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Our Continued Battle for the Soul of the Nation

Welcome to 2022. Division and segregation are now encouraged. Instead of unifying the public during America’s darkest hours, our U.S. President has launched an attack on the people themselves. Boasting the force of the executive branch, President Joe Biden’s regime has begun the political persecution of Americans. In a follow-up to his quote made on April 25th, 2019, “We are living through a battle for the soul of this nation1,” Biden’s speech made on September 1st, 2022 was titled “[T]he Continued Battle for the Soul of the Nation.”

In a public display of tyrannical public condemnation, Joe Biden delivered a speech on independent thought and the end of democracy, illuminated by a red inferno, as if fueled by the malicious entities which control the actions of the global regime seeking to overthrow patriotism and nationalist populism. Joe Biden’s dictatorship extends far beyond our nation’s open borders, seeking influence from global oligarchs and bureaucratic medical dictatorship. While criminalizing the concept of alternative thought within America, Joe Biden indicted the American people rather than discussing a change within the federal government. 

In public advocation of a one-party system, Joe Biden attempted to induce a state of paranoia surrounding political dissent, the Republican party, and the MAGA movement of America. This means contrasting ideologies, beliefs, and opinions are now officially recognized as politically incorrect to the public. If U.S. citizens do not comply with this new world narrative, many will quickly find themselves ostracized by the socialist movement which has begun to entwine itself within our country.

Red Inferno

Almost as if in the advocation of the devil himself, Joe Biden’s red inferno backdrop provided a dark insight into the lack of leadership that drive our nation. In a speech that aligned with the perspective of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, Joe Biden has weaponized the federal government to seek the removal of all those with opposing political ideologies. Through attempting to incite violence with the promotion of division, demonizing individuals who feel a national sense of pride for our nation’s founding and the freedoms that exist today.

In a further attempt to stoke fear into the public, Joe Biden was met with two Marines who stood guard behind him during the speech. The object of this was to intimidate the people under the presupposition that the executive branch can and will soon be used against them should they defy federal orders and resist the weakening and desecration of the integrity of America. Instead of upholding our U.S. Constitution, giving the public back the power of our country, and contributing to lasting national economic prosperity, as a population, we are subdued into submission with digital segregation, ideological conflict, and a state of economic decay seeking to influence the perspective of our modern rulers.

By design, Joe Biden’s speech was delivered in Independence Hall, the same space where the founding fathers signed the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The Biden regime’s public act of new world dominance and persecution of the people of America seek to remove diversity of thought and promote the resegregation of the populace. Through the reconfiguration of fundamental truth, the encouragement of hate, and the reconditioning of the population through artificial scarcity, to enforce these positions, the criminals who reside within our U.S. federal government seek to smother the nation in propaganda to revoke the civil rights of the people.

Imperialist Motif

The imagery depicted behind Joe Biden did not resonant the freedoms which exist within our nation, nor did it invoke a sense of unity. Instead the message given, was a leader seeking to form a false state of security and longevity through collectivism fueled by the people. As in all dictatorships, it is not the fault of the people but a reaction to the constant daily conditioning of thought through forced propaganda, alongside public shaming and punishment for political resistance. No longer can there be variant perspectives on a particular issue, as the behind-the-scenes malevolent forces view this as a threat to the disorder in which they seek to invoke.

Joe Biden’s Hitlerian speech condemned the American people, labeling them threats to our Federalist Constitutional Republic. Rather than discussing a legislative change within the federal government, Joe Biden sought to distract America. In a vile act of dominance, Joe Biden sought to desecrate the divinity of our nation’s founding, laying blame on half of America’s Constitutionally protected people. While the intimidation of the people alongside the advocation for a one-party state of control would have caused another revolution through the worldview of our founding fathers, it’s nothing new for the citizens of our nation today. Instead of pursuing change, the president enacts guilt upon the people, mandating a state of submission through political ultimatums backed by nefarious legislation.

Creating an illusive state of intangible utopia, Joe Biden touted “democracy” over 35 times during his speech. What started originally as “the Pursuit of Happiness” in 1776 has manifested today into an endless pursuit of salvation, misled through poor budgeting and the diversion of human faith. Rather than establishing personal independece in a sovergn nation, today’s pursuit of happiness is nothing more than a pre-conditioned rat race to conform to the ever-changing stability of progressive worldviews. 

Joe Biden also denied the overstep in power through the FBI, which has become the modern fourth branch of our federal government. What started with J Edgar Hoover’s intent to facilitate a more robust FBI, has today become America’s domestic secret police.

“There is no place for political violence in America,” stated Joe Biden, adding that “FBI agents are just doing their job as directed.”

The Criminalization of Thought

Instead of foreign terrorist groups, international radicals, other forms of violent extremism, and upholding our national borders, today’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has condemned a difference in political ideology to mandate the Great Narrative creating a path into the new world order.

On February 7th, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin warning Americans of newly emerging domestic terrorist threats. These include anybody daring to speak against COVID-19 mandates, 5G technology, and election fraud. In a desperate attempt to suppress diversity of thought, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) demands that the American people question nothing, and adhere to the great narrative of our nation.

The DHS report names “online environments filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors,” as the current threats to our free nation.

This means discussing the extensively scientifically documented evidence behind the physical and neurological dangers of 5G technology, and its potential for unlimited invasive surveillance eliminating privacy from society. In today’s world, questioning of the biological impacts of modern science is strictly forbidden. As a result, law-abiding taxpayers will be labeled as actual threats to our national security, and the military resources of our executive branch can now be turned against the public.

American academia has similarly been compromised. In Mao’s Chinese Communist Party, the indoctrination started with the re-alignment of the education within schools, targeting the children themselves. This carefully designed tactic, forces change in the perspective of future generations who then uphold the corrupt political narrative defaulting the power of the people to the behind-the-scenes monster of control.


Biden’s political assault on the working-class of America has revealed itself as a formal dictatorship, in the very construct of the same space which our freedoms were established. The goal of the malicious forces who seek to control our world is to void meaning, derailing significance of purpose and forcing a state of black-pill nihilism. This has not only become a method of revenue for the criminals in power who have hijacked our country. Their main objective is to manipulate our national legislation, subtly weakening our economy while enacting bad policy to desecrate individualism. This is one of the most important times to be alive, for a battle exists

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