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Eric Adams’ International Philanthropy

New York City Mayor Eric Adams trashed the entire state of Kansas1 in a speech on September 28th, 2022. Eric Adams claimed New York had a brand, and that Kansas did not. Adams then went on to shame the people of Kansas, suggesting residents were not proud to be associated with the state. This attempt at promoting a sense of pride resulted in the feeling of humility for many New Yorkers, who were incorporated into Adam’s classist perspective. Rather than focus on the economic state of New York City, Eric Adams used his position of power to distract voters with laughter.

“We have a brand. New York has a brand. And when people see it, it means something.” 

“When we go there, it’s not… Kansas doesn’t have a brand. (Laughter.) When you go there, okay, you’re from Kansas. No. You know what? But New York has a brand. It has a brand and that brand means diversity. That brand means we care.” – Eric Adams

What is the brand of New York? New York City’s brand is mandated vaccines, forced lockdowns, economic submission, and persistent propaganda.

Through the dehumanization of the people of Kansas, Eric Adams attempted to shift the negative connotation of metropolitan authoritarianism

Who is Eric Adams, a public servant elected by the people, to speak against other hardworking Americans for not contributing to his socialist state of iatrarchy? Through his depraved narrative, he misled New Yorkers to their economic demise, passing radical legislation against the population, and building toward the global narrative.

“And so I want to thank the entire delegation and team, our religious leaders, our elected officials, our partners, our CBOs of coming together saying that we were going to help the people of Dominican Republic and then the people of Puerto Rico.” – Eric Adams

It is not the job of Eric Adams to use New York City’s budget to help the people of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, he refuses to address many fiscal issues which are important and meaningful to the public. This includes state provisions that allow the individual to re-establish their financial sovereignty, allowing residents to contribute donations to disaster relief as a result of their own prosperity.

Pastor Gilford Monrose, Eric Adams’ Faith Advisor led the briefing stating that his experience through five hurricanes raised concerns about the well-being of other communities affected by these disasters. While this is a noble cause that contributes to building a better and more faith-based society, it should be left up to the individual to provide relief from the success of their own earnings, not be forced to neglect the domestic state of affairs. While nobody can predict a disaster, should it be New York City that pays?

Pastor Gilford Monrose, Faith Advisor, Office of the Mayor stated, “Good morning to everyone. I am Pastor Gilman Rose. I am the faith advisor in the Office of the Mayor and the executive director of the Office of Faith Based and Community Partnerships of New York City, and one of the delegates who are in Puerto Rico and also the Dominican Republic over the weekend.”

“I have been through not one, not two, not three, not four, but five hurricanes, being raised up in the U.S. Virgin Islands. And so these areas of concern for us, of course, is one area of compassion that we feel as faith leaders.”

“And for New York City to bring to bear not only local government and government officials, but also the faith community.” – Pastor Gilford Monrose

Eric Adams stated, “We are wounded healers.” Repeating himself, he stated “We are wounded healers.” adding “It’s easy to look at your wounds and state, why am I going to help my brother? The wounds we have here, from COVID to the asylum seekers to violence to housing to educational crises to our own climate change to challenging…” – Eric Adams

”But there’s something unique about New York City. When others go through their moments of uncertainties, we have the ability to know that as wounded healers, we must deal with our wounds, but also help those across the globe. We have so much abundance here.”

“And if you don’t believe we do, then you really need to go in the frontline and see the makeshift housing that people are living through without electricity that gives away to lack of running water. Just being able to put a few drops of Clorox in water to keep the mosquitoes away.”

While New Yorkers should be able to independently provide relief to those in need, it is the job of the government to protect the state and its citizens above all other concerns. Eric Adams can neglect the city, using the budget to build clout with federal organizations, allowing him to tap into the globalist enterprise. By neglecting his primary responsibility and allowing New York City to fall into a state of poverty, Eric Adams is exploiting both the Caribbean community and individual faith in God, in order to gain voter support for the next election. His addition of mentioning Climate Change to his “wounded healers” excuse proves this. If he genuinely believed in God and had faith in His plan, Eric Adams would soon realize no amount of tax dollars can control the Climate, nor are we designed to. He would also realize that his position of power places mandates his duty to the people. Pouring tax dollars into an illusive humanist false utopia will only sink New York City into a greater state of economic despair. Positioning society to utilize multiple energy sources and creating more efficient products will globally reduce carbon emissions, eliminating the need for further funding.

