Hunter Biden – Text Messages Revealed

Text Messages have surfaced from Hunter Biden’s Laptop. Screenshots obtained show texts from 2018, with his lawyer, George Mesires.

Every aspect of the President’s life impacts decisions for our country, and influence the ideology of those who voted for him, and influence his perspective of those who didn’t.

Hunter Biden apparently seems to be an exception to the same scrutiny we hold every elected Official under. If these was text messages from Donald Trump Jr, everyone would have a total meltdown.

It seems we hold elected Democrats to a different standard. It no longer matters what type of person our President is, or if they are racist, or lack moral value that they have passed down to their children. It matters that they aren’t Donald Trump, or any Republican for that matter. It’s said by liberals time and time again “Biden wasn’t my first choice, but he is better than Trump”. Regardless your stance on Trump, that shouldn’t give President Biden, or his family, a pass when racist evidence arises that might put our leaders moral and value in question.

The racial slurs were uncalled for. In a world where there is instant demand for apology when any conservative speaks an opposing form of thought, it seems the social-justice department has overlooked the racism of the very people in charge of modern America.

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