Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutor Points Rifle at Courtroom, With Finger on the Trigger

In closing arguments to what could be described as the most popularized gun rights and self defense court case of our generation, Kyle Rittenhouse v. The State, the prosecutor aimed the AR-15, pointing it at the courtroom.

Thomas Binger, the prosecuting attorney, displayed irresponsible behavior, placing his finger onto the trigger, as he aimed the rifle, reenacting Kyle Rittenhouse’s use of the self defense weapon. The prosecutor’s disturbing lack of self control, and gun safety, led America to question his own knowledgeability of the very thing he was prosecuting against.

On August 25, 2020 Kenosha streets began to riot in protest of Jacob Blake, who was shot and killed by police. Kyle Rittenhouse began protecting businesses from rioters with an AR-15. Footage on Twitter show the horrors of the victims who fell to the violence.

The victims who were shot by Kyle Rittenhouse, and who Thomas Binger is defending include:

  • Joseph Rosenbaum – Convicted five times of dating single mothers, and sexually abusing their young sons
  • Anthony Huber – Kidnapped and suffocated women
  • Gaige Grosskreutz – Self proclaimed medic, protestor, and lone survivor of the shooting, according to CBSNews “Lone survivor”


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