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Graphene Oxide

As the global battle against COVID-19 and its variants wages on, both unvaccinated, and vaccinated alike find themselves waiting in lines across the world, in order to gain access to a coronavirus test. Whether in a hospital, at home, or at a COVID-testing site, there is consistently high demand to obtain a COVID-19 test.

During the onset of the pandemic 3×4 inch paper vaccine cards began being given out after each injection, along with the possibility to synchronize one’s vaccine status to a mobile device. From this, companies began the development of microchip implants for more convenient access to vaccination status, contact tracing, and health information. Biosensors are currently under development, allowing the injection of small particles to gain real-time access to health information, however many revolutionary innovations involve extreme risk.

Technology has provided opportunity for political weaponization, an addictive force capable of controlling the mass population. What started with mobile devices, now seeks to replace parts of human beings with more efficient autonomous iterations. Through the expansive development of 5G technology, humans have begun to merge with the electronic grid. As new devices are created they have become smaller and more invasive. Original electronic devices that began as tools for the military, scientific, and medical community now exist with us at all times. Life has become increasingly more difficult without the reliance on technology. In today’s modern age it is challenging to imagine evading the influence of all technology, some would even argue technology constitutes a large portion of the experience of life itself. Searching for the meaning of a word or googling a phone number yields near instantaneous results. Traditional methods of communication, and the concept of materialism, now appear endangered, as the planet has fallen dependent on consistently innovative technology to revolutionize realty as we know it. This gives the upper hand to oligarchs and manufacturers who find profit pushing a specific product and a narrative.

The implementation of contact-tracing, vaccine surveillance, and the publication of private medical information has transformed our world into an unrecognizable depiction of its former state. Just two years ago, Americans could not have considered mandated lockdowns, forced vaccinations, consistent masking, the division of society, and the political weaponization of the people from a novel coronavirus originating in China. Fast forward to a decade from now what other unforeseeable innovations while become an everyday necessity? It isn’t difficult to imagine new technologies which defy our current remaining liberties, imposed not only into our nation, but universally across the globe.

One of these unimaginable technologies, may have already emerged. Remote medical tracking, instantaneous health updates, and even potential warnings may sound like science fiction, but these developments are already underway. Patents exist dating back decades, which claim the rights to various “Biosensor” devices. Biosensors are small particles which can be implanted, injected, or inhaled and are designed to provide user diagnostics in a variety of ways. However, these technologies are not without risk. The more minuet the nanoparticles, the more difficult to remove them should side-effects occur. Currently few, if any, effective technologies exist which can remove nanoparticles from the blood. We are reaching a point in the development of our species where there is no going back to the previous state we once knew. With the implementation of new invasive technology comes the renouncement of power, and rights. With medication, such as pills, it is suggested to immediately discontinue to product should unintended side-effects occur. With transhumanism, or the altering of the human form, unintended side-effects result in permanent physiological changes, injury, and death.

One vital proponent in biosensors is the substance Graphene, claimed by the scientific community to be the best conductor of electricity known, has become an increasingly popular technology, which may prove to be the next revolutionary technological advancement of our species. With every advancement comes the potential for destruction.

What is Graphene?

Graphene contains carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, and is a building block of graphite. Graphene is the strongest and most conductive substances known to humanity. Graphene is also the thinnest, and lightest material known, “a pure form of carbon organized into single atom-thick sheets1.” The unique properties has resulted in graphene being named be the substance of the future, allowing greater technological possibilities than silicon as well as current existing telecommunication technologies.

  • Graphene is the most conductive substance known
  • Graphene is the strongest material known
  • Graphene is the thinnest and lightest compound known
  • Graphene is a single atomic layer of “sp2 bonded carbon atoms”, arranged in a hexagonal pattern.
  • Graphene has higher carrier mobility than silicon, passing electrons up to three times faster.
  • Graphene is also more thermally conductive than both diamond and copper. Graphene is also highly ‘lubricious’, producing less friction. Electrons can travel at .3 the speed of light when graphene is used as a medium.
  • Graphene has high antimicrobial and antiviral properties, and is stated to potentially “limit the lifetime of viruses”
  • Graphene is inexpensive
  • Graphene can absorb around 2.3% of white light2

Known for its strength, inexpensive price, and antiviral properties, Graphene has many uses including


Biosensors are being touted as the next method of viral detection and biomolecules. Nanomaterials can be used to boost the signals of biosensors.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) “[R]educing the size of the biosensor to the micro- or nano-scale can result in a better signal-to-noise ratio as well as the possibility of using smaller sample volumes, which means lower assay costs.”

