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Kim Jong Un’s Health in Question

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, has appeared in photos taken recently, with a mysterious dark spot directly on the back of his head. In press photos he was seen during various public appearances both with what appeared to be a bruise, and a bandage, bringing into question the current state of his health.

Between July 24-27, the spot was visible, however became absent on June 29. Could he have a double to address the press while he recovers? Was he rapidly healed within 3 days? [Or] Did he lean the back of his head against wet paint that just wouldn’t come off? People speculate around the world, as the origin and any information regarding the spot on his head is unknown.

Image Source:
Image Source:

Almost resembling a “Headjack” seen the Hit movie trilogy the Matrix, the spot on the back of Kim Jon Un’s head appeared, without explanation. Could he have been implanted with technology? Is it even Kim Jong Un anymore?

A “Headjack” from the hit movie “The Matrix”

Whatever the reason for the strange mark, this now brings into question the condition of the North Korean ruler’s general health, from governments and news organizations around the world. If something is wrong with the current leader, who will succeed North Korea, and how will it effect the country’s relationship with America?

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