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Kamala Visits Mexico: “Help is on the Way”

Vice President Kamala Harris, gave a motivational statement to the people of Mexico today, assuring Mexican citizens that “help is on the way” and our nation has the “capacity to give people a sense of hope”.

The statement was inspirational, and gave relief to many citizens of Mexico to know that the US’s current top priority is to ensure citizens of other countries will receive direct support from America.

In a time where many Americans are searching for that same kind of inspirational message, that our leadership understands the needs of our people, to getting our economy back on track, following the events of the pandemic that ravaged our nations economy.

Here is a direct transcription from her statement:

KH: “Through our Leadership we understand, that we have the capacity to give people a sense of Hope, that if they stay where they want to, stay in the town, in the neighborhood, in the place where they grew up, where they speak the language, they know the culture, they go to that Church every Sunday, the place where their Grandmother lives, we know that if we give them a sense of hope, that help is on the way, that they will follow their first preference, which is to stay home.”

In case you didn’t catch it, Kamala’s statement was a single never-ending sentence that just kept going and going. It assumed the people listening have no concept of English grammar. No only that, but our Vice President is publicly putting the needs of other countries before our own nation. By visiting other countries to brag about American altruism, to make the point that we can afford to offer them hope during our own crisis, gives a completely different message in itself.

As Americans we can ask ourselves, who are we to turn to for economic hope? Is there help on the way? It seems our focus to please other countries is resulting in a loss of confidence in those currently living in our country. Kamala is acting as a living billboard, inviting people into our “hopeful, helpful, supportive” nation. You might’ve heard the saying “you need to help yourself before you can help anyone else”. This holds true for America. While most of our country has been in lockdown for the past year, now it seems that we are giving every other nation the upper hand, weakening the stability and strength of our country.

This isn’t the first time the people in charge of our country publicly put America last.

Similar to prioritizing Russia’s economy over our own, by avoiding the US-Mexico Border, it does not send a positive message to other countries about our stability and strength as a nation. It is similar to propaganda insisting New Yorkers must not avoid paying the Subway Fare, but never guarding turnstiles, using cameras, or bothering to enforce it. Avoiding subway stations all together, and instead speaking to people in parks convincing them not to jump subway turnstiles, simply because New York is a “city of hope”. The result would be a disaster, a waste of time, money, and ultimately make the enforcer look weak and disorganized. In that case, it is our country as a whole that pays the price, as we continue to see a surge in illegal immigration.

We can only hope our country decides to make a proactive change, and take control of our nation again on an international level. Immigration laws exist for a reason, to control population, provide every new citizen with enough resources to avoid homelessness, and filter out violent criminals. These are vital for maintaining a free and safe nation. Less violent offenders means a need for less government, providing Americans with greater freedom.

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