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Dr. Fauci Suggests Three Doses for Vaccines for All Americans

With the recent FDA approval of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, and the following FDA approval of three doses among immunocompromised individuals, comes the next iteration of America’s big pharmaceutical corporation, and the globalist new world order: Now Fauci suggests three doses for all Americans.

Now, Fauci vows to change the meaning of “whether ‘something’ is now constitute fully vaccinated”. With Israel now pushing three doses as their country’s vaccination standard, the medical dictators of our society have begun imposing this on American citizens.

Zeke Miller from Associated Press asked “You mentioned the studies in Israel we’ve seen Israeli Government require people to get a third dose of the vaccine to be considered fully vaccinated, they do expect a similar change the United States that, that third dose after that waiting period will be required to be political considered fully vaccinated and enjoy the privileges of the freedoms that provides, and then sort of a broader question and maybe for Jeff, should we expect the same level of national campaign to give people that third dose of those to does vaccines we saw so much over the last year for writing people that even just one dose of those shots wasn’t enough you need the second two weeks that’s from the same level of engagement to encourage people to get the third.”

Fauci responded, “Well, regarding your first question. The determination whether something is now constitute fully vaccinated. I will leave that up to the FDA when they get the data on the three doses to make that determination and then ultimately a recommendation from the ACIP to the CDC, so that is recommended. But I must say from my own experience as an immunologist, I would not at all be surprised that the adequate full regimen for vaccination will likely be three doses and the reason I say that is that it’s very clear when you give a prime and maybe a second shot is a boost, but give the immune system enough chance to mature in both affinity maturation and maturation of the B-cell repertoire. It is entirely understandable why the results that I just reported from the Israeli boosters is so dramatic, and we will hope and I believe we have good reason to believe that that only will not be a strong response, but that it will actually be durable, and if it is durable, then you’re going to have very likely a three dose regimen, being the routine regimen, but we’ll just have to wait to make sure that that’s the case, When the data get presented to the FDA.”

Will American’s state-wide freedoms be reduced? Will small businesses and the working class, continue to force adherence to these medical standards? Is this about the safety of the American population, or or this financially incentivized political weaponization at the disposal of the American population?

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