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Biden Signs Executive Order Protecting Native Americans

In what many Americans are considering “hundreds of years too late”, President Joe Biden has seemingly mentally been transported back in time, signing an executive order to halt the “crisis of violence” against Native Americans. “I’m proud to sign it. It’s long overdue.” announced Biden, as he signed the legislation.

The executive order will deliver 137 grants to 85 American Indian and Alaska Native communities. The announcement was made by the Department of Justice. The order was implemented to “strengthen law enforcement”, “improve the handling of child abuse cases”, “combat domestic violence” and “support tribal youth programs”.

In addition, the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has also awarded more than $100 million through the Tribal Victim Services Set-Aside to improve services for crime victims in Tribal communities and distributed $6.5 million for OJP’s Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending Registering and Tracking to help Native American Tribes “comply” with federal laws for sex offender registration and notification.

The official website reads “The Office of Justice Programs provides federal leadership, grants, training, technical assistance and other resources to improve the nation’s capacity to prevent and reduce crime, advance racial equity in the administration of justice, assist victims and enhance the rule of law. More information about OJP and its components can be found at”

Joe Biden and his bloody finger signed the Executive Order on Improving Public Safety and Criminal Justice for Native Americans and Addressing the Crisis of Missing or Murdered Indigenous People on November 15th, 2021.

Joe Biden gave a statement during a White House press release stating, “Generations of Native Americans have experienced violence or mourned a missing or murdered family member or loved one, and the lasting impacts of such tragedies are felt throughout the country. Native Americans face unacceptably high levels of violence, and are victims of violent crime at a rate much higher than the national average. Native American women, in particular, are disproportionately the victims of sexual and gender-based violence, including intimate partner homicide. Research shows that approximately half of Native American women have experienced sexual violence and that approximately half have experienced physical violence by an intimate  partner. LGBTQ+ Native Americans and people who identify as “Two-Spirit” people within Tribal communities are also often the targets of violence. And the vast majority of Native American survivors report being victimized by a non-Native American individual. “

Was it until LGBTQ+ Native Americans were affect that President Biden and his Administration sprang into action, publicly posting videos of Biden signing the executive order. How will this executive order equally benefit all Native Americans? The Biden Administration sprinkling millions of tax dollars which targeting a specific ideological community, do so to Native Americans who align with his [likely] voters political views? Providing relief to Native Americans was not “long overdue” until LGBTQ+ Native Americans could be politically weaponized to allow Joe Biden to appear to be a national “hero”. Would Biden still fund Native American communities, who’s traditional values stand against ideologies of progressive and democratic voters?


“Each year, the department invests millions of dollars to help our Tribal partners confront the challenges of violent crime and domestic abuse in their communities and strengthen their public safety infrastructure,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Amy L. Solomon for the Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs. “We are pleased to support the critical work that Tribal nations are undertaking in communities across the country.”

“These grants provide vital resources to Tribal law enforcement and their communities by offering equipment and training, along with resources to help officers understand and better serve their communities in areas of domestic abuse, stalking and sex trafficking, and alleviate the detrimental effects that substance abuse and crime have on individuals and their families,” said Acting Director Robert Chapman of the COPS Office


Did America provide economic relief to the Native Americans a few hundred years too late? Or, is this action just another waste of taxpayer dollars that could be used better to provide other purposes? No matter the reason, tax dollars are being spent on the American people and that’s better than legislation funneling our money back into the state. However, Biden’s executive order brings many Americans to wonder when it is their turn to have a say. If the Biden Administration aims to create an equitable grant system discriminatively based on providing reparations, who decides what race is eligible and how much each member should be provided?

Can paying reparations to every ethnic group ever involved in any form of oppression, including historic ancestral slavery (and other horrors) be equally satisfied by a one-time government giveaway? Would a one-time government grant deemed “reparations” end racial divide in America? The short answer is, “no.” After 40 years in office, Joe Biden’s sudden Native American million dollar public giveaway specifically targeting LGBTQ+ Native Americans, is nothing short of a small attempt to gain a higher voter approval, at the expense of the entire Native American community.


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