Source: Bhalla N, Jolly P, Formisano N, Estrela P. Introduction to biosensors. Essays Biochem. 2016 Jun 30;60(1):1-8. doi: 10.1042/EBC20150001. PMID: 27365030; PMCID: PMC4986445.

There are many different types of biosensors such as electrochemical biosensors, field-effect-transistor biosensors, and piezoelectric biosensors. Many biosensors use graphene as it is a highly conductive material.

  • Electrochemical biosensors are reliable and have been successfully developed and tested to detect viruses like the Zika virus, Ebola, and the influenza. Previous electrochemical biosensors have used gold nanoparticles in combination with graphene for use in detection of viruses.
  • Graphene field-effect transistors (GFET)
  • Piezoelectric biosensors have become a popular technology to detect viruses, hormones, bacteria, and cells since their development in 1972.


Graphene manufactured from Shanghai, China by a company Yuanye3 was used in tests including

  • Electrochemical Immunosensors Based on Gold and Iron-Oxide Nanoparticle Co-modified rGO-TEPA [reduced graphene oxide] Hybrid for Sensitive Detection of Carcinoembryonic Antigen4

    Source: Xiao, H., Wei, S., Chen, Z. et al. Label-Free Electrochemical Immunosensor Based on Gold and Iron-Oxide Nanoparticle Co-modified rGO-TEPA Hybrid for Sensitive Detection of Carcinoembryonic Antigen. Electrocatalysis 11, 513–521 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s12678-020-00604-z
  • A label-free electrochemical immunosensor based on gold nanoparticles and graphene oxide for the detection of tumor marker calcitonin5

    Source: New J. Chem., 2017,41, 11029-11035

The Medical Possibilities of Graphene

According to four U.K. scientists from the University of Bath posted in the U.S. National Library of Medicine by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), novel nanomaterials and nanostructured device are responsible for the rapid development of biosensor technology.

“The integration of graphene, graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes (single or multiple one atom-thick carbon concentric tubes) as well as nanoparticles and nanowires of different materials are widely reported in the literature for electrode fabrication. Biosensors so fabricated can nowadays allow limits of detection lower than previously possible, enabling even single-molecule detection.”

Source: Bhalla N, Jolly P, Formisano N, Estrela P. Introduction to biosensors. Essays Biochem. 2016 Jun 30;60(1):1-8. doi: 10.1042/EBC20150001. PMID: 27365030; PMCID: PMC4986445.

Nine Chinese scientists from Beijing published a report suggesting graphene could be used to prevent cancer6.

The report reads, “Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine is a promising candidate in cancer immunotherapy as it can encode tumor-associated antigens with an excellent safety profile. Unfortunately, the inherent instability of RNA and translational efficiency are major limitations of RNA vaccine. Here, we report an injectable hydrogel formed with graphene oxide (GO) and polyethylenimine (PEI), which can generate mRNA (ovalbumin, a model antigen) and adjuvants (R848)-laden nanovaccines for at least 30 days after subcutaneous injection. The released nanovaccines can protect the mRNA from degradation and confer targeted delivering capacity to lymph nodes.”

Source: Nano Lett. 2021, 21, 5, 2224–2231
Publication Date:February 17, 2021
Copyright © 2021 American Chemical Society

Graphene For COVID-19

Graphene is suggested in publications by the National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine, for use in biosensors to be used in “rapid cost-effective, sensitive, and early-stage diagnosis of viruses.” Despite the lack of sustainable research behind the substance, Graphene development for early onset detection of the coronavirus may already be underway.

