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Rand Paul Demands Justice

Senator Rand Paul demanded “Investors of the Wuhan Lab be excluded from conducting the investigation”—of the Wuhan Lab, the origin of COVID-19, and if there was an outbreak.

Rand Paul stated in an interview with Fox News “Here’s the problem. The WHO investigated this the first time, we suggested three people to send to China. They rejected all three and they accepted a guy named Peter Daszak who was the one that funded the lab.” he added “So you can’t have the people—like Anthony Fauci or Peter Daszak—who are part of the funding mechanism to send these funds to Wuhan lab. You can’t have them investigating themselves.”

“They have a definite conflict of interest because if this pandemic started in a lab that the U.S. was funding, the people advocating for the funding obviously will have culpability—at least moral culpability,” Rand Paul said.

If COVID-19 did not start in a lab, and evolved naturally the American people should be more worried about the next “naturally occurring” virus. If it was “created” [artificially intensified] using Gain-of-Function Research, the American people need someone to take responsibility, and develop a solution as to how to prevent a synthetic viral outbreak from ever happening again.

Rand Paul was one of 5 Senators publicly demanding the release “release of approximately 4,000 pages of NIH email communications and other documents from early 2020 has raised serious questions about NIH’s handling of COVID-19.” The other Senators included Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, Rick Scott, and James Lankford.

The letter reads: “It is unclear the extent to which NIH officials, including Dr. Fauci, considered the possibility that the virus originated in a laboratory and what, if any, actions they took to seriously investigate this possibility.” it continues “It is also unclear why NIAID officials eventually decided to downplay the likelihood that the virus originated in a laboratory and, instead promote that it originated naturally.”

Rand Paul is speaking up for all the Americans wanting answers to the origins and future expectations of what’s to come. To be prepared in benefit of the future generations of humanity is the truth that the American population seek. Truth always wins. It is starting to appear Dr. Fauci and the NIH may be attempting a coverup as to the origin of COVID-19. We have been misled by Dr. Fauci in the past, when he stated Americans did not need masks in a public interview on 60 minutes, in order to save the remaining masks for frontline health workers. Still even after a vaccine was rapidly developed and the pandemic comes to an end, some conditioned Americans continue to muzzle themselves outdoors even after full vaccination.

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