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H.R. 2617: $1.7 Trillion Christmas Tree

On December 23rd, 2022, Congress passed a 1.7 trillion dollar spending bill, passing with 225 in favor and 201 opposed. After a divided debate just days before Christmas, Democrats sought to railroad the legislation through the House. The bill sits at 4,155 pages in length, so large in fact that Congress itself admitted in the debate on the floor that all members did not have a chance to read and discuss the merits of the bill yet1,2.

Congress addressed this as a 1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill ‘to avert a government shutdown,’ yet did not give the American people any consideration as to what these funds would accommodate. Looking further into the bill, the spending package is nothing more than a Christmas Tree filled with earmarks, every politician looking to take home their piece of pork. Massachusetts Democratic Representative Jim McGovern and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued in defense of passing the legislation on behalf of the politicians in favor of printing nearly two trillion more dollars through the Federal Reserve. Pennsylvania Republican Representative Guy Reschenthaler, and Texas Republican Representatives Chip Roy and Pete Sessions highlighted the bill’s focus on positional issues over majoritarian representation3.

While Congressional Democrats regurgitated the narrative that placing “people before politics” was the theme of the bill, yet the bill placed political earmarks above all else, including the taxpayer who will be responsible for funding their entire operation4.

What’s Inside the Bill?

In total, the omnibus includes $858 billion in defense funding and $800 billion in non-defense funding. This represents a $68 billion (9.3 percent) increase from last year’s appropriations5“This is the highest level for non-defense funding ever and a larger increase in both dollar and percentage than fiscal year 2022.”

The appropriations bill is a holiday package filled with international donations to foreign governments, alongside liberal riders. The legislation passed under the distraction of the holidays at 2 am, as the people celebrated Christmas, the Holiday season, and the New Year. Empowering alphabet agencies like the FDA, ITA, ATF, FBI, BIS, IRS, NSF, DOD, DOJ, EDA, BOP, ITC, and TSA, show the lack of concern for our dire state of economic inflation.

The omnibus disaster is packed with garbage, placing policy above the populace, and provides the IRS with $12.3 billion, funding their new 87,000 IRS agents hired earlier this year. The same 87,000 IRS agents were previously provided $85 billion earlier in 2022 to target and surveil American citizens who spend more than $600, bringing our nation deeper into a totalitarian command economy. The omnibus bill also provides the Department of Justice with $38.7 billion, $3.5 billion above the fiscal year 2022. Under the DOJ package, the FBI is awarded $375 million for a new headquarters and $11.33 billion in funding, even after the Twitter files were released disclosing their involvement with Big Tech speech suppression. This is $524 million above the President’s own request, “including for efforts to investigate extremist violence and domestic terrorism.” An example of further DOJ allocations includes $2.63 billion “to further support prosecutions related to the Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol and domestic terrorism cases.” Upon witnessing the FBI’s close involvement and attempts to shift public influence and sway political opinion through inciting division, it is likely these coercive and deceptive actions took place across all social media platforms.

As if the FDA has not already done enough damage to the American people, by appropriating major pharmaceutical tyrants to push experimental coronavirus mRNA vaccines, deeming them safe before they could be properly tested. The FDA classified every contraption, concoction, and substance, including ineffective PCR tests, as available to the public under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) knowing that these devices could not fall back on the manufacturers under this classification. Despite their atrocities against humanity, the federal government has increased the agency’s budget by $226 million dollars above the fiscal year 2022. The total funding for the FDA, including revenue from user fees, is $6.6 billion dollars.

Two lame-duck senators drafted this bill that can’t be held accountable after their permanent departure from Congress, leaving the American taxpayer to pick up the tab. No matter what appropriation could be concocted into this egregious porkbarrel, the lame-ducks are ensured to face no electoral recourse from voters. By the time taxpayers finish paying off these frivolous appropriations, many will not even remember what it was that Congress decided held more importance than the American public. H.R. 2617 was specifically coordinated to remain postponed until after November 8th’s midterm elections. By waiting until right before Christmas, Congress could jam through whatever the prehistoric legislatures deemed fit for their final act, as empirical economic determinists. Stalling the bill would result in government shutdown, and postpone important actions which need Congressional focus in 2023. This made the perfect combination for the historic lame-duck legislation, littering hundreds of earmarks buried within thousands of pages. Had the people been given a voice in the matter, many would have chosen to redistribute funds into American society and abandon many unnecessary international spending in the process.

The President Gets a Raise

The bill includes $878 million to be allocated directly to the Executive Office of the President. That’s $92 million more than the fiscal year 2022. This gives $17 million to the National Security Council, and an additional $1 million is also provided in supplemental funding to allow the White House to provide direct support to Ukraine’s government in the proxy war against the Russian government. Biden’s Secret Service (U.S.S.S.) will receive $2.82 billion, $210.3 billion above the fiscal year 2022. These increases are explicitly for travel expenses, protection, and campaign support.

