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On the Campaign Trail: Trump Announces 2024 Presidential Run

Let the campaign begin: On Tuesday, November 15th, 2022, former U.S. President Donald Trump announced his official re-election campaign for President in 2024, upon officially filing his candidacy with the Federal Election Commission1,2. Trump’s special announcement was made at Mar-o-Lago, the same space the executive branch used in the failed attempt to convince the public that Trump’s possession of classified documents was today’s modern equivalency of Watergate. Unfortunately for the liberals and radical left, Trump’s “classified documents” recovered from Mar-o-Lago have failed to embody the image of Nixon that critics have painted him to be.

“America’s comeback starts right now.”

At 9:00pm EST, former U.S. President Donald Trump made the public commitment to every struggling American, that he would step in, and save our nation from the decimation of the U.S. economy under the Biden regime. Rather than sit on the sidelines as citizens, forced to watch our government overstep their Constitutional boundaries, transforming our nation into a platform for international collusion under the guise of ‘global progress,’ “America’s comeback starts right now” assured the former president. Despite Donald Trump’s repetitive promises to reinvigorate our nation, ultimately the fate of America relies on the will of the voter to resist the mainstream narrative of deception. The direction of this country is chosen by you, not the media, and definitely not by politicians. Aside from opinionated commentary on Trump’s personality or social media presence, Donald Trump strives to uplift our country, our economy, and each individual citizen to allow equal prosperity apart from government intervention. Trump does not seek to intervene in our lives, yet gives assurance of executive focus on a post-pandemic flourishing free market, elevating the working class, and facilitating decisions that result in national deflation.

“The blood-soaked streets of our once great cities are cesspools of violent crimes which are being watched all over the world as leadership of other countries explain that “this is what America and democracy is really all about’”

‘The United States has been embarrassed, humiliated, and weakened for all to see.’ How sad. The disasters in Afghanistan, perhaps the most embarrassing moment in the hisotry of our country, where we lost lives, left Americans behind and surrendered $85 billion dollars worth of the finest military equipment anywhere in the world. And Ukraine…which would have never happened if I was your President. Or something.

Could Trump’s addition of an alternative, “or something,” allude to Trump’s potential to become elected as Speaker of the House if not now, in 2028 following his Presidency? In theory, Trump has the power to remain indefinitely politically relevant depending on his campaign, and ability to follow through with his promises to the American people should he attain a position of power.

“We will win because we will fight with every measure of our strength and with every ounce of our energy to lift up the working men and working women of America, and to restore the fabric of this nation. The radical left democrats have embraced an extreme ideology of government domination and control. Our approach is the opposite. one based on freedom, values, individual responsibility, and just plain common sense.”

Referring to Biden’s presidency as “the pause” Trump stated that“[i]n two years Biden Administration has destroyed the U.S. economy. It has destroyed it. With victory, we will again build the greatest economy ever. It will take place quickly.”

While the corporate media attempts to implement a false dichotomy to divide conservatives between DeSantis and Trump, Americans of all political ideologies must remain united. In the end, we all want national prosperity and individual sovereignty, despite our social differences. While the progressive left seeks to infiltrate and reimagine our Constitution, candidates like Donald Trump stand to improve the overall quality of life experienced in our country. Conversely and in Trump’s defense, should we support American Presidential candidates motivated by international submission to global order and personal political progress? Our nation has reached a point where independent national progress and foreign relations are more important than fulfilling demands for public accommodations to adhere to a system of global social compliance. Trump is a man who cares about both his current image and eternal legacy. For these reasons, he is the most likely candidate to commit and follow through with the changes we need to divert away from our nation’s current direction, ensuring the people are placed before the politician.

Hear the full announcement for candidacy below:

You can view the official Trump Tracker here:

The updates from the official Trump Tracker is also available as Substack posts here:



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