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Neuralink: Will We Become Shadows of Our Former State?

Our modern society has reached a point where the central body of people can be swayed to adapt to more convenient technologies. In reaction, we produce a consistently rapidly updated collection of metadata, providing a plethora of vital consumer statistics free of charge to corporate entities. What they choose to do with this data collection is their own rights as private companies, however, it greatly impacts its users and weakens our independence apart from an authoritarian technocracy.

It is under these circumstances and our current state of increasing surveillance that depicts an illusory escape into the digital domain.

Neuralink Unveiled. On November 29th, 2022, Elon Musk revealed his Neuralink device to the world. Elon assured viewers, whether they were interested in the implanted device or not, that we must come to terms with the fact that we have become something more than humans. Referring to our current state as “Cyborgs,” Elon went on to explain that in order to expand beyond our current physical limitations, we would need to merge our biological organisms with his intracranial contraption.

What this means is that our thoughts will soon be part of the collective narrative. This includes compliance and adherence to specific criteria which will likely be coordinated to force humans into digital slavocracy. What begins in our thoughts translates into actions. While our physical output is claimed to be greater with an implanted Neuralink device, are individual humans capable of discerning truth at an increased rate of information per second?

Is a man who types faster than he can speak, expressing his own thoughts, or conforming to the patterns of this world? If another entity constructs the public narrative, who benefits most from this mass biological infiltration?

The Transhumanist Resistance

How will the transhumanist resistance be affected?

As Americans, we pride ourselves in the ability to freely express ourselves, however under these circumstances, data rate would supersede discernment of verifiable fact. Instead of like creating using logic to detect fallacies, filter, and confirm information, fact verification would fall reliant not on personal validation but referencing against an artificially created digital database.

The more that companies begin focusing on software and abandoning hardware, the inevitable breakdown of the current existing computers will force a shift in compliance. In addition, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, society will likely begin offering incentives to those who have received brainchips, or even begin discriminating against them.

Rather than requiring true intellect, humans will soon rely on the convenience of the master database to determine absolute truth, when receiving new information.

Transitioning From Animal to Human

Elon Musk assured many animal activist groups and those against animal brutality that the monkeys did not mind the invasive procedure, and were not strapped to a chair. Instead, Musk stated they “liked it,” and even received a banana smoothie for all their hard work. Elon Musk did not comment on why they preferred to drink smoothies instead of eating whole natural bananas after receiving the brain-altering procedure.

Elon’s goal is next to remove the monkey and begin human implementation within six months, stated the brainchip software expert.

As Elon plans to remove the primate which enabled his technology, replacing it with a human subject to appropriate brainchips for the public. As this technology requires permanent alternation of our skulls, to allow human insertion, it is not something that should be used by those who are not physically or mentally disabled.

However, as seen with all technology, it will initially be weaponized against the public to obtain maximum revenue before regulation. It has become evident that beyond Twitter, Elon cares not about the improvements to humanity, but about his own synthetic contraption. While Elon Musk is preparing humanity for the future, we must ask ourselves, what title of future will that be?

Enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution

With each new company that plans to yield profit from this revolutionary new medical terrain, Klaus Schwab’s dreams of the Fourth Industrial Revolution may be much closer than we think.

As humanity is conformed into the image of man, those who participate in the Brainchip transfusion will fall reliant on the manufacture da of these mechanical contraptions. Although Elon would like us to believe that we are already cyborgs, it is evident that we still possess dominion over invasive technology and the global surveillance state. This means that we can effectively power down our appliances and go “offline,” in order to gain personal perspective when faced with life’s many challenges. After people subject themselves to revive a brainchip, there will always be a possibility of electronic malfunction, malicious disruptive sabotage, and biological side effects.

How long will it be, before our thoughts are no longer products of ourselves? Has American society devolved to a point where human beings are willing to comply with transhumanist advancements in order to get our version of the “banana smoothie?” Is this part of a plan to remove humans from society, and force compliance in exchange for reward in the form of glimpses of our king forgotten civil rights? While our founders did not predict that government officials would one day be required to be implanted with digital brainchips, yet in our modern age, like the mandated mRNA vaccines, this may be also be a pivotal requirement among the elite.

