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Keystone XL Pipeline Abandoned

Environmentalists rejoice as Keystone XL Pipeline development is officially and permanently abandoned. In January, the Biden Administration signed executive orders resulting in the Pipeline shutdown, causing the loss of thousands of jobs, as well as “insulting” Alberta, an oil-filled province of Canada.

In January, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney stated “It is a insult directed at the United States most important ally and trading partner on day one of a new administration,”

Alberta Premier Jason Kelley

Kelley adding “The leader of our closest ally retroactively vetoed approval for a pipeline that exists and which is co-owned by Canadian government, directly attacking by far the largest part of the Canada U.S. trade relationship, which is our energy industry and exports.”

Green Energy, it seems takes precedence to foreign relations, even when it comes to our closest neighboring allies. Fossil Fuel, after all is something the Biden Administration strongly opposes. So much in fact that the Administration is willing to eliminate not only the demand of Oil, but also “offend” our number one main supplier of international oil.

At least, that seems to be what the Biden Administration wants you to believe. It does however become much more difficult to believe, when they make Climate Change exceptions for other nations.

In May, President Biden and his Administration waived sanctions on the Russian owned, (German CEO, Matthias Warnig), Pipeline Nord Stream 2. That Pipeline is now almost 90% complete.

German CEO – Matthias Warnig

Senator Jeanne Shaheen, felt “disappointment.” in regards to Russian and stated that this decision “poses a threat to U.S. security interests and the stability of our partners in the region”.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Poland and Ukraine have pleaded with the Biden Administration to cease plans for the oil pipeline. Ukraine is concerned, as currently Russian oil must pass through Ukraine. The pipeline would eliminate the need for distribution through Ukraine, directly impacting Ukraine’s economy.

Senator Ted Cruz highlighted the hypocrisy on Twitter:

Representative Kevin McCarthy also criticized our President and Vice President’s both national and international economic decisions:

Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) Tweeted:
President Biden shuts down American pipelines, yet he green lights Russian pipelines. Meanwhile, drivers pay more at the pump for the privilege of depending on foreign oil.
This is what it looks like to put America last.

US Supporters of this decision, suggest lifting this sanction gives America the upper hand, as it can be re-imposed. However other countries such as Ukraine may disagree with the decision.

However, it seems the majority of Americans, including our Senators and Representatives, see this as putting America last. Catering to other countries while our nation’s economy rebuilds. It’s becoming more and more apparent that we may being deceived. The Biden Administration may be using Climate Change propaganda to fund and propagate their personal agenda.

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