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Artificial Chameleon Skin Developed

The modern definition of “Science Fiction” continues to grow smaller, as modern inventions and the advancement in technology continue their evolution becoming a part of our everyday reality.

Developer Seung Hwan Ko, a mechanical engineer at Seoul National University, has developed an Artificial Chameleon Skin with color-changing and color-sensing technology.

C&EN reported “high-resolution, adaptive camouflage could be used for camouflage suits or vehicle coatings for the military, or for next-generation flexible displays. Ko also imagines uses in color-changing art, building facades, and clothing.”

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The temperature induced color changing skin uses thermochromic liquid crystals to produce an almost instantaneous change. This is only the start of this revolutionary creation. Inventor Seung Hwan Ko and his team, plans to create newer higher resolution versions.

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What could this mean?

Could ‘invisible’ physical enforcement become a technology of our future? Will the next stage of ‘surveillance’ and ‘censorship’ be hiding in plain sight? Who will control this technology, and what will prevent malevolent forces from attaining the ability to recreate it? The conflict of our future may be unseen, as technology expands into realms beyond our current comprehension.

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