Louis C.K. Announces U.S. Tour Promising “Impolite Jokes”

Legendary comic Louis C.K. has announced his first U.S. tour since 2017 when he became part of the #MeToo movement. His 2020 tour was canceled due to the pandemic. Now, he plans to make his comeback promising to tell “impolite jokes”.

During the pandemic lockdown, Louis C.K. self released his own stand up special, the first since his sexual misconduct allegations against him. Since being “canceled” he has continued his comedy and now has announced to get back out on the road.

Censorship has no place in Comedy, or other forms of multimedia, and should not be taken out of context and applied to real world situations. Even impolite humor can address hard to talk about real issues. Taking people out of their element changes their perception. In the context of comedy, laugher and smiles should not be judged.

Want to see him live? Get tickets here

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