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The Efficacy of mRNA Vaccines

by Jordan Muhsin

With each passing day since the original inception of the release of the synthetic SARS-CoV-2, it becomes more evident that it was in fact the mRNA-vaccines that were intended to be weaponized on the public. This was for three reasons. The first, to perfect mRNA vaccines using the human population as live test subjects and eliminate any control (non-vaccinated person) in order to cover their tracks. The second, to further the interests of major pharmaceutical companies, and fine-tune global health legislation in preparation for a catastrophic event, such as COVID-19. The third and final reason, to establish a new world order using global health institutions, forcing the working-class into fiscal servitude to the elites, and reducing the global population with experimental concoctions under the guise of “protection.”

This invasive health surveillance continues today, and will likely soon expand to include mandated microchipping, diagnostic tracking, and total biometric health surveillance, coming soon to a city near you[1], (NIH). On January 6, 2021 A.416 was prefiled by the State of New York, a proposed bill calling for the detection and removal of “cases, contacts, and carriers who are or may be a danger to public health[2].” By creating a false state of emergency the global iatrarchy accrued mass amounts of wealth at the expense of the taxpayer, and eradicated the majority of small businesses off the face of the earth. Yelp predicted that 60% of all small businesses had permanently closed as a result of the authoritative lockdowns and other totalitarian tactics enacted by the state during the pandemic[3] (CNBC).

In New York City, residents were forced to receive the inoculation in order to participate in society and gain access to public resources. For many, this was quickly seen for what it was: the beginning of the infiltration of communist ideology among our free society in America. On all fronts, the coronavirus pandemic revolutionized our domestic public health legislation and regulations to themselves become infected with the disease. For the first time in American history, our president, Joe Biden and his dilapidated Administration, made the choice to default our own U.S. Constitution to a global health institution, the World Health Organization (WHO)[4], in the name of mRNA. The WHO Working Group on Sustainable Finance states[5]“We further stress that any increase in Member States’ assessed contributions needs to be accompanied by appropriate governance reforms.”

What is most concerning about the World Health Organization is that since it was named by a Chinese Delegate upon its inception, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) believes that they possess hegemony among the organization’s global interests. This meant for the first time in our history, our legislation began to align with that of the depraved communist atheist government regime responsible for more deaths than Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin combined.

The Revolution of mRNA-Technology

Before disassembling the integrity of mRNA vaccines, we must submit that this medical technology has the potential to revolutionize medicine. The inventor of mRNA-vaccines, Dr. Robert Malone, created the innovative process of artificial mRNA manipulation with hopes of achieving medical breakthroughs and saving millions of lives[6]. However, as seen historically in all scientific and military technology, criminals hijacked the blueprints for the design in order to profit off the public before it can be regulated. The elites along with the major pharmaceutical manufacturers realized that mRNA vaccines presented a rare business opportunity previously unseen in our modern generation. Going against the advisory of Dr. Robert Malone, who himself stated that he did not suggest using his invention for mass vaccinations, until the long-term effects could be properly studied[7]. If mRNA-vaccines were studied more thoroughly, they could be used to produce good for those who have no other alternatives, allowing God-fearing humans to enter a new era of medicine, eventually ensuring the eradication of disease, as it arises, among our populace. Never should gene therapy experimental medical technology be forced on another human being against their will. To bypass the mRNA-delivery system inventor Dr. Malone’s professional analysis and recommendations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changed the English definition of the word “vaccine,” and what it means to be “vaccinated[8].” Released without proper time to conduct testing of the substance’s long-term effects, since the mRNA public roll-out, there have been overwhelming reports of vaccine injuries and sudden death. Sources like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System[9],[10] (VAERS), in addition to HowBadIsMyBatch[11] clearly display these startling statistics, yet remains discredited by the very institutions who created it.

Event 201

On October 18, 2019, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security prepared the COVID-19 pandemic before medical bureaucrats and their investors rolled out the virus, creating Event 201, a “high-level pandemic exercise[12],[13],[14].” Event 201 was funded by the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Bloomberg, in order to push the mRNA substance into the public, while eventually creating a universal flu vaccine. From this vaccine, the government would eventually force inoculations with reoccurring boosters. Calling it “only a matter of time before one of these epidemics becomes global.”