It is also probable that Eric Adams’ flight wasn’t commercial business class. In fact, Eric Adams’ chartered private jet excursion into the Caribbean contradicts the sincerity of his sentiment over throwing more tax dollars at changing our climate. How much did Adams’s flights contribute to global carbon emissions in order to come to the conclusion that he needed to abandon New York residents in a time of economic need, to extend the objective of his duties? To Eric Adams, these instances of wasteful third-party spending can be seen as early campaigning for re-election for a second term, paid exclusively on the cities’ budget. The more power Eric Adams gains, the more outrageous his attitude and his demands. Adams was handed New York City in a state of demise from the dubious de Blasio. Upon inauguration, Adams realized he could rebuild de Blasio’s fallen city of ruin in his own image. Since then, Adams has positioned the city of New York to obtain financial support from globalist entities, such as FEMA2. This will devote societal compliance to the socialist-inspired new world state of control, reshaping the nature of New York City, our nation’s first capital.

Eric Adams’ allegiance to FEMA and the federal government to uphold their transhumanist objectives allowed him to rise to a state of power over the American citizen. Eric Adams, initially gaining voter support through his demagogue approach as an influencer on social media, imposed severe fines on businesses that refused to comply with his authoritative legislation. The inevitable closure of the majority of New York City’s businesses due to Adams’ mishandling of the pandemic during his wrongfully extended lockdowns and imposed health-oriented segregation with public discrimination over fears of COVID-19 alone is enough to depose the Mayor of public respect, forcing him to have to regain that support through legislative action, economic prosperity, and commitment to the people. 

This remains unseen, as the public witnesses instead a comedic response , as a coordinated diversion, to the sincerity of New York City’s many issues. Beyond the degrading infrastructure causing floods in subways and streets during heavy rains, to the rising cost of living and lack of financial certainty for the working-class. Many still remain unemployed, or work full-time making a small percentage of their income pre-pandemic. Some residents cannot afford to sustain their basic means of life. This means for those unable to feed their families, pay their rent, and afford the skyrocketing prices of inflation, they must seek to the government for assistance. The artificially induced to coercion of the public makes it seem like the mayor has done so much for his community, when in reality he has only borrowed federal budget to frivolously spend on whatever he pleases. This leads Adams to partipate in global laundering scheme to reduce change of climate. The ultimate goal is to commit the people to unsustainable forms of government-regulated “clean” energy. This allows for further crises allowing an overly dramatic response from the state, through gaining the false support of the people. The goal is to force the people to be willing to pay the government to fix their own problems, and when no problems exist, it is the job of the government to create them and inflate them.

While Mayor Eric Adams cracks jokes at others’ expense, exploiting the people as his personal “brand,” true political action in favor of the people awaits to be seen. Creating an authoritative state does nothing but harm the independence of the public, which further calls for more government intervention. Spending the money of the public is not a brand, nor is the socialist propaganda that is plastered throughout the city of New York. From subway cars to LCD billboards, it is difficult to avoid the vaccine propaganda which Eric Adams was paid to promote. By conveying a false safety from an experimental vaccination Eric Adams displayed his lack of concern for humanity. Eric Adams used tax dollars to deem workers “non-essential,” forcing a drastic change in livelihoods and lifestyles. Many of these “non-essential” workers were forced to rely on unemployment or government assistance, which further perpetuated New York’s welfare state. By the summer of 2022, New York City had transformed from the lively diverse culture it once had, into a state of forced compliance, and public danger. 

As New York begins to rebuild, it gains funding from many compromised institutions, which demand adherence to this collectivist policy seeking to revolutionize the robust thriving state which previously existed. While Eric Adams cannot be entirely blamed for the horrible de Blasio who worked in tandem with the medical dictatorship. Bill de Blasio, paid by the people, used these funds provided to promote vaccines for New Yorkers of all ages, before these concoctions could be properly tested, even bribing concerned individuals wanting more information on mRNA vaccines, instead with food and $100. However, one evil does not justify another, and Eric Adams still needs to be held accountable for his tyrannical disposition towards other people and now other states. Instead of promoting a union, Adams’ mockery of other regions of America calls for segregation, the very thing Americans decided against in 1865. We are united, and we must as a people remain that way consistently, no matter the influence seeking to corrupt our values and divide us as a population.

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