Graphene has been under research for years prior to COVID-19, due to its “high surface area, high electrical mobility and conductivity, excellent mechanical, electrochemical, and piezoelectric properties, and efficacy against microbes and viruses7

“The excellent electrical, electrochemical, piezoelectric properties may enable their applications in the development of electrochemical biosensors, field-effect transistor (FET)-based biosensors, and piezoelectric biosensors for rapid, cost-effective, sensitive, and early-stage diagnosis of viruses.”

Source: Srivastava AK, Dwivedi N, Dhand C, Khan R, Sathish N, Gupta MK, Kumar R, Kumar S. Potential of graphene-based materials to combat COVID-19: properties, perspectives, and prospects. Mater Today Chem. 2020 Dec;18:100385. doi: 10.1016/j.mtchem.2020.100385. Epub 2020 Oct 21. PMID: 33106780; PMCID: PMC7577689.

Graphene Toxicity

The unique properties of Graphene can result in unexpected consequences. Graphene has the ability to pass through the blood-air barrier, blood-testis barrier, blood-brain barrier and blood-placental barrier causing a variety of health effects. Critics of Graphene believe that because of the compound’s rough surface, injected graphene has the potential to create micro tears in the veins which could lead to micro clotting.

A group of twelve researchers and scientists8 from the Netherlands’ Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM) cited their concerns, published on the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Library of Medicine, stating9,

“The terms “Safe innovation” and “Safe(r)-by-design” are currently popular in the field of nanotechnology. These terms are used to describe approaches that advocate the consideration of safety aspects already at an early stage of the innovation process of (nano)materials and nanoenabled products.”

The group added “In addition, we recommend further steps to be taken by various stakeholders to promote the safe production and safe use of graphene.”

Source: Park MVDZ, Bleeker EAJ, Brand W, Cassee FR, van Elk M, Gosens I, de Jong WH, Meesters JAJ, Peijnenburg WJGM, Quik JTK, Vandebriel RJ, Sips AJAM. Considerations for Safe Innovation: The Case of Graphene. ACS Nano. 2017 Oct 24;11(10):9574-9593. doi: 10.1021/acsnano.7b04120. Epub 2017 Sep 26. PMID: 28933820.

Scientists from Beijing, China warn10 that although

“Graphene and graphene-based nanomaterials display novel and beneficial chemical, electrical, mechanical, and optical characteristics, which endow these nanomaterials with promising applications in a wide spectrum of areas such as electronics and biomedicine.”

“However its toxicity on health remains unknown and is of great concern.”

“In the present study, we demonstrated that graphene oxide (GO) induced necrotic cell death to macrophages.”

Source: Qu G, Liu S, Zhang S, Wang L, Wang X, Sun B, Yin N, Gao X, Xia T, Chen JJ, Jiang GB. Graphene oxide induces toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4)-dependent necrosis in macrophages. ACS Nano. 2013 Jul 23;7(7):5732-45. doi: 10.1021/nn402330b. Epub 2013 Jun 11. PMID: 23734789.

Injections of Graphene in Mice

Injected graphene works its way around the body of mice within thirty-minutes. As graphene works its way around the body, it is retained by organs in varying amounts.

[G]raphene oxide injections into rat tail veins for 7 days at concentrations of 2.5, 5, and 10 mg/kg body weight did not produce behavioral changes, yet caused inflammation of the lungs, liver, and spleen at a high concentration (10 mg/kg). The graphene oxide injections also reduced the cholesterol, high density lipoprotein (HDL), and low-density lipoprotein”11

Source: Kim YH, Jo MS, Kim JK, Shin JH, Baek JE, Park HS, An HJ, Lee JS, Kim BW, Kim HP, Ahn KH, Jeon K, Oh SM, Lee JH, Workman T, Faustman EM, Yu IJ. Short-term inhalation study of graphene oxide nanoplates. Nanotoxicology. 2018 Apr;12(3):224-238. doi: 10.1080/17435390.2018.1431318. Epub 2018 Feb 1. PMID: 29385887; PMCID: PMC6141029.

