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Taliban Celebrates as Last American Flights Leaves Afghanistan

The Taliban is celebrating what they consider “victory”, after two decades of the U.S. in Afghanistan. President Biden ordered the evacuation of Afghanistan in coordination with the Taliban’s timeline, so much that some Americans were left behind.

U.S. taxpayer funded Equipment, Technology, Documents, Weapons, Aircraft, Nightvision, Fingerprint Scanners, Fingerprints, Military Clothing, Helmets, Boots—all intended for Afghanistan’s troops—were given to the Taliban as gifts by the Biden Administration.

In addition to these atrocities, President Biden, provided a list of all the Afghanistan allies to the Taliban, who then began hunting down anyone who worked with the U.S. over the past 20 years.

“There’s a lot of gunfire,” RT’s senior correspondent Murad Gazdiev reported from Kabul. “This gunfire isn’t violent, there are no clashes—in the capital, the Taliban are celebrating.”

“The airport is now under the control of the Taliban,” Gazdiev added. “That is where the gunfire started, it has spread now throughout the city – machine guns, rifles firing into the air, red tracer rounds streaming into the air.”

“The United States leaves in a sad state, because many American citizens, never mind the citizens of US allies… are still stuck in Afghanistan,” Gazdiev said. “People with passports, we saw them today in Kabul city center. The crowds packed around the airport, they were full of people with visas, with passports, desperate to get out of Afghanistan. They haven’t managed to make it.”

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