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The Problem with America’s New Immigration Policy

The problem with America’s New Immigration Policy is that the Biden Administration doesn’t acknowledge we even have one. Hundreds of migrants arrived at the U.S.-Mexican Border gate and are hoping to be let into America. Some families were chosen to be let through—while single adult males who were not chosen, forced their way through the gate.

Eight Federal Agents held the gates as hundreds of migrants continued to push back against them. Eventually the majority of migrants were let it, and then transported to U.S. facilities. The Federal Government has been secretly relocating apprehended undocumented migrants to other states.

“Many [migrants] are from Haiti. Troopers from Nebraska, Florida, & Texas here with National Guard & Border Patrol” stated Bill Melugin of Fox.

In a statement from Border Patrol last Monday, hundreds of undocumented migrants have been encountered each day by Border Patrol.

This does not include the undocumented migrants who evaded Border Patrol and made it into our country. For example, Texas State Troopers pulled over a semi truck near Laredo, packed with 105 migrants being smuggled into the United States:

According to Chief Patrol Agent Austin Skero stated, “Del Rio Sector agents encounter an average of more than 900 undocumented migrants a day. It is important that we know who and what enters our country and our strong law enforcement partnerships allow us to do that.”

Is it fair to cut the line on immigrants stuck in our legal immigration process—some who have waited years? Why should only South and Central American migrants forcing open our borders be allowed immediate access to American resources and benefits? What message does this send to immigrants of other oppressive countries? Will this contribute to future U.S. homelessness? Who will end up paying for all of this?

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