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Kamala Harris Announces Visit to Border

Today, Kamala Harris announced she would be visiting the border today on Friday. This announcement comes just eight days after Former President Trump, and Texas Governor Abbott announced they would be also visiting the U.S. Border. It must be a good time of the year to visit U.S. Border, as it seems to be this summer’s hottest destination.

Former President Trump shared a statement on the announcement: “After months of ignoring the crisis at the Southern Border, it is great that we got Kamala Harris to finally go and see the tremendous destruction and death that they’ve created—a direct result of Biden ending my very tough but fair Border policies”“Harris and Biden were given the strongest Border in American history. And now, it is by far the worst in American history,” he continued. “If Governor Abbott and I weren’t going there next week, she would have never gone!”

The Vice President will just miss Trump’s visit to the U.S. Border by five days. It seems Former President Trump’s plan to visit is far more inspiring to call Kamala to action, than the past months of our U.S. Border immigration crisis.

“President Biden passed the buck to cackling Kamala, when he tapped Ms. Harris as border czar. Her work on the border is nonexistence, it’s a joke – and even she laughs. But it’s not funny,” said Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. She continued “This administration has not lifted a finger to end this crisis and secure our southern border, “They must be held accountable.”

Representative Jim Banks, who will join Trump in Texas said: “The dual trips offer a great split-screen.”

“President Trump is the greatest immigration president of our lifetime who devoted four years to fixing the border to protect Americans’ lives and livelihoods,” he wrote Wednesday, in a statement. “Kamala Harris is the border czar for an administration that created a national embarrassment and has taken no effort to stop it.”

Below, is data to support Representative Jim Banks statement:

BLUE: 2021, BROWN: 2020, ORANGE: 2019, GREY: 2018

Jen Psaki announced “Earlier this year, as you all know, the president asked the vice president to oversee our diplomatic efforts to address the root causes of migration from El Salvador, to Guatemala and Honduras and as a part of this work she recently traveled to Guatemala and Mexico last month. This trip to the border on Friday will be a part of this effort,”–”Vice President Harris will travel to El Paso, Texas on Friday, June 25,’ Harris” senior advisor and Chief Spokesperson Symone Sanders said in a statement “She will be accompanied by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.”

“Earlier this year, the President asked the Vice President to oversee our diplomatic efforts to address the root causes of migration from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras,” she continued. “As a part of this ongoing work, the Vice President traveled to Guatemala and Mexico earlier this month and will travel to El Paso on Friday.” 

No matter the reasoning for the Vice President’s recent decision, the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico Border is finally being addressed by the administration in charge of it. Had Vice President Kamala Harris known of this plan earlier, she could have saved herself the embarrassment on national television during interviews where she could not give factual information or details surrounding any thought having to do with illegal immigration. Now, thanks to our U.S. Congress, Governor Abbott, and Former President Trump for stirring up Kamala’s pot and making our Government actually do the jobs they are paid [by the taxpayers] to do.

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