Judicial Branch. The Judicial Branch also gets a bonus. The omnibus bill allocates $8.5 billion in discretionary appropriations to the Judicial Branch. This tops the fiscal year 2022 when they received $325 million less to support court operations. Among those who will benefit from this funding is the Court of Appeals, District Courts, Judicial Services, Defender Services, and Court Security.

Further Discretionary Spending

H.R. 2617’s discretionary spending places political accommodation over public resources, pouring funding into client politics instead of majoritarian policies. This includes allocating $8.6 million for gender advisor programs at the Pentagon, and millions more for solar panel projects, LGBT museums, pride centers, and other woke propaganda. These liberal luxuries are not a national priority among lower-income working-class American families.

Two lame-ducks who drafted the bill ensured their name would be not be forgotten among the bad policy which they helped to enact during their political careers. Senator Patrick Leahy, who concocted the appropriations bill, has numerous projects named after himself. Among these reside $2.35 million for the Leahy Center in Vermont named after Patrick Leahy. In addition, Speaker Pelosi is listed to be memorialized, having structures named after her as well, such as the ‘‘Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building’’ located at 90 7th Street in San Francisco, California. While many public necessities could have been better funded, many failed to make it into the appropriations bill altogether, yet Pelosi and Leahy ensured to have their names memorialized, instead of their political actions.

International Donations

Sadly, both the media and the House paid more attention to Zelensky’s plea for U.S. financing, awarding him 45 Billion dollars, than ensuring the American people’s voices and concerns were addressed within the bill’s appropriations. By continuing to fund Ukraine’s government, the U.S. government is forcing the American people to fund an international proxy war with the Russian government. While the IRS seeks to surveil any domestic transactions over $600, the $45 billion being given to Ukraine, along with the previous funding and weapons remain fully unregulated.

Homeland Security

This bill facilitates the further reduction of U.S. border control, opening our national borders to illegal immigrants under the guise of asylum. To assist with this, the bill allocates $410 million dollars not for the American border, but for international border security in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman. Instead, the bill reduces U.S. DHS border enforcement, hiring only 300 additional DHS Border Patrol Agents on the U.S.-Mexico Border.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) received $8.42 billion, $161 million above fiscal year 2022. The President would have chosen even less money to be appropriated, flaunting his decision to neglect the overrun U.S.-Mexico border, placing a budget request for $319.4 million less towards Homeland Security Investigations, Enforcement, and Removal Operations.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was provided $25.7 billion, a $1.5 billion increase above the fiscal year 2022, $575.4 million above the President’s request.

Reforming the Electoral Count Act of 1887

Division P of the omnibus bill describes the reformation of Congress’s method of counting Presidential votes, first established in 1887, calling it “outdated6.” This act, called “Electoral Count Reform Act of 2022,” will conform the method for counting electoral votes to a modernized standard, affirming that the role of the Vice President is no longer influential but “ministerial.” The bill also stirkes an 1845 law which could be used to “override popoular vote,” implementing the effects of H.R. 8873. This legislation allows elections to be postponed due to “extraordinary and catastrophic” events, leaving public elections vulnerable to provocuteurs nefariously funded on behalf of various client interests.

It also raises the objection level on bills to at least one-fifth in both the House of Represenatives and the Senate, as opposed to the current levels of at least a single member in both chambers. The bill states that this change will “reduce the likelihood of frivolous objections by ensuring that objections are broadly supported.” Instead it is likely to force the creation of more caucuses and political factions which focus on passing policy apart from the interest of the people. The laundry list of earmarks in H.R. 2617 reveal a remarkable level of neglect and abandonment of public interest. Rather than focus on implementing good public policy, Congress made the decision to pass legislation in favor of their district and internal political allegiences at the expense of the working-class and our nation. Another instance of the deposing of our Constitution and traditional implementation in favor of public accommodation to gather more votes.

No TikTok on Government Devices

Division R of the legislation is cited as the “No TikTok on Government Devices Act.” This act bans any and all future applications or services “developed or provided by ByteDance Limited or an entity owned by ByteDance Limited.” While Division R remains a short act, spanning only three pages, it extends into a much larger question into the dangers of the Chinese Communist Party’s surveillance technology on American devices. Congress determined of all things that was important enough to retain itself, in contrast to the many other acts which were removed.

Twenty Five Votes Away

The bill fell short just twenty-five votes from forcing a government negotiation to ensure the legislation upholds our nation’s needs. Among those who did not vote, Ted Cruz, author of books such as “One Vote Away” and “Justice Corrupted,” couldn’t be bothered to make an appearance, nor did he have a representative vote on his behalf. In the end, unlike Cruz, the majority voted by proxy, leaving eighteen Republicans voting in favor of the rule. Had Cruz and twenty-five others done their jobs, they would have removed themselves as accomplices to intitiate their own political pet projects while thriving the funding from the people. The majority of this bill is of no interest to the public, but a flex from the political elites to force compliance to their own depraved agenda, no matter the fate of our nation.


