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First off, it’s unhealthy that our health has become the forefront of all modern conversation. Considering the world just came out of a Pandemic, this can be expected. But what is perplexing, is that despite the COVID-19’s Vaccine extreme effectiveness, everyone who has chosen to take the vaccine, expects you to get it, regardless of what you think or want. This, feels downright un-American. America is a place where you have the freedom to choose what you do and do not put into your body.

One could argue, this is a health crisis, and taking the vaccine ensures that you cannot transmit the virus, even without showing symptoms. Another could argue that there isn’t enough research into the long-term effects of the newly invented vaccine. Whichever direction you believe, the Main Stream Media, and now the general population forcing Vaccination propaganda eliminates the option for an open discussion. Discussions about natural immunity, or choosing against the vaccine, often results in the loss of friendships, relationships, jobs, and even public interest. This should be able to be discussed without a divide. Different belief systems and non-malevolent alternative thinking are not personal attacks. Yet many are triggered by even mentioning the word “vaccination”.

Living in a city, we are exposed to a concentrated diverse population. This makes a good argument for reason to get vaccinated against a virus when an outbreak occurs. Arguable today, in America, healthy adults who are not as susceptible to contracting the virus, or not susceptible to having life threatening symptoms, should have the ability to choose whether of not to receive an anti-viral vaccination. That means more vaccines for those who need it, such as elderly, and people with comprised immune systems.

However, this does not seem to be the case. In regards to a COVID-19 vaccination, it feels more than suggested that everyone will receive the vaccine, regardless of their feelings. In fact, in New York, NYC private businesses (encouraged by Main Stream Media) are already making a point to single out people who have defied the vaccination ‘suggestion’. For those who have not received a vaccination, the goal conspicuously appears to be an effort to make daily life more difficult. This is further aggravated by friends and family who push the narrative further. This fuels the agenda from financially incentivized Pharmaceutical Corporations who make the vaccines. The more people who take the vaccine, the more money these companies can make. Today, the way people view you can change, based upon whether or not you chose to get a COVID-19 vaccination. The activities you are allowed to do is based upon whether or not you want a COVID-19 vaccine. A subliminal vaccine mandate. In major cities, like New York, this vaccine suggestion can be avoided by those who want to abandon society, and remain isolated. Beyond the fact that isolation is incredibly unhealthy, living in a major city, isolation is near impossible. The punishment for remaining unvaccinated in society is risk alienation from social events and private businesses, or worse be branded as an outlier by being forced back into a mask.

When friends, family, and even your significant-other has made an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine, or has already received a vaccination, it intensifies the influence. It suggests that there is only one option to maintain a normal and healthy social lifestyle. With a choice not to get vaccinated, there will at some point come an awkward moment, where you may be unable to partake in the same activities that vaccinated people possess. This is infringement upon unvaccinated’s American citizen’s liberties and human rights, but its social acceptance has already begun with private businesses and events.

The argument can be made that elderly and those who medically cannot take the COVID-19 vaccine, will benefit from healthy people being vaccinated. That relies on COVID-19 vaccine producing what’s known as sterilizing immunity, meaning the virus cannot enter the body when exposed. That being said, if vaccinated people can in fact still transmit the disease, without contracting COVID-19 and showing symptoms, it seems that unvaccinated people would be a more accurate reflection of potential asymptomatic exposure, especially with testing.

To avoid this, it seems that to exist and function in a major city, we must bite the bullet and get vaccinated. Receiving a vaccine ensures that New Yorkers will be able to maintain their basic American Freedoms. This might seem dystopian, but it is becoming a reality. If someone feels safer choosing not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, after a national economic lockdown for over a year, a forced quarantine, it should be their American right.

Vaccine passports and vaccine cards are the start of willingly giving up our freedom and our power to the elites. Vaccines are not bad. Losing your freedom to someone else’s ideology is.

All we can do is hope for the best possible outcome. If America’s founding fathers were alive today, I’m sure many – if not all of them, would take the COVID-19 vaccine. Experimental medicine was popular during their lifetime. But, I do know, if the vaccine worked, they would give the American people, their God-given choice to think for themselves and choose whether or not to get vaccinated. This article is not an argument against vaccinations. This article is an argument against situational liberties. Freedom should never be situational. No matter the cost.

At some point we have to ask ourselves:

  • Who is getting rich from these vaccines?
  • Where is the money going?
  • Is the the vaccine propaganda that is pushed so heavily financially motivated?
  • Are these experimental vaccines safe for long-term use in healthy adults?
  • What other preventative measures exist (vitamins, fitness, and overall good health) and why are they not discussed in Main Stream Media?

Help stop the Main Stream Media’s agenda. Don’t ask other people if they are vaccinated. By simply stopping that question, you strip both the Big Pharmaceutical Companies and the Main Stream Media of their power. Without fear, freedom will restore itself, allowing people to choose on their own fate. To choose whether or not to be part of this modern revolutionary experimental medicine.

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