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Defund de Blasio: New York City’s Corruption Exposed

Defund the Police? Mayor de Blasio thinks so. In fact, he has become quite the activist, taking it upon himself to personally divert taxpayer dollars from the NYPD…and into his own wallet. The city’s Department of Investigation revealed the New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been stealing NYPD police resources for his personal security detail.

A report issued Thursday by the city’s Department of Investigation (DOI) states, “to assist in his adult daughter’s move out of Brooklyn”, as well as “to transport campaign staff during his presidential bid”.

The DOI also determined de Blasio stole $319,794.20 from New York City tax dollars for the members of de Blasio’s campaign security detail to travel on his “presidential campaign trips” and that the mayor “has not reimbursed the city for these expenses, either personally or through his campaign.”

Image Source: Politico

Department of Investigation

The 49-page report reads, “In the course of this investigation, DOI identified several vulnerabilities concerning the operation of Mayor de Blasio’s security detail, particularly regarding official communications, compliance with record retention protocols, and a culture susceptible to abuse.”

The report continues “DOI is making a number of referrals to the appropriate authorities and also makes the following recommendations:”

To the NYPD: 

  • The NYPD must collect and maintain records regarding travel expenses incurred by the mayor’s security detail during his campaign
  • Consult with experts on official protection outside of the NYPD to develop and adopt improved practices for standing or long-term security details.
  • Create a policy concerning out-of-state travel records at the NYPD. Those records should specify the purpose of travel, especially trips that require reimbursements to the city.

To the Office of the Mayor:

  • Electronic devices, including cellphones and City Hall email addresses should not be assigned by City Hall to members of the mayor’s security detail
  • Trainings on document retention obligations should be delivered to all those who regularly use electronic devices and emails issued by the mayor’s office, whether or not they are formally employed by the mayor.
  • Mayor’s office should develop and provide training regarding use and retention of text messages to any city employee to whom it issues City Hall cellphones.

To the COIB:

  • Publicly release any advice issued to elected officials regarding the use of city resources in connection with political activities.
  • If advice, guidance provides for the reimbursement of expenses to the city, it should specify (at a minimum) a timeline for such reimbursements to the city and the parties responsible. 


  • DORIS should issue an updated retention schedule to include rules governing texts, messaging apps and any communications not conducted through official government accounts

Read the full report here


A spokesperson for de Blasio responded warning “intelligence and security experts should decide how to keep the mayor and his family safe, not civilian investigators.”

“Intelligence and security experts should decide how to keep the mayor and his family safe, not civilian investigators. This unprofessional report purports to do the NYPD’s job for them, but with none of the relevant expertise – and without even interviewing the official who heads intelligence for the City. As a result, we are left with an inaccurate report, based on illegitimate assumptions and a naïve view of the complex security challenges facing elected officials today, As a result, we are left with an inaccurate report, based on illegitimate assumptions and a naïve view of the complex security challenges facing elected officials today” the mayor’s office said in a statement.

The de Blasio Regime

These instances of corruption and oppression against the citizens of New York are similar to communist [or socialist] regimes. In these regimes “elected” officials use hard-earned working class tax dollars to fund their own private luxury existence.

Image Source: Financial Times

The controlling leaders of Communist regimes control how tax money is used, and rather than improve the country they control, deceiving the public to believe they exist in a poor state of devastation. Economic devastation similar to the past almost two years of New York City businesses and jobs.

Image Source: CBS

In exchange, the citizens work even harder to progress society out of devastation and their profits are used to fund further luxury of the “elected” leaders. (Similar to the financial challenges as losses that small business owners faced during the total economic shutdown early 2020, executed both by de Blasio, and Cuomo.)

Image Source:

During the pandemic and total shutdown, the NYPD were the ones funding de Blasio’s lifestyle. By defunding the police, de Blasio was able to financially profit, raking in tax dollars for his own personal use, saving himself $319,794.20.

Image Source:


Rather than de Blasio doing his elected position paid for by the taxpayers, and invest in the security of New York City, de Blasio felt the need to steal public resources for his own private consumption. These instances of theft bring into question what other acts of unseen [tax dollar funded] corruption has happened behind de Blasio’s closed doors.

As New York City’s recent flooding has shown the need to increase infrastructure funding, while the increase in violent street crimes throughout populated areas have led the citizens of the city to question “who has been running the city of New York?

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