Forced mRNA: Mass Depopulation

Origins. How did the mysterious virus emerge? During the Obama Administration, Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was a partner of a corrupt company Rosemont Seneca. This company gained massive amounts of funding from foreign lobbying in China and other concerning nations with competitive governments. The funds gained through Hunter’s dealings were then laundered through a company called Metabiota, a company founded by Nathan D. Wolfe, protégé of the notorious Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum. Metabiota was tasked with collecting 562 oral and rectal swabs of hundreds of bat samples from various locations around China[15]. As a result, researchers discovered novel viruses and other pathogens of potential concern, something that had never been done before in the history of humanity. One sample discovered was a “novel SARS-like coronavirus,” as described by the scientists themselves[16]. These samples were then distributed to research scientists across the world, including Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, among others. The new project, named “The Global Virome Project,” was to track global vulnerability to emerging diseases, including novel “bat SARS-like coronaviruses[17].” It would be only two years later that through gain of function research using CRISPR technology, a mutated version of the novel coronavirus would be unleashed upon the public. Today, it still remains unclear if the release was intentional or the researchers had accidentally released the novel pathogen during their 2017 collections.

The author of this report was duped into receiving two mRNA inoculations, injecting two doses of the experimental substances in order to regain full civil rights amidst an artificially simulated pandemic experience. According to leaked emails discovered after the vaccines had been enforced through legislation, Pfizer used fetal cells to create their mRNA-vaccine, and attempted to hide this information from the public, while continuing to inject Christians with the vile concoction[18]. Before releasing injections predicted to be “safe for children aged 5-11,” Pfizer experimented on 2,268 children with the foreign substance[19]. Despite the side effects incurred during conflict-of-interest clinical trials, these unnecessary mRNA gene-therapy vaccinations are still suggested indefinitely for humans of all ages. Unlike Pfizer, Moderna’s mRNA-vaccine includes the highly toxic SM-102, used as a synthetic lipid nanoparticle in order to attach the lipid to the cell, carrying the mRNA instructions. The Safety Data Sheet for the chemical substance SM-102 lists it as a “health hazard” stating that it “may cause cancer.” Additional symptoms of SM-102 include anemia, cough, CNS depression, headache, heart damage, lassitude, liver damage, narcosis, reproductive “effects,” and teratogenic “effects[20].” Unfortunately, the elite investors and major pharmaceutical manufacturers have intentionally overlooked this anomaly, injecting it into the public, lying about its safety, and hoping for the best. The truth is, the participants to this mass experimentation have not consented to be patients in this public clinical trial. Believing that they are gods, Moderna refers to its platform as the “software of life,” vowing to “revolutionize” medicine, stating “mRNA vaccines are just the start[21].” As mRNA technology is seen by its investors and researchers as software, it may soon be able to enter our bodies without detection. Think-tanks like the notorious World Economic Forum (WEF) has long promoted “needle-free” injection technology[22], like the BuBbleGun[23]. If needle-free biometric tracking sounds like science fiction, in 2017 the FDA-approved trackable technology in the form of a pill that embeds biometric information into a digital sensor relayed back to a wearable patch which transmits data to a mobile application[24] (FDA). To further this endeavor, on February 7th, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin warning Americans of modern domestic terrorist threats in the form of misinformation[25], while earlier in the year the FBI released a pamphlet requesting that Americans spy on their friends and family members to prevent “extremism[26]“ (FBI). It seems we are being fed a narrative and being persecuted for alternative thought, a strategy used historically on Christians, and by communist dictatorships to create class systems, dividing the power of the people by turning them against each other, based on government compliance. America is quickly being radicalized before our eyes, as the institutions enlisted to protect us have been hijacked and turned against the American people, only to further their own interests at the public’s expanse.

What scientists have failed to consider is just as viral particles can easily pass through face masks, these synthetic nanoparticles along with the creation of toxic spike proteins, have the ability to cross our blood-brain barrier. According a report from nature.com[27]“SARS-CoV-2 mRNA has been recovered from the cerebrospinal fluid, suggesting it can cross the blood–brain barrier (BBB). Other coronaviruses, including the closely related SARS virus that caused the 2003–2004 outbreak, are able to cross the BBB, and SARS-CoV-2 can infect neurons in a BrainSphere model.”

