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Communism vs Capitalism

Yoel, a Cuban man, entered Walmart for the first time after experiencing his entire life under communism. He was shocked to find there so many items available for sale, compared to the country he had grown up in.

“I’ve never seen so much meat in my life,” Yoel stated “It’s awesome!”

“I think of my daughter,” he said, viewing the cakes. “I can’t show her this because there aren’t any eggs [in Cuba] now.”

The shelves were not even fully stocked.

Yoel was shown helping a Walmart worker lift a heavy box.

When Yoel approached the Toys section, he was overwhelmed with sadness. In Cuba—a single toy doll—sold for $89.95 USD. In Walmart, that same doll was $8.88 USD. “It hurts me” he stated “I wish all the kids could have this”

Citizens in communist countries work hard, and still can’t afford basic necessities. There isn’t incentive to advance outside of an organization or political party. Oppression is inescapable, as the people who have control are the ones who stay in power, along with the resources.

The progressive left is consistently pushing back against modern capitalism, insisting the superiority of communist ideologies, such as Marxism and [modern] Socialism. If history isn’t enough proof of the corruption embedded in Socialism, and modern communist countries, like that Cuba, China, and North Korea display the inevitable oppression that naturally occurs, no matter the initial intent.

It’s videos like these that highlight the contrast between America’s free market [capitalism] and a Government owned market [communism]. The progressive left takes for granted and overlook any positive aspect of having a free market opportunity in this country, by defining the word “Capitalism” in a negatively generalized narrative.

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