Big Tech Censorship Freedom of Speech Political Weaponization

Instagram Blocks Critical Comments of President Biden

Upon the introduction of a series of new censorship innovations over the past year, Instagram has repeatedly stated that these restrictions are in place to prevent “harassment” to its users. However the bias behind these algorithmic restrictions is alarming, and in fact the exact opposite of protection.

Now, the platform’s censorship seems to be applicable to even the President of the United States of America. This means the speaking out against any action of the ruling class, is an act of “bullying” and enough to get your comment flagged for removal.

Users online began posting typical language of political debates—such as the word “loser”—which resulted in the censorship of the comment. Has online free speech suppression gone as far as to eliminate the right for political opposition?

The United States government was created to protect the rights of the citizens, not to suppress them. Big Tech censorship has the ability to defy constitutional rights, now even extending to speaking out against the very government our taxes fund. Is speaking out against a specific partisan belief, now a just cause for elimination?

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