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Monkeypox is Now a Global Health Emergency

On July 23rd, 2022 the World Health Organizations’ (WHO) Dr. Tedros declared Monkeypox an official Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)1. Attempting to ignite a new state of paranoia, the WHO has begun weaponizing Monkeypox orthopoxvirus against the U.S. population, ushering in a new wave of biosurveillance that demands furthered public health compliance. Entities like the World Health Organization (WHO) seek to reform U.S. national legislation, forcing citizens to abide by international rules set in place by the global iatrarchy.

While the elite sit atop of barrier of public discourse, the new medical dictatorship can finalize their implementation of a universal health policy. As state-run media continues to hammer fear down the throats of hard-working Americans, humanity continues to unknowingly be corralled into a position of vulnerability. This illusive fear reinforces the need for global governance. After all, avoiding a global catastrophe demands the assurance of total worldwide compliance. This will ultimately lead to the revocation of our individual civil rights, and the destruction of America, along with our traditional western values. While our U.S. president sacrifices our freedoms and our nation simultaneously to the new world order, the everyday citizen sees no benefit to the increased hardships placed on the shoulders of the average American. Besides the act of “giving yourself a pat on the back for saving the planet” following mandated self denial of resources, all that remains is a state of progressive decay spurring from economic instability. 

By now the government understands that ensuring financial pressure is felt in some form by all U.S. citizens, will encourage a public outcry for more government funding. This process, allows the government an excuse to demand more money from the people. Almost as if destroyed by design, the current artificially developed modern need for economic relief can be traced back to the pandemic itself, when the federal government began printing trillions of dollars to spend on international commodities, and that would be placed back into circulation. This caused there to be an excess of dollars, which devalued our domestic currency, allowing the elites to obtain resources and other investments which hold value. As the dollar plummeted to its current state, oligarchs retained their wealth, while accumulating far more than they could have previously anticipated.

Proponents of the new world order advocate for this artificial transfer of private wealth, and distribution of individual power to the collective Establishment. J.P. Morgan’s CEO publicly claims the need for placing more currency into international commodities. This act results in the siphoning of our returns from a hard day’s work, and the reduction of the quantity and quality of food on the dinner table for many families. Small businesses have also felt the effects of the pandemic laundering campaign.

With the historic Dark Winter scenario playing out before us in real-time, Monkeypox is a further economic distortion allowing the federal government to reimagine the value of the American dollar. In exchange, the U.S. government attains their share of global resources, to be sold back to the people at high costs, ensuring a sustainable yield of profit. The resulting inflation and economic devastation can then be blamed on any number external events, none of them surrounding financial transactions and monetary strategies which occur behind the scenes.

As entities like the World Health Organization (WHO) demand more financial contributions from its Members, the U.S. federal government must come up with more creative ways to convince the American people to rally behind the devaluation of their own currency, and the increase in the cost of all resources. Harmless viruses which have existed for years can be sensationalized, radicalized, and even synthetically mutated to provoke fear encouraging submission of free will, the elimination of independent thought, along with the slow degradation and death of American exceptionalism and our national culture.

Is Monkeypox enough of a global concern to usher in new medical legislation against the people?

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