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Modern Freedom of Speech

America’s News. In a day and age when American News doesn’t seem to matter as much as the loudest opinion, it still pays to be informed. That means taking a step back from Political opinion, and asking yourself, how does this effect me, or the ones I love? You may think, well, it doesn’t effect me, so I shouldn’t care. Then one day, when things have changed, to an unrecognizable state, its important to care, or at least be informed.

Often times many things go under the general public’s radar, editing behind the scenes to push a narrative that often creates divides. In order to find the truth, one must commit to research. Mainstream Media knows the public often avoids, this as the public generally trusts their News sources of choice. Then, by giving the public an edited perspective encourages an emotional response, often rifting a more dramatic divide. Something to keep them in business. No matter the cost.

Today, a modern free speech discussion, or debate, happens online, often in the form of a comment, on a News article. The comments collect, and often contain more and more fringe exaggerations of the actual truth, which act as fuel, further enraging all those with opposing views. The easiest way to encourage a particular perspective is to discredit all those with an opposing one. Better yet, block, delete, or suspend the account of anyone with an opposing view. This way, the propaganda can be directed fast and efficiently to you.

What some consider misinformation, is freedom of speech, and should not provoke such a negative emotional reaction, yet it often does, wether presented as “News” by the Main Stream Media, to “comments” on Twitter. It shouldn’t matter what anybody says. What people say is a reflection of their character.

Unfortunately, not everyone in power agrees with giving alternative views a platform to speak. Not only that but they are willing to suggest alternative views are responsible for the actions executed by interpretations of alternative views.

When it comes to hate speech, violence, terrorism and pornography, it should be our freedom to not have to engage. This means separating things that could be physically damaging to other people from what is considered free speech. This should not include potential “ways of interpretation”. Comedians, who joke about sensitive issues, are joking. That’s free speech. Where the line needs to be drawn is malicious and unAmerican intent. Nazis who want to end an ethnicity is not free speech because it restricts the freedoms of the Jewish community and above all is completely unAmerican. Obviously unAmerican atrocities should be removed, to match the removal of physical hate symbols within our nation. Hate Groups like the KKK are also unAmerican. The Union won the civil war, making Slavery and racial discrimination unAmerican and unacceptable.

Anti-American speech aside, when it comes to ideas, suggestions, conspiracies, and non-discriminative alternative thinking, it seems the only Opinion is the popular one pushed by Main Stream Media. Anything else, beyond popular opinion, seems un-allowed in today’s modern world, and in all cases is quickly silenced. If it causes people to buy into the misinformation, and seek to do harm to others, that is an issue with the individual’s decision to execute violence at their own discretion. Acting violently based upon disagreement with personal beliefs s also unAmerican.

This means, what we as a society consider the Mainstream Media is actually mostly Propaganda, targeted at provoking a reaction from anyone who cares about society and other people. It’s often the opposing side that sees the edited perspective being pushed, and proceeds to react. Main Stream Media has divided us into two Political Camps. It shouldn’t matter if you are a Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian or Non-Political. Media attempt to confuse people, with exaggerated opinions and views. This does not mean that other people with opposing views have malicious intent, or want to change the entire world to believe the same thing. This is not often the case, but ensures the viewers return for the story of “what happens next”.

It’s difficult to believe everything that you read in today’s world. Research and decide for yourself. People with opposing viewpoints aren’t bad. Unless they are some kind of anti-human. We as a nation need to make sure we individually have positive intent, no matter our personal belief system. If everything was the same, the world would be a boring place to live! Yet Mainstream Media seems to lead a single modern narrative.

Everything contains opinion, written or created by someone with an opinion. It is when the intent of the writing sets you up to believe there is only one perspective, that defies the definition of actual “News”. That being said, very few News Sources exist. It comes down to the Author. The Reporter. The Network. The Reader. Although there may be another alternative opinion, it doesn’t give you the right to silence it. Mainstream Media relies on this. Negative conflict provoking articles sell (or are read) because they provokes a reaction. By stopping feeding the reaction, we can collectively deplete that demand.

Not reacting takes awareness of actions. Everyone will react at some point, but not everything is life or death. Sometimes, we forget that. Pick your battles. Sometimes it feels good to let out any form of oppression we have ever experienced in the form of a hateful comment, feeding and fueling the public divide in our country. By denying a reaction to opposing views, we deny the ability to divide our nation any further. Most mature American adults aren’t as racist, sexist, discriminative as Mainstream Media wants you to think.

Alternative News and ideas offer you more information and viewpoints to assess, regardless of your viewpoint. You can disagree, agree, or something else! That is the freedom of being a citizen of The United States of America. Just don’t be hateful, because it doesn’t help anyone, and gives power to the elite that use conflict to apply control. Think for yourself, debate, discuss, and be free.

Stay tuned!

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