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California Wildfire Smoke Reaches NYC

Smoke from California Wildfires rolled through New York City Thursday as the air quality dropped to record lows, the worst in 15 years. The smog was so large that it was even visible from Space.

Image Source: The Gothamist // Dillon Geyselaers

According to a study by NPR, Wildfire Pollution is “more harmful to humans than the exhaust from cars,” and “could be making us sick.”

This is an example of Climate Change that Democrats will use as “fuel” to attain trillions more dollars to “combat”. Progressive leftists— like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—proclaim they can end Climate Change: their statements incentivized using Biden’s newly printed $3.5 trillion Reconciliation package. With that amount of funding, California wildfires should be gone by 2023. Will wildfires become a thing of the past? [or] Could they become a new “source of income” funneling into the government’s ‘budget’, at the citizen’s expense?

California continues to build more private resources to battle the state’s wildfires. Currently there are 280 private companies involved in preventing or fighting wildfires. The Fire Department states that private fire fighting companies run the risk of “getting in their way” or even “accelerating wildfires”

Now, New York City, home to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez herself—in addition to 8.79 million people—is the one seeing the effects first-hand created by California wildfires. With Biden’s new 3.5 trillion dollar Reconciliation package will America’s air quality see any improvement? Can California wildfires finally be controlled and extinguished for good? [or] Will the problem perpetually exist—as inflation rises, the dollar’s value drops, and America sinks deeper into debt, leaving U.S. taxpayers to be the ones end up dealing with the consequences—as Californian’s see no short-term actual change?

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