Upon initial scientific analysis, the reaction of scientist Kristian G Andersen, revealed on January 31st, 2020 in an email to Dr. Fauci, was that it appeared to be synthetic calling it “engineered”. Anderson stated that “The unusual feature of the virus make up a really small part of the genome (<0.1%) so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered.” The act of weaponizing a deadly novel pathogen through artificial manipulation is criminal in itself, per the United Nations’ 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC), which was enacted worldwide in March 26th, 1975 to prevent mass genocide[28], yet the practice continues today, defined as “pandemic prevention.”

Later emails, in March 2020 would reveal that scientists colluded to ensure the facility was clean of viral particles before allowing Members of the World Health Organization, such as America, nor any entity outside of the NIH to investigate. Dr. Fauci stated “It confirms what we surmised that after almost two weeks, the chances of viable virus being present in the facility is extremely low based on his studies reported in this paper.” He continued to discuss the virus’s relevance regarding surfaces[29]. To ensure everyone kept their mouths shut during the initial roll out, EcoHealth Alliance drafted a statement of solidarity to its colleagues, ensuring they would collectively attain large quantities of revenue and attain their scientific progress, through the forced authoritative medical dictatorship[30]. Tony Fauci knew all along that the coronavirus itself was being hyped up by mainstream media and the global iatrarchy, yet he plotted methods to sway the public belief to believe that injecting an experimental gene therapy substance would be 100% safe, and equally effective for humans of all ages. In addition, he knew masks were irrelevant, yet still they remain a staple of liberalism, submission to forced public accommodation, and support of government intervention in New York City today. On Wednesday February 5th, 2020, Dr. Fauci privately stated to colleague Sylvia Burwell in a leaked email[31] “Sylvia: Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection. The typical mask you buy at the drugstore is not really effective in keeping out the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material…I do not recommend that you wear a mask…Safe travels. Best regards, Tony.”

So why were mRNA vaccines pushed?

The answer was far from the perceived public threat of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus. In a leaked email dated February 2020, Anthony Fauci gave his professional scientific opinion on the secret to overcoming the virus, and achieving herd immunity. Fauci proclaimed “we are still in the middle of an influenza season and the things that we do to prevent spread of flu (i.e. hand washing, social distancing from crowds) are the same things that we would do if we have transmission of CoV here[32].” In the same way that the Spanish Flu eventually became the common influenza of today, COVID-19 mirrored the symptoms of a stronger form of influenza, with additional components, due to its likely genetically altered composition.

 While it came down to the transfer of wealth and geopolitical power, there are other factors that were responsible for the rapid rollout of mRNA technology over any possibility of natural alternatives. In fact, all other alternatives were frowned upon by society during the period of Emergency Use Authorization (EAU). The public received mass re-education, and experienced the revocation of civil rights. For the first time in many peoples lives, individuals no longer held liberty. In major cities across our free God-given nation of America, human beings, like the author of this report, were forced to receive the initial experimental vaccines in order to work, enter indoor public or private buildings, and use public resources. In fact, vaccinations were required to even book an appointment to visit college campuses in New York City. At the height of the pandemic, law-abiding citizens were subject to be questioned by police if traveling without being deemed an “essential worker.” The subway systems remained empty, home to only the homeless and COVID-19 mRNA propaganda posters about “where to enroll to receive your vaccine[33],” the dangers of the virus, and other fear tactics historically signature to socialist dictatorships.

The mRNA vaccines saw such initial resistance that the government began partnering with corporations and insurance companies to create manipulative campaigns, in attempts to coerce the public.

–       In 2021 Steak Shack partnered with the New York City Mayor’s Office to push experimental vaccines. “Starting today, Thursday, May 13 while supplies last, New Yorkers can score a free ShackBurger voucher**  when they get vaccinated at one of the NYC mobile vaccine buses! [34],” adding “[W]e’ll also be servin’ up free Crinkle Cut Fries to vaccinated New Yorkers with the purchase of any burger or chicken sandwich*. To redeem, just show a Team Member your vaccine card or Excelsior Pass before ordering in-store at the following NYC Shacks.”

–       Insurance Agencies like United Health Care offered victims $100 to participate in the experimental public mRNA trials[35].

Realizing that New Yorkers were unwilling to sacrifice their health for a free meal, the state began to step in with even more appealing offers[36]:

–       “A promotion provided free tickets to Mets games from May 24 through June 17 and to Yankee games from May 7 through June 6 for newly vaccinated people, along with another promotion that gave residents free weekly subway passes.”

