Conspiracy Theory

What Is “The 2030 Spike”?

A 2003 book written by Colin Mason has “coincidentally” outlined a frightening parallel to our recent ‘pandemic’. Could COVID-19’s spike protein be being used to control the spike in population? Brian Wilson analyzes statements in his video about future de-population, synthetic biological weapons, and the rise of nanotechnology in Colin Mason’s book, “The 2030 Spike: Countdown to Global Catastrophe”.

What is a “Spike protein”?

Coronavirus concoctions [“vaccines”] manipulate our immune system, in order to produce spike proteins throughout the body. These spike proteins are the same ones found in the coronavirus, making us more resistant to the coronavirus. 

The initial instructions that are injected into the body, are later discarded and shedded through the skin. This is called Spike Protein shedding. It is unknown exactly how long the body will continue to produce spike proteins, resulting in immunity. Additionally there is debate to the physical effects of the spike proteins throughout the human body.

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