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Hurricane Ida: At least 8 Killed in NYC Flooding

Hurricane Ida tore through New York City, causing historic flooding unseen by locals, and leaving at least 8 dead, while many parts remain underwater.

  • A woman in her 40s, and a man in his 20s from 183rd Street died in their homes the NYPD told CNN.
  • In Queens, near Grand Central Parkway, a woman in her 40s was died due to the flooding in her home, NYPD said.
  • Another person died due to the collapse of a wall from a building, officials said.
  • In Brooklyn, a man in his 60s was found dead in his flooded home near Ridgewood Avenue by a police officer, the department told CNN.

“We will have a tough few hours coming up until we get the rain out of here. I want to really urge everyone moving around tomorrow, do not go into a street, a road, a highway with a lot of water accumulated. That can be super dangerous,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday night.

“We can take all the precautions in advance, and we did deploy our assets to be on the ground in anticipation, but mother nature will do whatever she wants, and she is really angry tonight,” Hochul told CNN’s Don Lemon. “We have to be prepared to cleanup tomorrow. I’ll be on site in the morning to make sure this is going well, but right now we’re in a very dire situation.”

Politicians continue to politically weaponize naturally occurring situations, in an effort to gain more funding. AOC touted her climatology knowledge, connecting the flooding to her 3.5 trillion dollar reconciliation package, asking if doing “too little is the responsible, adult thing to do”

Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a “State of Emergency” citing the “historic weather event tonight with record breaking rain across the city” he added “brutal flooding” and “dangerous conditions”, which turned out to be true for the city of New York.

Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency “to help New Yorkers affected by tonight’s storm”

The next day, Governor Hochul added:

Curtis Sliwa posted from inside the flooded subway station, “surveying which stations need infrastructural improvements.”

Eric Adams predicted that New York City was “expected to receive a month’s rain in one day.” then addressed his plans for Climate Change.

Five hours later, Adams posted he was celebrating his birthday, stating what a “life changing” and “incredible year” it had been and was “excited” for more.

The President also released a public statement, his response to the storm.

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