“We’re two days away from Christmas” stated California Representative Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, “The Christmas season is the season of giving, but in Congress it appears the season of giving will line the pockets of Democrat special interests, and stick the hardworking Americans with the tab. That’s what this omnibus does.” It is difficult to discern McCarthy’s sincerity, as he avoided coordinating any votes by proxy to ensure the legislation could properly be analyzed, each issue taking its own merit into account, comparing it to the needs of the public and U.S. economy.

“Look at what’s in this bill ladies and gentleman. This isn’t about getting things done,  this is about getting things, before you’re done. That’s what this. That’s why it’s happening now. That’s why it’s happening he way this is.” Stated Representative Scott Perry adding, “The American people are sick of this and it must end.”

Pelosi’s Last Stand

Nancy Pelosi announced this would be her final speech on the floor, as she took the stand to speak on the appropriations bill. Her final speech would be filled with false passion, as it appeared she cared more about leaving for Christmas, knowing that the jam-packed lesilation would pass without conflict due to the timing, restructuring of Congress on January 3rd, and the exiting of the appropriation bill’s two primary authors.

“We have a big bill here because we have big needs for our country. We have the largest defense of appropriation ever, and again, to help us honor our oath of office to protect and defend and what the Constitution says provide for the common defense.” These Congressional “needs” would go nearly unregulated.

“We reformed the Electoral Count Act of 1987” boasted Pelosi, missing the act’s date by one hundred years (1887), adding the move would “thwart future attempts to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, and as I’ve said before, here in the heart of our democracy. Mr. Speaker, this is truly a package for the people.7,”


We now exist in a digital age where agencies receive more money to target and label civilians as domestic threats than providing a sustainable free market economy and encouraging a unified nation through acceptance of opposing values. Instead, the federal government has devoted billions of dollars to facilitate public discourse and fuel the political divide needs to result in more government intervention and an increased surveillance state. While these technologies allow our society to remain more secure when it comes to actual threats, the truth is that these will ultimately be used for political warfare and against religious institutions that resist and oppose the global narrative.

Despite Congress’s necessity to actually read the over four thousand page spending bill, the majority voted in favor of H Res 1531. Congress should have debated and decided on the contents of this bill long before two days prior to Christmas. Instead, two lame ducks made their last stand, hoisting up their own dilapidated Christmas tree littered with earmarks. The two exiting Senators made sure they each took home their own pie in the sky, while filling the trough with hundreds of pieces of pork. As more and more members of Congress voted “Yea” on the ominous omnibus, it became clear this legislation planned to be passed in order to discover what the bill actually contains. The House bears no responsibility to its inaction, and it is the people who will ultimately suffer.

In a final attempt to halt the legislation, Representative Chip Roy argued Passed without a physical quorum present. The Speaker responded, stated that 226 votes cast by proxy counted as a quorum. The Democrats hold such neglect for the American people that they created a system of voting that would function by proxy, knowing that most members would not even read the bill. The House could not wait eleven days from its debate to pass the legislation until the 118th Congress took effect, leaving the government with a deficit in which the people must repay.

This was the final vote of the 117th Congress and Nancy Pelosi’s last stand. The 118th Congress will be sworn in on January 3rd, 2023, where they will vote in a new Speaker of the House.

Quick Guide to Omnibus Bill’s Alphabet Agency Appropriations:

  • FDA – $3.5 billion, +$226 million above the fiscal year 2022
  • DOI – $14.7 billion, +$574 million above the fiscal year 2022
  • DOJ – $38.7 billion, +$3.5 billion above the fiscal year 2022
  • FBI – $11.33 billion, +569.6 million above the fiscal year 2022
  • NASA – $25.4 billion, +$1.34 billion above the fiscal year 2022
  • ATF – $1.75 billion, +$215.9 million above the fiscal year 2022
  • BOP – $8.7 billion, +569.6 million above the fiscal year 2022
  • ITC – $122.4 million, +$12.4 million above the fiscal year 2022
  • Grants to State and Local Law Enforcement – $4.4 billion, +$506.4 million above the fiscal year 2022
  • Farm Programs – $1.92 billion, +$55 million above the fiscal year 2022
  • Rural Development and Infrastructure – ~$4 billion
  • International Food Aid and Assistance – $2.2 Billion
  • Ukraine’s War – $45 billion
  • WIC, SNAP – $159.8 billion
  • Child Nutrition Programs, Summer EBT – $28.5 billion
  • Food Safety & Inspection Service – $1.158 billion
  • U.S. Department of Commerce – $11.2 billion, +$1.3 billion above the fiscal year 2022
  • Climate Research – $224.2 million, +$24.2 million above the fiscal year 2022
  • Critical Infrastructure – $1.47 billion
  • Loan Authorities – $8.2 billion for rural electric and telephone infrastructure loans









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