Proponents of Elon’s brainchips advocate the position that our bodies are physically limited by our mobility. When it comes to communication, we are limited to the speed out of fingers, in addition to mobility. While Elon has stated his intentions is to improve the quality of life for paralyzed individuals, and those with mobility issues. The viewer of Elon’s unveiling must ask himself, will Musk find a profitable and sustainable market for his technology among the physically disabled? The horrifying truth, is that although brainchips will be initially prescribed to those with no other alternatives, they will make their way into the consumer market, soon targeting the general public.

Could Elon’s claims be true? Are we nothing more than cybernetic organisms awaiting our next upgrade? Critics believe this is further derailing our species from individual sovereignty, forcing compliance to the creators of the devices and their databases. By removing the disconnect of physical space between electronic devices and man, we lose the ability to unplug from the digital domain. Once the metaverse becomes a viable medium to conduct business, brainchips will be the most immersive experience, while functioning as the most invasive form of surveillance known to date. Beyond just personal surveillance, the government will soon have the ability to “tap in” to our realities, thoughts, and even influence our actions. While the resistance stands opposed to reviving brainchips, it will not stop others from conducting surveillance through external adapters. Friends and family who participate in the great merge between man and machines will be subject to ambiguities.


Will Neuralink pose the same technological issues as exists external technology? As humans, we know firsthand of the physical breakdown of technology, along with the length of time before a newer, faster, smaller, and more efficient model comes out. This consequence of technological evolution comes as a benefit to our American economy and consumerism, but acts as an impediment to invasive procedures like the Neuralink device. In addition, there are unknown consequences of permanent brain manipulation through surgical implementations that we as humans and our traditional way of life, cannot accurately predict. After the initial human procedures are conducted on the disabled, incentives will be administered to the public,  for the early adopters of the Neuralink brainchips. Instead of appealing only to the disabled, Neuralink and it’s technology will likely be offered to “upgrade” our current state. In addition, propaganda campaigns will be conducted to coerce the people to believe their natural biological form is now defunct in our modern age.

Francis Collins has long boasted of electrode technology to reduce chronic depression. Now that technology may become available for humans of all ages. While to the average able-bodied human, the invasive procedure will insert technology that serves two functions. The first, to capitalize on unregulated medical technology, and the second to create a permanent state of surveillance. The brainchip technology will offer the federal government a plethora of new possibilities which completely divide our species into two. While transhumanists like Elon Musk want us to believe that we are already compromised, as modular cybernetic organisms, the truth is we can still retain our natural form at any time, and remove ourselves completely from technology. This freedom will likely one day be considered a prehistoric luxury, as technocrats will coerce the public to become consumers through convenience.


The possibility still exists that Elon Musk is using the human populace to advance his own interests, apart from public policy and what will benefit generations of humans for years to come. By this technology Elon will position himself to obtain necessary information in order to recreate human thought for his rising machines. The nest step in this agenda would be to replace the “second monkey,” creating a “super race” of artificial intelligent post-cybernetic organisms. In the case of Neuralink, the second monkey would be human beings, which would be removed through depopulation. From there, cybernetic A.I. would be resistant to biological disease, and even death itself, marking the end to human life as we know it.

Elon Musk’s willing participants of this mass experiment will facilitate the influx of proprietary biological information, transitioning the technology for the next stage of A.I. eugenics. As Musk removed the monkey in previous experiments in order to save on banana smoothies and other resources required to sustain biological life, the same fate may ultimately be determined for humanity. Are machines with the same abilities to think and act in the same way as man, more desirable to achieve global interests? In his natural state, will man be subservient to machine? In many ways, man has already fallen victim to reliance on experimental and evolving technology, in order to remain revenant in society. Now Elon’s Neuralink seeks to establish that technology inside of you. Is this technology inevitable, or is there an escape?

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