Another study stated “Animal sacrifice after 40 h demonstrated that hGO [hydrated graphene oxide] was more prone than other materials to generate acute lung inflammation, accompanied by the highest lipid peroxidation in alveolar macrophages, cytokine production (LIX, MCP-1), and LDH release in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid.”

“We demonstrate that the surface oxidation state and carbon radical content play major roles in the induction of toxicity by GO in mammalian cells and the lung.”

Source: Li R, Guiney LM, Chang CH, Mansukhani ND, Ji Z, Wang X, Liao YP, Jiang W, Sun B, Hersam MC, Nel AE, Xia T. Surface Oxidation of Graphene Oxide Determines Membrane Damage, Lipid Peroxidation, and Cytotoxicity in Macrophages in a Pulmonary Toxicity Model. ACS Nano. 2018 Feb 27;12(2):1390-1402. doi: 10.1021/acsnano.7b07737. Epub 2018 Jan 22. PMID: 29328670; PMCID: PMC5834379.

Graphene Inhalation in Mice

Inhaled Graphene deposits into the lungs, where it begins to accumulate. The inhalation of graphene begins to destroy the “ultrastructure and biophysical properties of pulmonary surfactant (PS) film” of the lungs, displaying potential toxicity.

Studied by seventeen scientists12,—including fourteen South Korean researchers, and three from Seattle, Washington—studied the short-term effects of inhalation of graphene oxide nanoplates in mice, stating

[T]he toxicity following inhalation exposure to graphene oxide has not yet been clarified”

“[T]his also raises concerns about human exposure and hazards in environmental and occupational settings”

[A]cute inhalation exposure to graphene oxide induced minimal toxic responses in the lungs of male Sprague-Dawley rats at concentrations of 0.46 and 3.76 mg/m3 without increasing the inflammatory markers”

Graphene oxide-ingested alveolar macrophages as a spontaneous clearance reaction were observed in the lungs of all the concentration groups from post 1 day to post 21 days.”

GFNs [graphene-family nanomaterials] penetrate through the physiological barriers or cellular structures by different exposure ways or administration routes and entry the body or cells, eventually resulting in toxicity in vivo and in vitro.”

“The common administration routes in animal models include airway exposure (intranasal insufflation, intratracheal instillation, and inhalation), oral administration, intravenous injection, intraperitoneal injection and subcutaneous injection.”

“The major exposure route for GFNs in the working environment is airway exposure, thus inhalation and intratracheal instillation are used mostly in mice to simulate human exposure to GFNs.”

Source: Kim YH, Jo MS, Kim JK, Shin JH, Baek JE, Park HS, An HJ, Lee JS, Kim BW, Kim HP, Ahn KH, Jeon K, Oh SM, Lee JH, Workman T, Faustman EM, Yu IJ. Short-term inhalation study of graphene oxide nanoplates. Nanotoxicology. 2018 Apr;12(3):224-238. doi: 10.1080/17435390.2018.1431318. Epub 2018 Feb 1. PMID: 29385887; PMCID: PMC6141029.

Stratospheric Aerosols

Stratospheric Aerosols involve spraying particles into the air. The goal of this endeavor involves either spraying particles into our stratosphere, or spraying seeds and pesticides over farms.


The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), would have potentially reflected sunlight out of Earth’s atmosphere, by spraying non-toxic calcium carbonate (CaCO3) dust into our atmosphere. Proponent Bill Gates believed this would trigger a global cooling effect.

“The study will focus on sunlight reflection strategies that involve atmospheric interventions, including marine cloud brightening, stratospheric aerosol injection, and cirrus cloud modification” a description from the report stated13.

“Given the urgency of the climate crisis, solar geoengineering needs to be studied further,” NAS president Marcia McNutt told The Guardian“But just as with advances in fields such as artificial intelligence or gene editing, science needs to engage the public to ask not just can we, but should we?”

