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Shotgun Wielding Man Outside UN Building in NYC

On December 2nd, 2021 a Florida man left his hotel room at the Millennium in Manhattan, walking from 44th street towards 42nd street, heading to the United Nations building. The man carried medical documents and other forms, however, in his hands, he held a shotgun containing one round of [what appeared to be] buckshot.

Upon reaching outside the United Nations building, the white haired man walked in protest, holding a shotgun below his chin, aiming the muzzle upwards towards his own head in protest. The armed man stated that he wanted his documents looked at by someone in the UN. Authorities and NYPD attempted to negotiate with the man, in fear of him hurting himself, or others.

First responders spoke with the man, who stated that he had a request that needEd to be fulfilled before he would surrender. The shotgun man, admitted that he had come with papers and documents to which he needed to give possession to the United Nations. The emergency service units, acknowledged his request, and provided the documents to the United Nations.

Finally, after holding himself hostage for at least 2 hours outside the United Nations building, the shotgun wielding man was peacefully detained and taken into police custody. Thankfully, nobody was injured in the ordeal, as the man kept the gun pointed did not point the weapon at the officers or civilians at any time. The man, who was stated to not have a past criminal record. was taken to a local city hospital for mental evaluation, where he currently resides.

Despite the man’s deranged methods which were dangerous and unnecessary, he was able to get the documents reviewed by the United Nations. What were in the papers that he was willing to destroy his life for, and why must they have gone to the United Nations?


Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Tucker asked, “Why here at the UN?” responding, “I think it was an opportunity for him to get the attention he needed, and it worked.” Tucker added “[H]e wanted to the UN to receive his documents, which is ultimately what we agreed to do was provide those documents to to the UN and he said if we could do that he would put the gun down and ended which is exactly what happened”

Chief Harry Wedin stated “Based on statements he made, we knew early on that this does not appear to be terror related. He had some papers he wanted delivered to the UN.”

“We have absolutely zero indication that this person is a staff member or former staff member or in any way linked to the U.N.,” U.N. spokesperson Stephane Dujarric told reporters.

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