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The Lollapalooza Controversy

While major cities still enforce mask policies, some even for vaccinated individuals, the mass gathering at Lollapalooza stands as an example of the hypocrisy of the ruling class, and their financially based incentive to make our decisions.

Originally, promoters were concerned that the event could be a “super spreader”. The event was not vaccinated-only, but did require proof of negative covid test for anyone unvaccinated.

The Lollapalooza website states entry procedures, which include a “fan health pledge”, can be seen below.

Image Source: ABC

The festival’s “entry protocols” resulted 385,000 unmasked attendants. Without a mask in sight, 203 cases of coronavirus have since been reported, although none required hospitalizations.

Image Source: Getty Images

“The bottom line is we’ve not seen anything that has surprised us related to the Lollapalooza outbreak,” Arwady said.

“We obviously will continue to do further investigation if necessary. … Any person diagnosed with COVID-19 on or after attending Lollapalooza is included in the analysis,” Arway said. “So these cases may or may not have resulted from transmission at Lolla itself. We’ve been very broad here. Anybody who is potentially associated, we want to investigate.”

“This is a really important reminder that we need everybody in Chicago not to ignore symptoms, assume it’s a summer cold, regardless of your vaccination status because we know the vaccines aren’t 100% protective,” she said.

“If we were in New Orleans, … I don’t think we would have been able to move ahead with this event,” she said.

While large events stand to bring revenue to cities, small businesses who were forced to shut down for almost up to a year, are now at risk of losing customers due to increasing forced vaccine mandates. These mandates vary from city to city, so the chance of your business being effected is left up to chance.

The scientific analysis of this event is proof that vaccines work, and mask mandates don’t. Additionally, it shows that unvaccinated and vaccinated people can coexist, without risk of death. It also stands as a case against masks. Americans should have the freedom to make their own decisions, especially when it comes to their personal health.

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