Calcium Carbonate/Graphene Nano Powder is currently patented under Chinese company Xiamen Knano Graphene Technology Corp Ltd.14 If graphene oxide were to be used in stratospheric aerosols it could contribute to the accumulation of graphene in the lungs, making our organs more susceptible to [electro] magnetic fields

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) official website states that specific “weather modification activities” are subject to reporting, including

  • Modifying the solar radiation exchange of the earth or clouds, through the release of gases, dusts, liquids, or aerosols into the atmosphere,”
  • “Releasing electrically charged or radioactive particles, or ions, into the atmosphere”
  • “Using lasers or other sources of electromagnetic radiation.”

Activities subject to reporting.

The following, when conducted as weather modification activities, shall be subject to reporting: 

  1. Seeding or dispersing of any substance into clouds or fog, to alter drop size distribution, produce ice crystals or coagulation of droplets, alter the development of hail or lightning, or influence in any way the natural development cycle of clouds or their environment;
  2. Using fires or heat sources to influence convective circulation or to evaporate fog;
  3. Modifying the solar radiation exchange of the earth or clouds, through the release of gases, dusts, liquids, or aerosols into the atmosphere;
  4. Modifying the characteristics of land or water surfaces by dusting or treating with powders, liquid sprays, dyes, or other materials;
  5. Releasing electrically charged or radioactive particles, or ions, into the atmosphere;
  6. Applying shock waves, sonic energy sources, or other explosive or acoustic sources to the atmosphere;
  7. Using aircraft propeller downwash, jet wash, or other sources of artificial wind generation; or
  8. Using lasers or other sources of electromagnetic radiation.

The Use of Graphene in Vaccines

Six Chinese scientists announced the use of graphene as a vaccine carrier, stating graphene oxide shows the ability to manipulate the human immune system. The Chinese scientists stated they expect to introduce graphene into vaccine research

“Adjuvants and carriers have been appropriately added to the vaccine formulation to improve the immunogenicity of the antigen and induce long-lasting immunity.” – U.S. National Library of Medicine

“[F]unctionalized graphene oxide serves as a vaccine carrier and shows significant adjuvant activity in activating cellular and humoral immunity. In the future, it is expected to be introduced into vaccine research to improve the efficacy of vaccines.” – U.S. National Library of Medicine

Source: Cao W, He L, Cao W, Huang X, Jia K, Dai J. Recent progress of graphene oxide as a potential vaccine carrier and adjuvant. Acta Biomater. 2020 Aug;112:14-28. doi: 10.1016/j.actbio.2020.06.009. Epub 2020 Jun 10. PMID: 32531395.

Are graphene nanoparticles used in stratospheric aerosols for “weather manipulation”? Whether by land, sea, or air, graphene is becoming more entwined into our everyday lives. Graphene has also begun being used in vaccines.

Is Graphene in COVID-19 Vaccines?

Is graphene used in anyway during the manufacturing of the experimental concoctions, while major pharmaceutical developers remain legally exempt, hiding behind the temporary guise of Emergency Use Authorization? In some studies, such as Dr. Ricardo Delgado, Dr. Zalewski, Dr. Jane Ruby among others, graphene, or graphene oxide, has claimed to have been discovered in the vials of COVID-19 vaccines. This isn’t to suggest graphene is in all COVID-19 vaccines. If that were the case, and graphene was used in manufacturing or included in the ingredients, it would not only be in violation of The Nuremburg Code, but also result in unexpected physiological consequences for the future survival of our species. Although unintentional contamination may have been the culprit behind the multiple discoveries of this mysterious ingredient, if graphene were to be intentionally added to the vials of COVID-19, scientific studies indicate that 5G, or other means of RF-EMF Radiation may be strong enough to magnetically influence our central nervous system.

If graphene was included in the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines, it could consolidate in our organs, functioning similar to an antenna, each booster contributing more graphene nanoparticles to its reception, and our ultimate magnetism. This would effectively result in each vaccine acting as invasive updates to our biological operating system, and potentially allow for the manipulation of our Central Nervous System. Beyond dozens of questionable online videos uploaded of magnets attaching to the vaccine site following a COVID-19 injection, there is no current physical or scientific proof of anyone magnetic skin following a COVID-19 vaccine. Graphene nanoparticles responding to 5G RF-EMF Radiation would be vastly different than refrigerator magnets. However, some scientists claim to have discovered Graphene inside of some COVID-19 vials.