–       “Lottery scratch-off tickets to individuals 18 and over with a grand prize of $5 million.”

–       “Every person who receives the COVID-19 vaccine, either a first dose or single dose of Johnson & Johnson, anywhere in New York State this week is eligible to receive a free two-day pass to any state park.”

–       “Every person who receives the “Get a Shot to Make Your Future”: New Yorkers ages 12 to 17 can win of 50 four year full ride scholarships to any New York State public college or university.”

Universal Flu Vaccine + mRNA Refinement = Public integration

Years before the pandemic, the fraudulent Fauci spoke at a conference regarding the creation of a universal flu vaccine[37] (C-SPAN). He stated the desire to test mRNA on humans, and eventually switch from traditional vaccines to mRNA technology. Whether or not SARS-CoV-2 virus was intentionally released, the Scientific community was prepared, springing into action with their transhumanist agenda to reshape the world of medicine as we know it. Under the guise of the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization, major pharmaceutical companies received full immunity from any legal recourse that resulted from the vaccines, including unpredicted side effects.

Mass Soft Kill Depopulation

The Clinical Trials held massive conflicts of interest, often funded by the company manufacturing the concoctions, removing cases of extreme side-effects, associating it with other conditions. Should there be extreme long-term side effects to these mRNA vaccines, the global population could be greatly reduced. The United Nations has already planned ahead, devising an agenda specifically to focus on normalizing the concept of depopulation, working alongside organizations like The Overpopulation Project (TOP), whose stated goal is to lobby public policy that artificially limits life, and synthetically manipulates the number of living humans induced “humanely” through various mediums, including geoengineering[38],[39],[40],[41],[42]“The aim of The Overpopulation Project (TOP) is to study and highlight the environmental impacts of overpopulation, including humane policies to end population growth around the world.”

For years, the federal government has run bioweapon testing programs on the public, across largely populated areas, through ventilation. In New York City, subway systems have been used for testing tracer particles using “harmless bacteria,” non-coding DNA, hydrogel, florescent powder, and florescent brightener, which were unknowingly ingested by the public in order to test the effects of a potential aerosol-based bioweapon[43] (DHS).

Integration of 5G

Between the non-effective PCR tests[44], other mass recalls on testing devices, and the lack of previous data surrounding the “novel” coronavirus, it cannot be said for sure the cause of the mysterious COVID-like symptoms. While trillions have been spent to convince the majority to believe the cause is a virus, all existing scientific data was neglected to account for the immunosuppressive, cytokine storms, and other coronavirus-like effects of 5G technology and highly concentrated radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation (RF-EMF) waves, as discovered by various scientists around the world who have publicized their findings through the National Institutes of Health (NIV) PubMed database[45],[46],[47],[48],[49],[50],[51],[52],[53] (NIH). During the initial outbreak of the coronavirus 5G towers were amassed across largely populated areas, including New York City. During this time, New York City plastered every sector of society in public health propaganda. During the initial outbreak citizens were confined to their homes, deemed “non-essential.” Small businesses were forced to adapt, building prehistoric structures outside, paying out of pocket expenses. These funds would later be “reimbursed” by the then unelected governor Kathy Hochul, siphoning tax dollars from New York’s budget to reimburse a portion of the funds lost back to business owners, for complying with the medical dictatorship. This legislative tactic was enacted knowing the funds would soon be returned back to the government through controlled inflation. Whether or not the implementation of 5G towers, now located atop residential apartment buildings every hundred feet throughout the city of New York, has anything to do with the newly emerging immunodeficiencies and unexplainable deaths is to be debated. The justification for this argument is that, like the initial rollout of tobacco products, 5G remains unregulated and largely unknown of both short-term and long-term effects. While it is certainly a powerful tool, we often do not understand how to fully protect ourselves from the everyday hazards of our own newly emerging technology. Knowing this, major pharmaceutical companies work with federal agencies like the FDA to push new experimental medical technology in order to advance science, gain personal profits, and make themselves known by government leaders and among the scientific community.

Who funded all this?

