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Eric Adams: Mayor of New York City

Eric Adams, a Brooklyn native, has been elected as the mayor of New York City. His win makes him the second black mayor in NYC, David Dinkins being the first black mayor in New York City, from 1990-1993.

Adams defeated opponent Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels. Although Curtis Sliwa had plans to reinvent New York City and seemingly good intentions, he has a history of deception documented as far back as 1992 by the NYTimes.

Eric Adams announced his victory on Twitter stating “Now, let’s get to work”. New York City can only anticipate the meaning of the future mayor’s words. This victory marks a new era, Eric Adams, the new mayor of NYC.

Eric Adams does not believe in “defunding the police”, but looks the reform and create more diversity in senior police ranks.

“We are so divided right now, and we’re missing the beauty of our diversity,” Eric Adams announced. “Today we take off the intramural jerseys and we put on one jersey, Team New York.”

“The foundation is safety. We can talk about all the other pieces, but we have to be safe. If we’re not safe, tourism is not going to return,” Eric Adams told CNN’s Gloria Borger. “No business is going to stay if their employees can’t ride our subway systems to get to their office space.”

“I wanted people to know my story, being a dishwasher, having a learning disability, being arrested as a child, going to school at night, working in a mail room. That was the story I wanted to send New Yorkers, and they felt me. And because of that, I’m now going to be the mayor of one of the greatest cities on the globe,” NYC’s newly elected mayor, Eric Adams told CNN’s John Berman.

Eric Adams Supporters

Eric Adams Supports Vaccine Mandates

While the city’s vaccine mandates will remain enforced under his reign, New Yorkers hope Eric Adams will be an improvement over the city’s former corrupt mayor Bill de Blasio.

Eric Adams believes children as young as five years old should receive the coronavirus concoction, stating “kids are eligible for the $100 incentive!”. To create statistical data in order to encourage this belief, New York City’s Pfizer tested the effects of the injections in experimental human trials using 2,268 children aged 5 – 11.

The Adams Resiliency Plan

What does Eric Adams stand for?

Eric Adams began made promises to the citizens of New York City, upon winning his election.

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Eric Adams is also a vegan, and an advocate for dietary health.

Image Source: NY Post

Response to Eric Adams’s Victory

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, supporter and investor in the Chinese Communist Party, tweeted his support of Eric Adams, stating he was “[t]he right person at the right time for the best job in the world.”. Bloomberg’s reign over NYC lasted from 2002-2013.

Former President Bill Clinton—a longtime friend and supporter of Jeffrey Epstein, and founder of the Clinton foundation—tweeted his praise for the new elected Mayor.

Latisha James, NYC attorney general and the lead investigator in Cuomo’s sexual harassment investigation, tweeted her support for the New York Mayor.

Kathy Hochul, in hopes of rallying up voter support for New York’s next governor election, tweeted her support for the newly elected candidate.

Cutis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels returned to fighting crime and keeping the streets safe, stating “our mission continues!”


While Eric Adams remains focused on important priorities throughout the city, we can only wait to see how his strategy correlates with NYC’s progressive Kathy Hochul. Will Eric Adams improve small businesses and strengthen the working class of New York? Is Eric Adams’s agenda geared towards invisible progress, or will the citizens of New York, who need it most, see a positive change in the state? Will eastern philosophies like socialism (and ultimately communism) continue to be introduced into the state of New York? Or, will western values like capitalism, and self reliance be offered again as sustainable options for it’s citizens, fueling New York’s reviving economy?

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