Evidence of Graphene Oxide in COVID-19 Vaccine Vials

Claims revealing the existence of Graphene Oxide found in COVID-19 vaccine vials has been brought to attention by some scientists stating the existence of microbubbles of graphene oxide (graphene nanoparticles) too small to be seen under a microscope.

German Chemist Dr. Andreas Noack published a video about graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide, dying shortly after the video was published. What was documented as a heart attack, is disputed online, even by his wife, as a deliberate directed energy attack.

Dr. Noack stated15 “These graphene structures (aka monolayer carbon or monolayer graphite) are so stable. Every chemist knows this. They are not degradable. The structure is 50 nm long and 0.1 nm thick. Of course it is a razor. Every chemist knows it is.”

If you inject the vaccine into a vein, the razors will circulate in the blood and cut up the epithel. The mean thing is that toxicological tests are done in Petri dishes. And there you will not find anything. These are the sharpest imaginable structures because they are only one atom layer thick.”

Dr. Andreas Noack advocated his knowledge of graphene stating “This is a huge molecule which is extremely sharp. I am a specilist in activated carbon. In my doctoral thesis, I have converted graphen oxide to graphene hydroxide. I joined the world’s leading activated carbon manufacturer. After a year I was in charge of new activated carbon products.”

“As a chemist, I say these are razor blades.” Dr. Noack concluded

“And I notice how little doctors know about chemistry. But they are doing chemistry in the body. In small children. In pregnant women. And now you doctors know what you are doing. And if you continue to inject, you are murderers.”

“Go out, type this out, give it to your doctor, give it to your politicians. And if you continue, I promise you, no court in the world will save you. What you are doing is mass murder.”

“Austria has the responsibility. They started the vaccine mandate. And you, Mr. Schallenberg, need the best consultants. And if you are not able to select the best consultants, you are incompetent and need to resign. Same with the health minister. How competent are you? You are ready to force-inject the whole Austrian people with razor blades that are not biologically degradable.”

Dr. Andreas Noack’s Wife16 believes he was murdered stating in a video posted online shortly after his death stating,

“shortly after that [the release of his graphene oxide video] Andreas got attacked in a brutal manner. It was a sudden and treacherous attack, and now I have the heavy burden to tell you that Andreas unfortunately did not survive the attack.”

“Now is the time to start believing. We have to transpose a plan. We have nothing to lose. It is all about humankind, he did it for you, and he died for you and us. He wasn’t afraid to die, he accepted it” adding “Together we stand, divided we fall. Let’s stand together as a team.”

Dr. Ricardo Delgado17 biostatistician and founder of La Quinta Columna, reported his discovery the potential of Graphene Oxide.

Dr. Campra released a video18 showing a group of twenty-eight objects which were selected to what he believed was “graphene-oxide” in eight objects. The other twenty show similarities with graphene structures. He released his findings to the medical and scientific community for discussion. “Graphene materials have a potential toxicity on human beings” warned Dr. Campra. “It’s presence has not been declared in any Emergency Use Authorization”
Read his official reportOfficial Interim Report In English (university Of Almeria)1.2MB ∙ PDF FileRead now

Dr. Franc Zalewski showed a presentation depicting his findings, which suggested graphene in COVID-19 vials, through either contamination or intentionally added19. He claimed there to be aluminum-based parasites found in the vaccine vials, along with graphene.
Watch his presentation20

Why Would COVID-19 Vaccines Contain Graphene?

If these vials were to have contained graphene, it is indication that

  1. Graphene was strategically placed in specific percentage of vials, being distributed endemic to depopulate a certain targeted region, or community.
  2. Graphene is being used to self-replicate our biological structure into a magnetic field capable of hooking up to the 5G-grid. This could also be why the medical and scientific elite are insisting everyone receive the “vaccine”.
  3. The manufacturing process is poorly regulated, causing graphene to contaminate vials arbitrarily.
  4. Graphene nano particles were used at some point during the development of the vaccines

If the medical community did not strategically intend endemic depopulation, the specific versions containing graphene could be being used to test the effects, consolidating the graphene based vaccines, while drug manufacturers remain legally except under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Graphene Face Masks

Canada Recalls Graphene Face Masks

The government of Canada recalled graphene-based face masks21, stating

“Health Canada is advising Canadians not to use face masks that contain graphene because there is a potential that they could inhale graphene particles, which may pose health risks.”

