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US Envoy Warns US That China Has Plans to Develop New Nuclear Technologies

U.S. Envoy to the Conference on Disarmament Ambassador Robert Wood alerted American government that China has plans to start “developing naval and aerial autonomous nuclear weapons systems production,” according to AP News.

“This is something they are looking at,” Ambassador Robert Wood said. “If they were to develop … these kinds of weapons and aerial systems, this has the potential to change the strategic stability environment in a dynamic way.”

“This is not where China was 10 years ago,”citing the increase in production. “They’re pursuing weapons similar to some of the nuclear-powered delivery systems that the Russians have been pursuing.”

“Until China sits down with the United States bilaterally, the risk of a devastating arms race will continue to increase — and that’s in the interest of no one,” Wood said.

Why has China been gaining such a rising focus in weapons technology? Previously, the Chinese Embassy Spokesperson Ambassador Zheng Zeguang stated “The days when global decisions were dictated by a small group of countries are long gone”. Could this be indication of China attempting to leverage global economic control?

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