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Mircea Popescu: One of the Largest Bitcoin Holders, Dead at 41

Mircea Popescu, one of the largest Bitcoin holders is reported to have drown, at age 41. He leaves behind over $2 Billion in Bitcoin (BTC).


His reputation was offensive and unapologetic earning him the name “Father of Bitcoin Toxicity”. Below are transcripts of posts made before his death.

“Bitcoin is fate. It operates completely outside of any human agency. For all you know about [bitcoin creator Satoshi] Nakamoto, bitcoin might as well have created itself,” he said in one post.

“Bitcoin can kill all your friends, and all the people you respect… It can poop in your drink and rape your pets… If lightning strikes where you sit, whether you feel a warm cosy sort of love or the most burning hatred imaginable is strictly irrelevant – electricity stays,” he stated in another.

Skeptics allege he may have faked his death, however according to a Tweet, three sources have confirmed of his death:

Both John McAfee, and Mircea Popescu have now both passed away, leaving behind an unknown and potentially unrecoverable amount of Bitcoin. According to a quote from its creator “Lost coins only make everyone else’s coins worth slightly more. Think of it as a donation to everyone”. If the loss of funds—via death of large investors—increases the value of current standing Bitcoin, will it lead to more successful Bitcoin investors being targeted, as Bitcoin popularity increases?

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