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China Unleashes Crime Fighting A.I.

Scientists in China have unleashed an autonomous artificial intelligence capable of determining whether or not a crime is being committed. The entity will be released among the streets of Shanghai, one of China’s1 largest cities, home to almost 28 million people2. Based on a previous system, deemed System 206, an artificial intelligence developed to analyzing evidence for existing cases, the CCP’s new prosecuting technology was trained using over 17,000 cases from 2015-2020 throughout Shanghai.

The artificial intelligence is capable3 of determining between eight different crimes, the crime-fighting robot will correct Chinese behavior, ensuring all citizens adhere to communist thought at all times. The crimes are credit card fraud, illegal gambling, reckless driving, assault, obstruction of justice, theft, fraud, and the ambiguously phrased “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” allowing this final variable to be applied as needed, especially in instances of dissent.

Machines, our current invisible servants, operate daily to their highest capable level of performance, without question. What happens when machines begin to be placed throughout society in a way that, rather than operating unnoticed, exudes fear from the population? Keeping citizens in a perpetual state of fear allows greater adherence to mass control via autonomous surveillance. Instead of allowing humans to ‘patrol the streets’, a robot will now be left to enforce the mass adherence of human behavior to a specifically programmed ideology. This could be the beginning of humanity’s submission to artificial technology.

Artificial Intelligence

The first word in artificial intelligence is “artificial”. This means the intelligence that was created to achieve a specific result. That ‘desired result”‘ is created by the Chinese Communist Party, meaning it will adhere to communist ideology.

According to dictionary.com, the word “artificial” is defined as,

  • “made by human skill; produced by humans (opposed to natural)”
  • “imitation; simulated; sham”
  • “lacking naturalness or spontaneity”
  • “forced; contrived”
  • “full of affectation; affected; stilted”
  • “made without regard to the particular needs of a situation, person, etc.; imposed arbitrarily”
  • “based on arbitrary, superficial characteristics rather than natural, organic relationships”

No definition of the word “artificial” indicates that this technology should be in charge of a human being’s personal freedom. As defined, could prosecution that is “imposed arbitrarily” produce errors?

The Chinese Communist Party is creating autonomous communist robot regime, capable of correcting human beings to adhere to a communist ideology. This frightening realization comes on thick when considering combat against these machines. Artificial Intelligence may soon present us with the decision to align our nation with the communist regime or fight against them for our nation and its democracy.

Current Implementations

The Chinese Communist Party has been using A.I. to surveil Chinese citizens publicly since 2016. Since then artificial intelligence has swarmed into every sector of Chinese society. The Chinese Communist Party’s government officials are monitored using A.I., controlling their personal contacts to avoid “corruption within the regime.” In addition Chinese courts use A.I. to process cases and aid in making legal decisions. Prisoners, and are also tracked and controlled using A.I.

China also uses artificial intelligence in its social credit mass surveillance system4. With this system citizens entire lives are observed and corrected using A.I. technology. Within a matter of seconds, these systems have the ability to determine an individual’s identity, vehicle registration, and personal metadata. Since the social credit system’s experiments first began in 2009, this would be a much longer process, as the surveillance operator manually watched the screens for criminal activity. With the implementation of autonomous technology, the social credit system provides an almost instantaneous 90.2% chance that the individual found in the CCP database, is the same person being surveilled. It is with self-authenticating technology China is able to enforce the regime’s “social credit score”.

97% Accurate

According to the A.I. prosecutor’s developer, the autonomous unit can operate with up to 97% accuracy. This means that three percent of the time, these devices will be wrong. Who will claim responsibility under these circumstances? Under a one-party state, the recipient for blame in the event of miscalculations is arbitrarily obscure. While that 97% represents adherence to the intended programming, it does not represent ninety-seven percent commitment to upholding human rights and ethics. In fact, the algorithm could be programmed to produce a bias over time, singling out a specific ethnicity such as the Uyghur Muslims, Taiwanese people, and other minorities.

