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Jen Psaki Reveals the Globalist NWO Plan to “Reset Society”

Jen Psaki has revealed the agenda of the new world order, and the globalist plan to begin ‘the great reset’, during a press conference speech when she addressed the coronavirus outbreak as a “Global Plandemic”. Was this an accidental, innocent slip of her words, or an inside look to something far more nefarious?

Jen Psaki stated: “I’m having a variety of meetings today, I would expect, we expect their conversation to be wide ranging to cover a range of topics of mutual interest everything from COVID-19, and our efforts to address the Global Plandemic to regional security issues which could include a range of topics.”

Is it possible that she accidentally used the same slang terminology she was familiar to using amount peers, when discussing the strategies of deceit, happening behind the scenes? Was her instinct subconsciously attempting to inform the American people of what’s to come, despite her position of secrecy and oath to the ruling class? [or] Did she simply mix up her words, and if so, why was it explicitly that particular word?

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