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Taliban Now Possess US Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Technology, and Database

The problem with creating technology that collects and stores our personal data, is that inevitably, it will be access by those with malevolent intentions. Something created initially to protect the citizens of Afghanistan, Americans, and our U.S. military, now is the very thing putting our country, and everyone involved at risk.

The U.S. technology and databases for facial recognition and fingerprints have been taken by the Taliban, another disturbing development inAfghanistan.

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“We understand that the Taliban is now likely to have access to various biometric databases and equipment in Afghanistan,”

Human Rights First, wrote “This technology is likely to include access to a database with fingerprints and iris scans, and include facial recognition technology.”

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Three former US military personnel and an official of Joint Special Operations Command said the devices, called HIIDE for Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment, were seized last week by the Taliban. Security forces expressed concern about how the sensitive data contained in them might be exploited.

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In addition to imprinting biometric information, HID devices give access to centralized databases and can store identifiable biometric data, such as iris scans and fingerprints.

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“The Taliban have a demonstrated interest in hunting, killing and scaring those who have worked with the government and global community,” says Sean McDonald, who has worked in humanitarian data governance for the past decade.

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Now the Taliban has direct insight into the some of the highest level of technology our military has to offer. Even more alarming, our U.S. classified data has now been exposed to the foreign enemy. What other taxpayer funded U.S. technology has been gained by the Taliban in Afghanistan? How will this impact the identities of our U.S. military, and our Afghanistan allies?


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