These products inlcuded

“Face masks manufactured by Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co. Ltd. labelled to contain biomass graphene.”

The Canadian government warned citizens “Do not use face masks labelled to contain graphene unless they are listed in the table below”

“Health Canada previously advised Canadians not to use face masks that contain graphene after a preliminary assessment identified some potential for inhaled graphene particles to cause early lung effects in animals (e.g., early signs of inflammation).”

FDA Recalls Graphene Face Masks

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled “certain N95 respirators” manufactured22 by Shanghai Desheng announcing,

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) revoked all respirator approvals previously issued to Shanghai Dasheng because the company did not implement, maintain, and control a quality management system.

“All previously authorized Shanghai Dasheng respirators are no longer authorized for emergency use as a result of the loss of NIOSH-approval.”


Optogenetics allows operators to switch neurons on and off.

Laser Pulses Influence Nerve Cells

In 2013 European researchers developed technology which can study nerve cells in the brain. Laser pulses allowed them to influence the activity of nerve cells in the rodents’ brains in a controlled manner. Upon the release of the breakthrough innovation, the team stated they had plans started to “perform studies to modulate cell behavior by optical stimulation”

“Proof of concept has been achieved” stated Thomas Stieglitz, of the Laboratory for Biomedical Microtechnology at the University of Freiburg in Germany.

“The implanted tool can simultaneously inject fluid into individual cells, shine light on them, and record their electrical activity.”

“The optrode monitors the transfected cells for electrical activity as well as providing a channel for the laser light.”

“It is made out of polymers only, plus a little bit of thin-film metal,” said Thomas Stieglitz. “Polymers are more flexible than silicon in general and can follow the movements of the brain better because of that flexibility.”

We also plan to have better integration of connectors to light, electrical plugs, and fluids to provide superior handling properties and to allow for use in really freely moving animals,” said Stieglitz.

Source: Rubehn B, Wolff SB, Tovote P, Lüthi A, Stieglitz T. A polymer-based neural microimplant for optogenetic applications: design and first in vivo study. Lab Chip. 2013 Feb 21;13(4):579-88. doi: 10.1039/c2lc40874k. PMID: 23306183.


Magnetic Mind Control

Imagine being able to remotely control your emotions using an external device. This may sound desirable, however consider the thought of another individual gaining access to that remote without your consent. According to Ali Güler and his team at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, this technology has already come into exitance.

“Magneto”, a modified genomic sequence, can be inserted inside neurons, making them susceptible to manipulation through various magnetic fields. Güler and his team announced that their work had achieved “the first example of magnetic control of the nervous system using genetic engineering.”

From Nature.com:

“To overcome these potential limitations, Güler and his team members and collaborators developed Magneto, a fusion of the calcium channel TRPV4 and ferritin, which mediates calcium influx into cells upon magnetic stimulation.”

“The tool is small enough to be packaged into a single viral vector, which facilitates its application in the mouse and is an advantage over related, multicomponent tools.”

“The researchers demonstrated that Magneto can induce action potentials in mouse organotypic brain slices and exert control over escape behaviors in zebrafish and place preference in mice.”

“[F]uture versions of Magneto would be insensitive to endogenous ligands, to avoid unwanted activation of the channel. He [Güler] also thinks that improving the sensitivity of Magneto will be helpful, as it would allow larger behavioral arenas to be used.”

A report from Nature Neuroscience23 reads,

“As proof of concept, we used Magneto to delineate a causal role of striatal dopamine receptor 1 neurons in mediating reward behavior in mice. Together our results present Magneto as an actuator capable of remotely controlling circuits associated with complex animal behaviors.”

