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CNN Sends Controversial Email to Wrong Destination

An internal email has leaked from CNN’s Washington Bureau Chief. The email complained that “a majority of unvaccinated Americans say they’re unlikely to get the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of outreach efforts” concluding “This is the point re: carrot vs. stick. The carrot is no longer going to work”.

This statement further devalues the credibility of CNN, and shows that they do not believe in freedom of choice. If the vaccine is so effective, why does it matter if unvaccinated people choose to risk the consequences of not getting one? Americans should have the freedom to choose what they inject into their body, especially something without much historical research or information, such as mRNA vaccines.

Those who have already received the vaccine, are sick of constantly hearing about vaccines, and want to return back to normal life, and an open free market for small businesses. Could politicians be using the unvaccinated to stall fully reopening the U.S. economy and further distract America with irrelevant propaganda?

According to the CDC Guidelines:

“Covid-19 vaccines are effective against variants of the virus the causes COVID-19, currently circulating in the United States including the Delta variant.”

Charlie Kirk stated “Is it CNN’s stated position now, that they are going to try to administer medicine, under the threat of punishment?” “[T]he analogy carrot versus stick is used usually when talking about incentives: What is the best way to compel human beings to get to a desired objective, and is it CNNs position now that if someone decides to refuse to get the vaccine, like, I have that I’m going to come under some sort of punishment? What does that mean? What does the stick look like in CNNs world? Are they reporting on the news or are they trying to actually tried to subsidize or incentivize human beings towards a certain outcome? Are they trying to go after stories that are actually going to hold powerful people accountable?”

Tucker Carlson Responded “CNN’s in house doctor ran Planned Parenthood, she’s not in the life saving business, these are not physicians, these are not experts, and yet they’re speaking with his moral authority. you must do this because we know and of course they don’t know and question questions that anyone else raises including on this show, they shut down immediately with slurs. Like, when, when did this become the role to do stuff like this.”

The Jester of CNN: Brian Stelter, touted “CNN has 4,000 staffers. One exec sends an email about vaccine hostility opining that “the carrot is no longer going to work.” Carlson obtains it. And his show turns it into an outright lie: “CNN WANTS TO USE A ‘STICK’ ON THE UNVACCINATED”

In an age when honesty and facts matter, News Outlets like CNN reveal their own deception. In this case, to sway viewers in favor of a vaccine, no matter the cost. What happened to informative News? Journalism isn’t to corral all viewers to believe a single biased viewpoint, it’s to inform Americans what is happening outside their community, and provoke thought. To expose corruption, preserve freedom of speech through documentation, and give information [power] to the people. CNN is dealing propaganda, and “email mistakes” like this highlight their agenda.

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