A mix of nefarious self-interest transhumanist government agencies (DARPA, BARDA) combined with international nongovernment organizations (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, BlackRock) have personal interests in the rollout of mRNA vaccines. While many were surprised on the swift rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, this technology was not created overnight. BARDA, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS), donated $125 million to Moderna in 2016, in preparation for the pandemic[54]. In 2013, DARPA gave Moderna $25 million specifically to research mRNA to “respond to threats posed by natural and engineered diseases and toxins.” Bill Gates gave over $120 million to further his own agenda[55]. Companies like AstraZeneca and Merck even jumped on the opportunity, combining medical alliances in collusion to push mRNA concoctions on the public in order to cash in on the once-in-a-lifetime mRNA opportunity. The global iatrarchy realized they had struck gold, and were able to exploit a technology that had previously never been marketed in products before. By major pharmaceutical companies being awarded legal immunity under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), they ensured their ability to keep all of their profits, avoiding costs from lawsuits. Bill Gates has continued to use his profits to purchase America’s farmland. There, he began experimenting with genetically modified animals and now strives to control the U.S. food supply[56]. Based on the past sequence of events, the next logical step in their agenda is to begin utilizing farm animals to experiment with mRNA efficacy and the long-term tolerability of the synthetic substance in our bodies[57]. Currently, Americans unknowingly consume GMO vegetables, radiated fruits, pesticides, artificially-processed food, and other substances.  It is not unrealistic to suggest mRNA may be the next unknown food mutation, contributing to the subtle depopulation of society.

God’s Plan

We must not forget the power of information. As God reminds us in 1 Peter 1:14-16 (NIV) “As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: ‘Be holy, because I am holy.’” This means that once we learn of the atrocities being committed under the guise of public health, and learn of the dangers of the synthetic substances in these injections, we cannot go back to living in ignorance about the chemicals being forcibly injected into our bodies without being given a opportunity to make an informed choice. Once we become aware of evil desires we once held, such as “getting vaccinated to stay safe,” we must uphold God’s image as his obedient children such as “informing ourselves and others of the known risks.” This means having faith in Him, the way he created the world, and using our own complex minds that He personally blessed each of us with to evaluate the risks for ourselves.


It has become apparent that there is no pandemic. The reason that the public was forced into taking the vaccines was to test their immediate effects and long-term mutations (including cancers), which can occur in the human body as a result of mRNA concoctions and spike proteins, prepare the planet to become digitized in anticipation of the metaverse[58], and to further the global agenda of The Great Reset[59]. By creating a state of fear, the government was able to participate in the re-establishment of a new world order, similar to the events which unfolded after World War I, when the Federal Reserve began pumping money into our economy, the Council on Foreign Relations was formed, and the Spanish flu was released throughout America in order to redirect the interests from what was feared internationally as U.S. global expansion. To their advantage, global leaders and think-tanks of the world colluded, and the war was turned against the people, forcing them into a state of fiscal submission. We now fund many unknown medical projects through income taxes and inflation, no matter if we are participatory in the experiment. To suggest that all human beings must take mRNA inoculations in order to participate in public resources is the equivalency of saying “God made us wrong, and physically unadaptable to the natural dangers of our planet.” In reality, it is human beings who were created to hold dominion over the creatures of this world, including making our own decisions between the threat level of viral particles that seek to wreak havoc on our immune systems versus ingesting experimental chemical substances. The less we trust in God and the abilities of our bodies to naturally defend us from external threats by design, the more reliant we fall on these synthetic technologies to survive. The goal is evidently to create a synthetic immune system through over-vaccination and forced mRNA gene-expression. While mRNA has been weaponized against the public to advance and normalize itself into society, when it comes to mRNA technology, we must follow the authority of God’s word and judge for ourselves. This means “experts” better educating themselves, and the public, on the subject of mRNA before mass experimenting on nonconsenting participants. We can only hope those misinformed by the mainstream media narrative and Big Tech propaganda, are able to see the full scope of information before subjecting themselves to an experimental medical procedure. To conclude, God always wins, and together as a collective, we must stand strong and resist the global pressure placed on our sovereignty. This is achieved by abstaining from influence to receive the injection of experimental poisons and newfound biotechnologies which have unknown long-term consequences, without knowing first of its potential toxicity, and before trying less invasive natural alternatives for ourselves.

For natural alternatives to mRNA-vaccines, check out this compilation of scientific research curated by Dr. Eleftherios Gkioulekas: http://drelef.org/zelenko/index.html

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