Source: Wheeler, M., Smith, C., Ottolini, M. et al.Genetically targeted magnetic control of the nervous system. Nat Neurosci19, 756–761 (2016).

In September 2020, Nine Chinese researchers discredited this publicly on the National Institutes of Health. Either this statement was truthful, or the Chinese Communist Party intended to silence the publication of the discovery, discrediting the technology to their own advantage.

Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner was a prominent scientist alive during the 1918 Spanish Flu. His documented lectures included ideas that almost feel applicable to our modern era.


Dornach, 7 October 1917

“The time will come — and it may not be far off — when quite different tendencies will come up at a congress like the one held in 1912 and people will say: It is pathological for people to even think in terms of spirit and soul.”

“‘Sound’ people will speak of nothing but the body. It will be considered a sign of illness for anyone to arrive at the idea of any such thing as a spirit or a soul. People who think like that will be considered to be sick and — you can be quite sure of it — a medicine will be found for this.”

“At Constantinople the spirit was made non-existent. The soul will be made non-existent with the aid of a drug.”

“Taking a ‘sound point of view’, people will invent a vaccine to influence the organism as early as possible, preferably as soon as it is born, so that this human body never even gets the idea that there is a soul and a spirit.”

“Today, bodies are vaccinated against one thing and another; in future, children will be vaccinated with a substance which it will certainly be possible to produce, and this will make them immune, so that they do not develop foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life — ‘foolish’ here, of course, in the eyes of materialists.”

“Viruses are simply excretions of a toxic cell. Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA with a few other proteins. They bud out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They’re not the cause of anything.” – Rudolf Steiner

How to Remove Graphene from the Body

Four researchers, three from France and one from Japan, wrote in a report25 their findings that graphene’s destructive effects could be reduced by the introduction of Glutathione (GSH).

“Graphene oxide (GO) is currently developed for biomedical applications as a promising nanoplatform for drug delivery, phototherapy, and biosensing”

“[G]lutathione (GSH) is vital in the regulation of the oxidative stress level to maintain normal cellular functions.”

“GSH depletion affects the intracellular reductive/oxidative balance, provoking the increase of the reactive oxygen species level, sequentially inhibiting cell viability and proliferation.”

“Therefore, the reaction between GO and GSH provides a new perspective to explain the origin of GO cytotoxicity [cell toxicity].”

Source: Ma B, Guo S, Nishina Y, Bianco A. Reaction between Graphene Oxide and Intracellular Glutathione Affects Cell Viability and Proliferation. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2021 Jan 27;13(3):3528-3535. doi: 10.1021/acsami.0c17523. Epub 2021 Jan 11. PMID: 33428377.

Dr. Camera also states26 that [G]lutathione (GSH) can have an effect in removing graphene oxide from the body, and aid in reducing and protecting cells from graphene toxicity.

Glutathione can be purchased here


On October 31st, 2019, 5G was brought online, just months before the outbreak of COVID-19 emerged in December 2019. Since then, 5G has continued its manifestation throughout our globe, with prospect of becoming the official standard of telecommunications. 5G will power the internet of things (iOT), artificial technology, and allow mass surveillance. 5G also has the ability to power biosensors, such as graphene antennas.

While there is no evidence of graphene antennas being used in COVID-19 vaccines, their existence will become instrumental in medical industry over the next decades. With the outbreak of the coronavirus came forced revolutionary new medical innovations, such as mRNA, bypassing years—if not decades—of traditional clinical trials. This desensitized the global population to trust obtaining new experimental methods of immunity, and testing, despite their potential for injury. As a result of tightly coordinated propaganda campaigns, humanity has submitted its will to a state of iatrarchy. There is no medical treatment without any risk of side-effects, yet before these can be properly assessed or determined, our species is forced to be subjected to these biological and physiological changes.

Graphene’s alleged presence in vaccines is most likely contributed to the lack of FDA oversight during international production of ingredients used to make vaccines. If it is deliberately added to the concoctions a more nefarious narrative may be underway. The medical dictatorship has hypnotized the population to desire what they cannot have: their freedom, and their health. What other changes will the human race be willing to undergo in order to regain their freedoms?

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