Ultimately this technology will be manipulated and programmed to react to mild forms of dissent, creating an authoritative autonomous cybernetic iteration of the Chinese Communist Party, programmed to enforce ‘laws against humanity.’ It is unfathomable to hold an entire populous’ fate on the biased verdict of 17,000 criminal offenses. How many of those cases involved the persecution of non-violent, thought crimes? Could an autonomous robot trained to find faults in human behavior distinguish a running child from a thief evading capture? Can an autonomous surveillance crime patrol unit make life-and-death split-second decisions necessary to save a life? Could they be responsible for mistakenly taking one?

Margin For Error

In traditional times, humans would make the conscious decision in real time whether or not an individual was suspect of a criminal offense. With the implementation of A.I., many fear that their society will become a digital dictatorship. Allowing artificial intelligence (A.I.) the right to choose whether an illegal act has been committed based on communist thought, leaves an enormous possibility for error. Chinese citizens’ behavior will be corrected by communist robots. Whether or not an individual is guilty, or a crime has even been committed at all, is up to the communist regime, enforced by robotic technology.

A prosecutor in the southern city of Guangzhou said he had some concerns about the use of AI in filing charges. Guangzhou is China’s fifth largest city, representing 13.6 million individuals5.

“The accuracy of 97 per cent may be high from a technological point of view, but there will always be a chance of a mistake,” said the prosecutor, who requested not to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue. “Who will take responsibility when it happens? The prosecutor, the machine or the designer of the algorithm?” – Guangzhou prosecutor

Autonomous Crime Patrol

Should non-human entities be responsible for determining whether or not a crime has been committed? By these standards humans could be arrested for improper thoughts, or even detained using the machines at the will of the creator. If that sounds crazy, consider that modern A.I. surveillance in China is currently capable of profiling humans based on their ethnicity, such as the Uyghur Muslims living in Xinjiang. For decades, various forms of surveillance have allowed the Chinese Communist Party to restrict different populations, and classes to remain within specific regions throughout China. This totalitarian rule has remained in effect to some extent, since Mao. Today, the People’s Republic of China exist under a digital regime.

If social media isn’t a stark indication of reasons that artificial intelligence should not determine the fate of an individual, it’s uncertain what other possibility could suffice to heed warning. The removal of an individual’s voice may soon quickly translate into the physical removal of that individual. At the hand of technology, or an algorithm, there is less personal responsibility for miscalculations.

A.I. Thought Reform

Mass adherence to regime ideology though A.I. surveillance allows an authoritarian society to enforce its ideology on the population. With the advancement of COVID-19, the CCP can invent new restrictions at will, such as China’s “Zero-COVID Policy,” which punishes the entire population, shutting down society, for a single outbreak. With A.I. surveillance, individualism becomes almost impossible. Simply resisting the Chinese Communist Party in anyway labels you a counter-revolutionary. This will result in discrimination against personal civil rights, and difficulty in all aspects of Chinese society.

Training society to follow a one-party approach, withers away individual liberty to create a self-enforcing, self-censoring society, as seen in many modern socialist-communist countries today. In America, this ideological influence has arisen controversy over health restrictions for the coronavirus. For anyone who has experienced it, power is an instinctually addictive force. Relinquishing control evokes fear and vulnerability, two positions avoided by dictators and those in a position of total control.


As humanity dawns into a new era, the existence of crimes very well may be determined by artificial technologies. Rather than base law on humanity and ethics, it will be based on the Chinese Communist Party’s ideology, the same party responsible for more deaths than Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin. That same regime will be responsible for the mass programming of artificial intelligence to adhere to Maoist thought. As Xi Jinping find new ways to digitally enslave the population of China, will this robotic law enforcement find its way into western society? What extent will A.I. impact our future decisions, and will those decisions be in the best interest of our species? Should artificial technology be responsible for determining the fate of a human life?

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