Coronavirus Masks Political Weaponization

Philadelphia Announces Double Mask Mandates For Government Workers

As if the surviving the pandemic wasn’t enough, unvaccinated government workers in Philadelphia will be expected to mask up, twice, starting September 1st, 2021. All new hires will be mandated vaccinations, making this the second city to mandate vaccines.

Mayor Jim Kenney touted the city’s double-mask mandate the same day that he also announced mask mandates for all patrons of indoor restaurants and small businesses which choose not to require proof of vaccination.

Mayor Kenney stated The science is clear: these measures will protect Philadelphians and save lives,” Kenney wrote in a tweet. “We also strongly urge everyone who has not yet received the vaccine to get it immediately.”

As with all major cities, the masking rules vary throughout, as the power has been given to small businesses to decide for themselves. This results are inconsistent.

The NY Times published an article in March explaining “How to Double Mask Correctly”.

The CDC has a section on how to properly apply and use double masks. Could this be the future of American indoor dining and small businesses? Will Americans be forced to choose between an Emergency Use Authorization vaccine or double mask mandate in order to have their American freedoms?

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