disposed of the obsolete form of God-like control placed over a populous, before it’s too late. Now, with the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games in full swing, the Chinese Communist regime seeks to display their false utopia to the world. Millions of Chinese citizens were dehumanized in order to reduce initial COVID-19 levels in preparation for the Winter Olympic event. The United States government and major U.S. corporations continues to overlook the human rights abuse and forced labor reform, forced employment, and forced re-education, working hand-in-hand with the communist criminal government of China to deprive the rights of the citizens, bringing our free nation and its ethics one step closer to the sick system put in place by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Will the state of New York keep itself aligned with our U.S. Constitution, or will the progressive Hochul reinstate her attempts to dismantle western values throughout the state until New York becomes indistinguishable from a modern one-party system? Whose securities were mask mandates ultimately enlisted to protect? What’s next for vaccine mandates?

Kathy Hochul coincidentally lifted masking restrictions on New York City just before her reelection campaign began, so she can now be touted as the hero of the state. If anything positive can be said to have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the civilian insight provided into our so-called “leader’s” field of vision, and what matters most during a time of crisis. Has Kathy Hochul had the New York resident’s best interests at heart? Or, has she just been stringing along people’s lives, futures, hopes and dreams, in an effort to enact a political power-grab for re-election?

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