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Instagram Blocks Mentions of Project Veritas

Project Veritas, the undercover investigative journalist team responsible for exposing the corruption behind major corporations, has been banned on social media after being criticized by mainstream media for their methods of obtaining information, as well their controversial findings.

Similarly to Alex Jones, Project Veritas has been now blocked and banned from social media. The investigative journalist team, led by founded James O’Keefe, has even blocked users from mentioning the investigative journalist team. Do modern social media tyrants have the capacity to effectively “erase” controversial figures? The short answer, no.

Investigative Journalists are fueled by passion to uncover the truth, and that is exactly what Project Veritas aims to do. Their tactics are controversial, yet legal, as New York is a one party consent state for recording, allowing Project Veritas to legally uncover startling truths about major organizations. While an entire major organization often may not be corrupt, certain sectors certainly are wounds seeking to infect their deception into society through propaganda. This propaganda often appears helpful and makes the consumer [or user] feel secure, safe, and empowered.

In the case of coronavirus vaccines, the financial incentive combats with its health benefits, as well as alternative treatments. This led to the monopolization of the pharmaceutical industry, making it difficult for the general population to recognize a truthful lifesaving suggestion from one needed for the company to produce higher revenue and yield more profits.


American owned social media companies allow groups like the Taliban, and the oppressive Chinese Communist Party regime to post controversial content without digital repercussion. Should law-abiding Americans be “allowed” to mention organizations in text, who are censored on social media? Should users be banned for defying a social media company’s political ideology? While Big Tech giants like Bill Gates attempt to bribe the senate to lean towards a specific political ideology, should social media organizations, be paid to enforce one? [upon their users]


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