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Sun Valley: Secret Billionaire Conference

Oligarchs and Big Tech Billionaires have prepped their Private Jets for their Top Secret restricted access Idaho conference at Sun Valley. The conference, which occurs behind closed doors, will include topics such as Criminal Justice Reform, Immigration Reform, and Climate Change, among others.

Image Source: Getty Images

The “Billionaire Summer Camp” is hosted by Allen & Co, and include Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and his successor Andy Jassy, Tim Cook, Mike Bloomberg, Ken Lagone, Jeff Bewkes, NE Patriots’ Robert Kraft, Disney’s Bob Iger & Bob Chapek, Nike’s CEO John Donahoe, Netflix’s Reed Hastings & Ted Sarandos, CBS News’ Gayle King, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, NBCUnviseral CEO Jeff Shell, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts & CFO Mike Cavanagh, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, Canadian Actor Justin Kelly, Twitter CFO Ned Segal, Walmart CEO Doug McMillion, Barry Diller Chairman of IAC, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, Former CIA Director David Patraeus, PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, 21st Century Fox CFO John Nallen, News Corp CEO Robert Thomson, Former Ambassador of the UN Nikki Haley, among many others.

In wake of last years Pandemic, the 2020 Sun Valley Summit was postponed. This year, all attendees must be tested for COVID on site, to avoid this triggering a Sun Valley infectious outbreak. The estimated net worth of the members in attendance is $588 billion, according to Daily Mail.

Image Source: Andrew H. Walker/REX

“The gathering is geared towards one thing: building relationships that may one day pay off in the shape of a major deal,” NPR said. Jeff Bezos, who recently bought MGM, bought the Washington Post after allegedly meeting at the Sun Valley conference. “AOL’s $4.4 billion sale to Verizon was conceived at Sun Valley, as was Comcast’s 2011 deal with NBC Universal.” stated Business Insider.

Image Source: Getty Images

What other deals have been struck up or influenced at Sun Valley? Is this becoming the Big Tech Bohemian Grove? American citiznes can only hope these secret conversations are at the benefit of humanity, and not focused on media-induced mind control, or worse: depopulation.

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